MEDIAWATCH: Ummm, immigrants don’t cause droughts Duncan and Indian students aren’t wrecking education Shane – so let’s put the blame where it deserves to go


Cough, immigrants don’t cause droughts Duncan…

Duncan Garner: Out of control immigration to blame for Auckland’s water shortage

Now Auckland may face official water restrictions. And here’s the bit the PC mad officials won’t tell you – we have filled Auckland city to the brim. Immigration is out of control.

…and Indian students aren’t ruining education Shane…

Shane Jones says Indian students have ‘ruined’ NZ academic institutions

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Shane Jones has lashed out at New Zealand’s current immigration policy, saying too many people “from New Delhi” are being allowed to settle in New Zealand.

…they are both right in that the problem is mass immigration, but that’s not the fault of the immigrants! That’s the fault of us, exploitative arsehole New Zealanders!

You can’t blame desperate people for being exploited, and yet that’s what we in NZ are doing.

It’s impossible to debate this issue because woke left wing activists scream xenophobia when you do and the right wing crony capitalists who exploit that labour are silent and won’t engage in the debate so their exploitation can continue.

Right wing crony capitalists exploit migrants for their own business interests while woke left wing activists exploit criticism of migrants because those same activists have transferable global skills that depend upon their access to migration overseas.

It’s a toxic brew of self interest masquerading as self-righteousness while the migrants themselves are exploited and the working classes and beneficiaries  forced to compete for housing and public service infrastructure ultimately lose out.

If NZers wanted to be angry at anyone over immigration, they should look no further than the mirror to be outraged.

New Zealand is founded on a sin, that sin is the mass theft of indigenous land without any intention of ever paying anything more than a pittance in reparation. We are a nation founded on exploitation and that exploitation continues at pace.

  • The insane over tourism that has the Auckland Airport runway in tatters, queues in our national parks and vast tracks of pristine land used as a collective long drop by freedom campers.
  • The grotesque exploitation of international students studying bullshit courses at junk language schools.
  • The exploitation of migrant workers at wages Kiwis won’t accept across most of our primary and service industries.

These three things all put enormous pressure on the social and public infrastructure from roads to public transport to housing. It is that pressure that the domestic population feels and despises and that fuels anger and bigotry towards anyone who is seen as an outsider.

The middle classes have collectively built an unjust and rigged game of property speculation that continually needs inflated demand from outside of NZ to keep their speculative portfolios inflated. We need international students to exploit, we need migrant workers to exploit, and we need over tourism to keep this manipulation afloat.

Brian Tamaki claimed immigrants were the parasites but he’s wrong. The middle classes who desperately need to keep their property values high are the parasites, the primary sector that exploits migrant workers are the parasites, the bullshit language schools exploiting international students are the parasites, the tourism industry that crams more and more tourists into NZ are the parasites and the politicians who pander to those industry and middle class property speculation interests are the parasites.

Immigrants aren’t to blame for water infrastructure issues any more than they are for ruining education, WE are the ones who have exploited them without investing in the necessary upgrades to keep pace while allowing the crony capitalists to exploit and the middle classes to keep their property portfolios looking inflated.

As the Maxim Institute pointed out last week...

Over the last 30 years, New Zealand has become over reliant on temporary work migration as a way to solve long-term labour and skills shortages. We have been happy to leave recommendations around the numbers and types of visas as almost the exclusive domain of officials and regulators who fine tune the points system in response to short-term economic, political, or lobby-group needs.

…if we are going to get angry at the exploitation of NZ, let’s start by recognising who the real enemy is, the exploiters, not the exploited.


  1. yep, so many people taking the short term cash and running away to a cheap place tolive but are now forcing these low economic locations house prices to increas also now.

  2. It’s our deregulated government policy and lack of risk control that is ruining the country and immigration is at the heart of driving quality down. This is not the people coming here’s fault for the most part but 90% blame can be put at NZ government policy to encourage bad behaviour here but turning a blind eye to wrong doing or just allowing people to profit from immigration that has no positive outcome for anybody else including the incoming migrant and NZ society.

    We have a Quality issue all around. Now ever the ‘new’ roads are cracking apart.

    NZTA won’t say what’s causing new motorways to crack

    Apartments that fall apart and are unsafe.

    Water issues and it ain’t just Auckland.
    Waihi runs out of water, council distributing water bottles

    Sewage in Wellington marine reserve 43-times worse than acceptable levels

    Wellington road closed for two months amid waste pipe repair

    Work on burst Taupō waste pipe begins

    NZTA is the company that said such glowing things about convicted fraudster and scammer Joanne Harrison who also managed to make redundant her whistleblowers so she could keep scamming further.

