Scum National Party MPs set up Covid Karens and used them for political smear???

Former cancer pimp, Christopher Bishop

No! Way!

Claims in Parliament National MP lobbied for leave for sisters who have Covid-19

Health Minister David Clark has alleged in Parliament that National MP Chris Bishop lobbied for the early release from quarantine of two sisters who later tested positive for coronavirus.

The two sisters are now at the centre of a political scandal over the safety of managed isolation after it emerged that neither woman was tested before being released.

On Wednesday it was revealed that they had come into close contact with at least one other person since leaving managed isolation, contrary to earlier reports.

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Clark made the claim in response to a question from Education Minister Chris Hipkins on Thursday.

“Were the two women who tested positive for Covid-19 this week released from quarantine following personal representations advocating their early release from quarantine by National MP Chris Bishop?” Hipkins asked.

Clark responded that he was aware of that.

“Mr Speaker I am aware of that.”

“Obviously there have been representations made for compassionate leave by members of Parliament – I think people need to be careful,” Clark said.

“I would ask members to be careful around these situations. On the one hand people have been requesting that people be let go out of these situations and on the other hand we have seen the risks that that presents to New Zealanders and the team of 5 million,” he said.

National Party health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse later added that Bishop’s advocacy for the two women was separate from the case being prosecuted in Parliament.

Let me get this completely fucking straight.

Former cancer pimp, Christopher Bishop, personally appeals for these two Covid Karen’s to be able to breach quarantine measures AND THEN this information magically gets fed to Woodhouse who uses it to smear the Government?

This is so outrageous and so filthy.

Don’t get me wrong, Bishop is free to advocate for people and there’s no excuses for the quarantine breaches by health officials, (and that is something worthy of investigation and criticism), but this is politically akin to insider trading – how the hell did Woodhouse get so many details to use this to smear the Government?

National Party MPs want NZ to fail the pandemic because it’s the only way they can win the election in September, and if that means advocating for people to drive around the country with the plague and then use that information as a political smear, then National will do it.

This scandal that National helped create has caused NZ to be laughed at globally, demeaned the public servants who have worked hard and attempted to smear Jacinda.

Even for a political party as steeped in dirty politics the way National is, this is breathtaking in its audacity.

These National MPs have no honour.

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  1. I’ve a feeling the Gnats are missing the facility that used to be provided by the Whale, that kept their muddy pawprints out of the press. Can’t play the same game without it.

    • Exactly and now this…

      “The two women here don’t actually have any recollection of that [physical] exchange,” Bloomfield said.

      So either their lying or “kiss and cuddle” Woodward is because they can’t both be right?
      Given Woodwards source is Chris Bishop, perhaps it was those two having a kiss and cuddle.

  2. oh yes!

    Most of us knew this looked like a dirty politics National Party hit job.

    We all accept that the death of a loved one is a very personal time. Discretion was exercised on compassionate grounds to allow the sisters at very short notice to be in attendance with their loved one…..I’m certain the family would of been hugely appreciative, yet a “reliable source” was straight onto a National Party MP sharing personal details. What was their motivation? They would have absoloutely known the details they fed Nat MP Micheal Woodhouse would have been used to create a political shitstorm, the very last thing anyone needs when dealing with a family bereavement. Of particular interest is the fact both sisters say they have no recollection of any kiss and cuddle. Surely, had that occured at least one of them would remember such a moment at such a time. This allegation was used to attack Bloomfield and Ardern.

    This is in the same ballpark as the reprehensible allegations from National Party headquarters that Ardern was fully aware of alleged sexual abuse and covered it up. They demanded Ardern stand down as PM.

    So what do we have now? We have the knowledge that the National Party are happy and comfortable to use a person’s death to score political points as well as a farcical example of sexual abuse. Is there anything these arseholes won’t stoop to? To think we have a person like Brownlee also trying to collect personal data against the Government during the election campaign gives us fair warning of what these scum-sucking maggots are up to.

    Yes, there was a balls up over the release of sisters on compassionate grounds without being tested. It’s been owned and measures put in place to avoid a repeat.

    We know the Nats hate Ardern and hate her popularity over the pandemic even more but this should be beneath any decent human being. Clearly, that excludes the National Party.

    I hope their desperate actions here are exposed in all media forms and they pay a high price.

    • Well said, no conspiracy required on this manufactured scandal. The Nats themselves have stated they are digging for dirt on the Govt.

    • Thanks for just being you Jfan and Xray.
      I said your blind devotion at any cost would have you saying the Nats are behind all this even though the evidence says otherwise. You won me 50 each so I now have a tidy hundy in the pocket, Thank you.

      • Well I won 5 hundy because I bet you’d be on here trying to justify Nationals dirty politics Peter and once again you never let me down. So thanks for being you Pete.
        Just a piece of evidence, we now know who Woodwards source was, his very own colleague, well well what a surprise.

        • “It appears, National MPs, and its leadership, willingly withheld information it had acquired from its “reliable but confidential source” from health officials and the Government.”
          Thus putting New Zealand lives at risk. Even in opposition they attempt to destroy New Zealand.

      • Peter Barry,

        of course you did. You do appreciate that betting with yourself is a bit like playing with yourself?

        I do however appreciate your kind words of thanking me for ….being me. I’m sure your thanks also means a lot to Xray.

        Do you find it fascinating and ironic that despite the carnage John Key was creating, his adoring admirers were described as being “astute”? Now the boot is on the other foot. Anyone who respects and admires Adrern is deemed an “ignorant sycophant” by those same blue trolls.

        I take it you know how the system works. Ardern and Government MP’s etc do not stand at the border and quarantine centers clipping tickets? This role goes to alleged professionals paid to do a job. They failed. That is as much Ardern’s fault as it is of John F Kennedy. I appreciate you’re not interested in that. All that matters to you and other blue trolls is to steer the narrative against Ardern.

        Ardern’s response was swift. She was incensed with the failings in the system. She loudly stated it was totally unacceptable and set about putting it right. A true leader. She immediately appointed a military person she and NZ could have confidence in. Should she have done this prior to the quarantine balls up? on what grounds? Unsure if you realize this but it’s not actually legal to give the Spanish Archer (el-bow) to people doing a job in case they get it wrong at some later point? I assume you also do appreciate there are only 24 hours in every day and despite her many qualities, Ardern has not mastered the remarkable achievement of being in multiple different locations at the same time?

        I’m certain you do know that based on recent polling, National have a 0% chance of being the next Government. 93% support for Ardern’s handling of the pandemic has sunk the Nat hopes for September. Very sad of course 🙂 If I’m going to give percentages, it’s only fitting to give another one. It’s 100% certain that National realize the only hope they have in September is to destroy the 93% approval rating of Ardern over her pandemic leadership. To think they haven’t based their entire election plan around destroying that 93% would be naivety on an epic scale. First we see a Nat MP producing a book ffs with the alleged failings of Ardern during the pandemic, then this orchestrated circus that has dirty National Party hands all over it.

        If you can’t see what even blind Freddy can see, you should start by wiping the fog off your mirror and then rejoin the real world.

    • Woodhouse always looks like a possum caught in the headlights hoping the driver doesn’t change direction. I don’t trust anything he says but hey he’s a gnat so why worry?

  3. One hell of a conspiracy theory there!

    Trying to cover for an asolutely stuffed up MOH run isolation charade. does you no good.
    Remember this was not the only MOH border screwup.

    • The problem is people thinking that any botch up is automatically credit for the other side. As if MOH-run isolation or the virus in general would’ve been handled any better under National. National would’ve followed more along the lines of Australia and we’d have cases trickling continually too. Much prefer that we can go out and spend our money now without that worry.

    • So, Roy, you admit that the Nats have unsuccessfully tried to sabotage the team of 5 million before this Covid Karens episode?
      Chris Bishop advocating to release them was the visible tip of the spear?
      Communicating with Michael Wodehouse on the progress?
      End of story Roy, like the key moment of being caught fondling a hairdresser’s hair.
      Dirty Politics. Business as usual for the Nats.
      Same old National Party.
      Jami-Lee – Bridges – hiding donations Dirty Politics.
      John Key Mossack Fonseca.
      Cup of tea tapes with John Banks.
      John Banks and Kim Dotcom.

      Not enough time to list the rest, just the abridged abbreviation above.

      If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, sticks to clothing like a turd, nor matter how much you roll it in glitter or pretend it’s after-shave gel…’s still a turd – National – Dirty Politics.

      Roll it it glitter, sing an Eminem-esque song about it, it’s still a Dirty Politics turd Roy.