    NZ poor immigration outcomes including not planning for infrastructure also seem linked to people supporting it who get money from overseas donations!

    Chinese businessman Yikun Zhang’s donations go beyond Simon Bridges

    Southland mayor in China with ‘$100k donor’

    Council manager guilty of majority of corruption charges

    When will Phil Goff get to the heart of Auckland’s immigration woes?

    They politicians also seem very lite on deporting migrants who are exploiters and cancelling their permanent residency/citizenship here and changing the rules for that. Even when jailed like Joanne Harrison they can return to NZ in 2020 or they get to stay here in jail aka Sroubek and all the other sexual criminals not being deported, money launderers just get a slap on the wrist!

    We love being awash in dirty money here! Doesn’t effect inflation or the above lowering of quality in every aspect of our lives in NZ from transport to water to justice!

  3. much of it exported and supermarkets are highly profitable businesses – many who own them find themselves on the rich list! It’s great that supermarket staff are now all migrants too! Neoliberals LOVE migrant workers!

    We don’t worry about quality of food or the diabetes risks in NZ from that food!

    Fallen stars: most of our packaged food is ultra-processed, unhealthy
    A new, in-depth snapshot of packaged food sold in New Zealand supermarkets reveals most of it is unhealthy, with nearly 70 percent classified as ultra-processed.

    Don’t worry takeaway and fast food are growing a storm in NZ! Nobody has to worry about paying the workers even the minimum wages and only the ones who already have NZ permanent residency complain so we don’t want them working in that industry anymore!

    Burger King banned from hiring migrant workers, placed on Employment NZ’s stand-down list for year

    So the BIG punishment to exploiting businesses is that they can’t hire migrants for a year, that will stop them exploiting with that HUGE punishment, sarcasm! Not a ban from hiring migrants for 25 years and a big fine!

    All these fake worker shortages, when apparently Jobseeker is up 11 and wages going down%. What an inconsistency!

    • With a business that relies on seasonal workers for nine months this is what we need:

      Someone who turns up
      Someone who turns up sober and on time
      Someone who can learn a simple task
      Someone who is careful/respectful around machinery
      Someone who has initiative
      Someone who brings something positive to a team.

      Ethnic Indians have proved to be our favoured candidate and subsequently some have been promoted to permanent positions.

      There are many NZ born candidates with none of the above characteristics and this is an area that needs addressing.

      • Put up a copy of the employment agreement that you offer people. Terms and conditions of employment, Wages ect …

        • Probably can’t Denny. It’s out-sourced and it has the daintly little flavour of kiwifruit.
          Not sure how it’s all gunna play out tho’ when one or two naturally bizzniss-minded and entraprinurial nargie fellas (especially those ripped by some bizzinss /sarc
          I seem to remember, this sort of threat would be one that’s gone around for a second time
          Could be the G4 whatever is more attractive (the red stuff) such that someone might smuggle out some growth material stuffed up their arse. I’ve heard that there’s somewhere in China that it’s already taken root.

          To market to market.

      • I’m sure you do like all that @Produce NZ. It’s not an unreasonable expectation.

        In many cases you’ve also been quite happy to distance yourselve(s) from worker welfare through the use of outsourcing and sub contracting.

        As well you’d also know, that had it not been for your oft exploited Indian workforce – you’d probably have lost up to 20% of the Kiwifruit crop over the past two seasons.

        And you don’t even have to worry about what goes on after hours when a few butch INZ and LI enforcers turn up in places where ‘hot bedding’ and rats the size of kittens are present, and where even the local ‘old-school’ bobby feels embarrassed watching it all.

        Turnover and churn has become your friend. I guess it’s all about personal responsibility eh? (for everyone else)

      • If the desperate from other countries didn’t fill your vacancies then you’d be fucked, you know it, everybody knows it – including our own NZ born citizens.
        They are sick of the shit jobs with shit money. Desperate to want that!
        Yet you hide behind the old “drugged out” excuse. Lots of good kiwi’s out there, but YOU need to lift your game.

  4. What is going on in the NZF party . Jones is running down Indians in the education system while Winston is in India talking up the education oppetunity in this country to attract more here

  5. Immigrant quotas are too high and many aspects of our environment, social cohesion, infrastructure, housing and food supply are affected negatively.

    The balance of the intake vs long term consequences are the crucial consideration.
    Labour needs are not important when considering the consequences of immigration numbers and criteria for approving entry.