  4. It is a filthy tactic alright. Any communication between Mr Bishop and Mr Woodhouse should be sniffed out. Employers have used “Covid capitalism” to claw back workers entitlements, and trouser billions, and the NZ National Party are now using it as Martyn signals, to try and win an election on a dirty tricks/spoiler basis.

    • Yes.
      Dirty politics again.
      Key and Mossack Fonseca.
      Bridges, Jamie-Lee and donations.
      John Banks and Kim Dotcom’s donations.
      Chris Bishop & Michael Woehouse and the Karens
      Move on and vote AOBNA – anyone but National or ACT.
      How can you tell if National and the right-wing are lying or involved in dirty politics?
      When their lips are moving. Same old right-wing scumbag dirty politics
      Slide back under rocks you sleazy cockroach Nats
      There two David Seymours in ACT Party
      Big f*cking deal,f*ckwits 2
      Plenty of sleaze to see here.
      National Scumbags
      Thanks Martyn

    • Youre getting your knickers in a twist because why? The two pakeha women did what pakeha do. They decided the rules dont apply to them. And then when questioned, they forgot, no apology, not thought of what may happen still and all dip shit said was…I dont know because I haven’t seen the actual statement of what he actually said because all the wokes are pissing their pant about it. Oh, the odds have tightened up since Cinders latest fuck ups. Lab paying $4.50 to Nats $4.00 to win the election suckers! Here comes Winston!

  5. Chris Bishop I had respect for until this came out so he is now a soiled product I would not respect again any more; he is sick beyond my belief.

    Martyn when you get onto the “working group with Shawn Plunket remind him of this please as today he was slamming Labour for incompetence here as if it was their fault.

    Give him hell please.

    • Todd Muller has admitted he has spoken to “mentors” from the National Party such as John Key, Bill English and Stephen Joyce. Dirty Politics all over the National Party again. Chris Bishop, Michael Woehouse and Todd Muller in this stunt have tried to win the next election with Dirty Politics again.

      I said 3 weeks ago to my husband that this would happen. The right would be looking to spread the virus, put us back to Level 4 and embarrass the Govt.

      Todd needs to come out and front-foot and tell the country that Chris Bishop and Michael Woehouse have nothing to do with this dirty politics. Then prepare to resign and let Nikki take over when information is uncovered that shows they were complicit in dirty politics

      Someone at quarantine needs to resign as well as Chris and Michael. They will all be household names in New Zealand, know to every one of the 5 million.

      If it does come out that it’s National and ACT dirty politics all over again, they will never get another vote from the team of 5 million kiwis again and sink into political oblivion.

      Get your valedictory speeches ready and update your CV’s.

  6. The cynic in me wondered just how Woodhouse knew about this, was it an even more devious form of Dirty Politics?

    Well golly gee, that it’s just what it was.

    There is no end to the depth these Nat arseholes will not plumb, even by encouraging transmission of this virus and also given Woodhouse sat on this rather than inform health authorities.

    Agreed the system failed but with filth like the National Party looking out for our best interests, who needs enemies!.

    • …” There is no end to the depth these Nat arseholes will not plumb, even by encouraging transmission of this virus ”…

      This seems to be a common theme coming out again with this dying National party… DIRTY POLITICS MACH TWO !!!

  7. Utter scum.

    Having Michael “have we got enough body bags?” Woodlouse involved in this should have rung alarm bells from the get go.

    • …’ Utter scum.

      Having Michael “have we got enough body bags?”….

      Here it is again, yet another permutation of the DIRTY POLITICS theme… its great to see the people speak out.

  8. Wot a load of cobblers…. get yourelf a free market. And I do I mean free from BS and manipulation. Then and only then have you a bench mark to operate from. Until then it is manipulative crap…. from both sides.

  9. This is a warning that we cannot have another National Government again until it is cleaned out of this scum – No safe place for us until then.

  10. “Yeah! Us, I mean my generation were not taught what consequences are. We just got to do whatever we liked so I dont know what Winston means by someone must be held accountable for letting those two pakeha women out of quarantine and then going on a tiki tour from Auckland to Wellington?! What was wrong with that? Its hard uncle Bob.”