    • We know what happened 160-170 years ago when non-Maori outnumbered Maori due to mass migration and the outcome for Maori wasn’t good at all. Now we see history repeating itself and Maori, being at the bottom of the heap, will be impacted the most once again. Meanwhile the woke white Wellington brigade can’t see the wood for the trees and seem to somehow think that two wrongs will make a right.

      • When were the Maori asked and when were the current Kiwi population asked. Business NZ want more consumers and don’ give a stuff about the future.

  6. Ha. S’funny.
    Turns out we humans, all of us, have the same genes inheritited from one single and clearly ancient matriarch.
    We all have the same granny.How about that?
    I think that’s funny because it makes racism a bit redundent don’t you think?
    As for why the boldest dopes get in the most yap about things they know nothing about is an enduring mystery. We can know our earliest origins but we don’t know why shane jones or dunc garner.
    Can’t we just ignore them? How about we give that a go? Just, like, who cares? They’re little people. Flapping face parts on sticks with some tubes and a pump.
    Is there a spray? We have spray for flies so I’m thinking…?
    God fucked that up. Sending us wankers without an easily accessible off switch.

  7. Who is a threat to whom?

    It is essential to point out the racist assumptions that lead to ethnic groups and categories of immigrants being blamed for the outbreak of disease.

    As we have already seen, the origin of the new coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has inflamed anti-Chinese prejudice in several parts of the world.

    But it may not stop there.

    When some nationalists start to talk about disease, they are playing an especially ugly game. As the anthropologist Mary Douglas wrote in her landmark study Purity and Danger, human societies often reinforce group identity via taboos around cleanliness and pollution. In her definition, dirt is anything that a community regards as “matter out of place”.

    In some nationalist imagination, “out-of-place” people – immigrants, religious and ethnic minorities, marginalized social groups – are frequently recast as a polluting influence.

    This has divisive and deadly consequences.

    Believing that the nation-state – as we know it – will survive the evolving climate adaptation process by Planet Earth may appear to be disastrously naive.

    No time, no place for unnecessary ethnic diversions and distractions.

    System Change. Now.

    • I agree, MickeyBoyle! As objective and honest a piece as journalism gets these days. A rarity indeed!

  8. You only just have to scratch the surface to see what a flawed economy we have. The market so we are told rules and knows best apparently. But the dirty little secret is the exception when it comes to wages and conditions in service and labour intense industry.

    In our perfect economic ecosystem once a job becomes unattractive thanks to poor wages and or conditions there should be adjustments in wages and or conditions to compensate and make it attractive. But in NZ as in elsewhere who follow our Neolib model, the market gets bypassed by lobbying and the government silently changes things to fill these poorly paid jobs with exploitable migrants. Its a disgrace.

    And if you want a prime current example of that one needs to look no further than Auckland’s bus-based public transport system that is poorly paid aligned with shit conditions. To overcome that it is now being topped up with pure unadulterated exploitable migrants. On a work visa, they do not get entitlements other taxpayers do, they have to somehow survive in Aucklands farcical renters paradise and they struggle to survive.

    And this system suppresses any hope of betterment for the population in general big time and ensures poverty continue on its merry way.

    Were donations paid to our greedy politicians and their parties to make this happen? Can’t help but wonder!

    Just great isn’t it?

  9. BTW – If you look on the comments from news hub Facebook there seems to be a lot of support for in general Jones comments but less support for singling out one race . Maybe NZ First might do one of their record resurrections.

    I don’t trust NZ First but quite frankly none of our current political parties have stuck to their charter and promises, but COL is still much better than Natz.

    I don’t agree with Shane Jones comments blaming the Indian students for the mess. tt’s NZ’s bums on seats, zero quality user pays education system at fault, and instead of attracting students that are bright and ethical from around the world, they allowed a system of poor foreign academic students who can’t speak the language of the degree at the level they need to for tertiary study and allowed them to do laughable ‘fake’ degrees to get residency points or a means to a work permit and residency.

    Meanwhile domestic students leave our shores to study at more respected universities. One of the smartest Kiwi youth in the past years (of Indian ethnicity) was awarded multiple NZ’s scholarship and went off overseas to the US to study. Sadly we seem to be exporting our best Kiwi tertiary students and importing those whose end job in NZ is flipping burgers or fake ‘business’ masters to go on to jobs in the middle management of food and retail industry or at the councils and dysfunctional businesses of NZ.