  11. “National Party MPs want NZ to fail the pandemic because it’s the only way they can win the election in September, and if that means advocating for people to drive around the country with the plague and then use that information as a political smear, then National will do it.”
    The incident does look a bit dodgy, doesn’t it?
    On the other hand, Bishop has a point when he says it is part of an MP’s duty to advocate for people who ask them for help. MPs from all parties get stacks of such requests and they always have to be careful that they don’t cross a fine line between assistance and political sponsorship. If it was not anything to do with COVID-19 probably nobody would have taken any notice.
    But it seems Bishop was not telling the truth when he said that the two women were having a “kiss and cuddle” with strangers.
    Somewhat lost in the tit-for-tat exchanges is the sad realisation that our national health service lacks everything it needs – resources, leadership and strategies – and that is why this stupid balls up was allowed to happen.
    Whether or not the health reforms announced today will make a difference we can only hope, but I don’t really have much faith in a health system that is still run as a business, rather than as a service.

    • Use you imagination & consider how many National supporting people there could be in the health department involved especially at the management level then consider how receptive they would be to a request from a National MP, its not rocket science to work out how standards slipped to be helpful.

  12. Right now the NZ National Party are not exactly looking like the most favourable party on the planet worth voting for and I am sure that reality results in them behaving in childish school yard temper tantrums.
    Besides who would want to vote for a bunch of people like National MPs who deem themselves totally impossible of making mistakes and naturally resort to doing a Donald Trump i.e blaming everyone else but themselves for mistakes even whilst there was a ‘national government’?
    National seem all prepared to demean themselves to the lowest level when it comes to their pure hypocrisy and actions. Their holier than thou attitude shows to me they truly JUST DON”T GET IT i.e admitting to being human beings.
    Lets remember with National and its current leader that a little under 2 weeks ago Todd Muller was demanding that there be flights to and from China again. His lack of a voice over the last 5 days on the Beijing lockdown is noticeable and should be remembered at election time.
    But lets face it through and through with National. They are immature, childish, arrogant, liars of the biggest dis-order who deem themselves as pure perfection upon the planet and even hold Donald Trump in reverence. Cripes to have such an arrogant imbecile lot in government would be the worst thing that could happen to NZ.
    Their inability to admit they make mistakes just shows how bad they are at behaving like normal human beings.
    Meanwhile on the National Party Opposition ranks there are demands David Clark resign as Health Minister. But surely Chris Bishop should also resign but I guess Todd Muller will apply the John Key phrase of “I am comfortable with what Bishop did……..” Showing of course the hypocrisy that is rampant within the NZ National Party.
    If National demands that heads should roll then it should also look within itself because the behaviour of its very MPs leaves a Hell of alot to be desired.
    But then National are PERFECTION UPON THE PLANET. Their arrogance just shows how out of touch with reality they are.

  13. Heres a novel idea?
    Cinders should put Police ARTeams in charge of Quarantine Hotels and shooting the people if they try to leave.

    • shooting the people if they try to leave.

      Well one of our neighbours has been trying that: Shoot them Dead

      However it doesn’t seem to be working:
      Nor does Duterte’s approach appear to be working well. The Department of Health has recorded 5,660 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the Philippines as of April 16, a leap from just three reported cases on March 2. The Philippines has the highest number of cumulative coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia as of April 15, according to the World Health Organization, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia. In the region, the Philippines has the second-highest number of deaths, 362, and the second-lowest recovery rate, just 435. The Philippines also has among the highest percentage of total COVID-19 fatalities among health care professionals in the world.

      And it is worth noting that Muller’s front bench lineup includes two advocates of Duterte as a “Privilege to meet him” leader: Brownlee and Mitchell. Their high profile visit to the Philippines linked here

      Their roles in Muller’s shadow cabinet linked here

  14. Nothing these shits do surprise and shock me anymore and that is the same view held by most New Zealanders.
    We can first thank Muldoon and then later on Key and his black ops team for making these tactics another weapon in the drive for power. It worked in 1975 and then in 2011-2017.By reelecting the National led government in 2014 the majority of the voting public endorsed this type of approach.
    Disappointing that Mr Bishop is involved in this and prior to this i actually had some regard for him.

  15. “…These National MPs have no honour.”
    Political honour will only get a politician excluded and marginalised. Then, they will be demonised, vilified and crucified in the house. There can be no ‘honour’ in AO/NZ politics because it’s ‘honour’ that would bring the
    whole hideous writhing nest of maggots down. No disrespect to actual maggots.
    You might think this is way off subject:
    RNZ. AKA plaything to the Natzo’s.
    “South Island likely to be hardest hit in Covid-19 recession – Westpac report”
    Oh, so it’s a westpac report. Must be honest and honourable then. And further reported by RNZ. + 100% for honour and unbiased reporting then and certainly honest. And unbiased. Did I already write unbiased? I did.
    westpac will be shitting itself because they and their three other rorting, price fixing bankster buddies’s $6 billion dollar a year in net profits gravy train’s about to pull out of the c-19 station for Oh Fuck No!? town down at the end of the line.
    If I were a bankster employee I’d be looking at selling the flouncy hut in Ponsonby and buying down, down in the South Island. You could get something nice in Dunners and have a spare $million left over. Buy some chickens. Write a book. Chill the fuck out. You know? Become a human being again.

  16. National leader has already made a ‘big error’ after saying “he had values”- and has ‘crossed the Rubicon’ when he attacked the sitting Government by dirty politics and holding information that may hurt the people, which he said he would not do; – remember he “would be grounded by values”
    Here in his first speech;

    “Will I criticise the Government? Absolutely, but ultimately values and ideas are what ground me.”

    He has only dirty politics values like his preceding National leaders only had.

    So Muller is just more of the same shit.

  17. The smear on Chris Bishop is unbelievable from Labour. He was simply asking for their compassionate grant to be sped up. He didn’t ask for them to cut corners or not test them. I find it funny that Labour is trying to make him the bad guy when it’s clearly the incompetency of:

    1. Not being tested after 3 days of arriving
    2. Not testing before releasing them.
    3. Nurse asking a basic are you okay. Of course they will say what they can to get out of quarantine for their parent.
    4. Not testing when they have symptoms even if they are pre existing.

    Any one of the above followed would have prevented this.

    • He was simply asking for their compassionate grant to be sped up.

      Your attempt to paint Bishop as acting with wide-eyed innocence… I’m not buying it. Not after I read the right wingers “high five-ing” each other on twitter, in effect: Example tweets linked

    • Any one of the above followed would have prevented this.

      If it is so easy, so straightforward, then surely all countries must have beaten the virus by now. Ohhh… wait…

      Your beat-up of Dr Ashley’s and of this govt’s response as some sort of abject failure simply does not wash, matey.

      Sure, when you’re safely there behind your computer or other device, click a few buttons and “Woo Hoo!” Dunnit!

      That is not the real world. The real world is multiple overworked and weary essential workers who have already been through months of struggling and testing and trying their absolute hardest to do the best they can. …Then they are tripped up by a self-entitled rich bloke doing a favour for “a friend”. (I wonder who that “friend” was. I really do. That person’s political affiliations would be of interest. A Tory brother-in-law perhaps?)

  18. You need to look at the bigger picture here.
    Why is some snot nosed MP allowed to advocate for these people.
    Set the rules and make them transparent and all abide.
    This is not someone advocating that a constituent or dear friend wants to build an outdoor long drop with a view.
    It is threatening the entire economic well being of NZ.
    Tell these people to fuck off, set the rules and everyone abides by them whether it is a Saudi Prince or Hemi from Whataroa entering NZ.
    The system is fucked and once again it is neoliberal privilege and advocacy groups that undermine everything.

  19. Maybe instead of trying the pass the buck to Chris Bishop the government should just own the problem and fix it. Chris Bishop was obviously just doing his job as many MPs do on both sides of the political spectrum advocating for two young women who wanted compassionate leave top visit their terminally ill and dying mother. Where is your heart and compassion?

    The fact that the authorities decided they did not need testing during their quarantine stay and before releasing them has absolutely nothing to do with Chris Bishop or Woodhouse or the opposition. It’s a cock-up from government authorities not following their own protocols and process.

    It looks pathetic and desperate to be honest. Own your mistakes and then fix them. Unacceptable and even worse when you try and smear someone else for you own mistakes.

    • Chris Bishop was obviously just doing his job

      If he has nothing to hide, then why not let us know who the “friend in the UK” is, on whose behalf he was advocating for those two Covid positive women?

      Given the consequences for the health of the population over here, that does have some relevance.
      Given the potential political effects for both the National Party in NZ and for Tory MPs in the UK (who have also been looking to keep their seats and their jobs in their next election), there is even more relevance.

      What are the political affiliations of that “friend in the UK”, I wonder.


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