    There needs to be a lot more caution about foreign degrees and identity theft, as it seems in the age of globalism there is massive frauds on qualifications. aka the construction manager of the failed CTV building, Gerald Shirtcliff was exposed as a fraudster and a liar. and competency levels are questionable

    Poor educational rigour can result in huge loss of life, aka the police investigation after a royal commission of inquiry found in 2012 that the CTV building should never have been granted a building consent. Structural flaws in its design meant it did not meet code requirements of the day and was unable to withstand the shaking of the February 2011 earthquake.

    Going to get even worse, and turn our country into a basket case of fraudsters, as the vice chancellors of NZ universities expand their ‘online’ degree courses to make quick bucks out of non academic students and wipe out NZ educational reputation forever!

    • Shonkey qualifications make people avoid tertiary study… OZ experience according to this article…. they are blaming Labor, but my guess it is across the board neoliberal thinking on education to blame!

      “The number of people choosing to take up apprenticeships and traineeships has plummeted by a third since the Coalition took office, according to data from the Department of Education.

      Nationwide, the number of apprentices and trainees fell by more than 33 per cent between September 2013 and March 2019. In South Australia that figure is more than 50 per cent.

      “Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek sat around the cabinet table when apprenticeships fell by 110,000 in a single year between June 2012 and June 2013 – the biggest annual fall on record,” the spokesperson said.”

      “We are still cleaning up the mess Labor left behind in our vocational education sector through their VET FEE HELP debacle which saw thousands of Australians receiving dodgy qualifications from shonky providers and being saddled with large loans.”

      (In NZ not only are we encouraging shonky qualifications, but even if someone has a decent qualification the wages are so low and getting lower due to our government’s obsession with bringing in foreign labour and granting them and their expanding families, residency here).

    • Jones is just saying what many NZers think but he needs to also look and talk about the other immigrants not just the Indians. As the Indians are an easy target what about all the white immigrants who blend in with our colonisers so they get the jobs and better treatment. It is just too easy to pick on the brown people shameless jones can you expand on what you have said please and add some more flavours.

  10. I still can’t understand why it is that Chinese & Indian arrivals cop the blame anyhow. Simple maths shows that if the numbers of immigrants from the UK are added to the numbers of arrivals from South Africa, there are far more whitefellas arriving each year than any other culture/race. In fact if all those homes from Auckland’s East Coast bays through Albany up to Warkworth that have been built this century were empty, we wouldn’t have a housing crisis at all.
    In fact if there is anything wrong with Aotearoa’s tertiary education sector I would sheet the cause home to the legions of imported from the UK education administrators who relentlessly demonstrated their lack of commitment to the long term well being of our education sector by marketing worthless courses to young Chinese & Indians with no interest in the long-term consequences of their blatant rorts.

    • Where are you getting your statistics from – the vast amount of residence approvals into NZ after 2012 are occurring from China and India…

      UK residence approvals has been falling for the last decade in NZ.

      The issue is also. that countries like the UK have a welfare system to go back to for their nationals when things don’t work out, and free health care and super in their own country… our new favoured nationality of migrants don’t have free anything in their own countries and need to use the NZ welfare system for everything and appear to be reluctant to leave when things don’t work out. Their children get NZ permanent residency/citizens and can access benefits here while the parents don’t need to work here.

      They knew they were creating a pension crisis a decade ago by changing the nationality preferences for migration.

      Which has led to a tripling of Asian pensioners expected to retire in NZ, the numbers are more than Maori and Pacific Islander pensioners combined in the next decade. And they don’t have to pay any taxes in NZ to get it. Just live here for 10 years no Kiwisaver for them is required. Meanwhile workers are paying for their pension with Kiwisaver and told they probably won’t get a state pension in the same way as the current system because we can’t afford it due to huge demand. Wonder why!

      This is woke and right wing stupidity!

  11. For a supposedly highly intelligent retail politician with the “blood of Te Tiriti flowing through” his veins and who lives in two worlds of Te Ao Maori and the “pure”, its hard to understand his ignorance other than he likes barking at dogs in a pathetic attempt to bolster his over-sized ego.
    I’m not sure how a lot of NZF suppotas tolerate the gittus. He’s not really riding on a capacity for critical thought is he, and Cargo Cults were supposed to have gone out of fashion early last century
    He may think he’s appealing to a constituency, whereas it’s likely he’ll turn out to be their worst enema medium/long term.
    FFS! Step up Tracey Martin, Ron Mark and one or two others before you become irrelevant.

    Oh….hey, btw….. what ever happened to Jon Johansson? Out of one neo-liberal fuelled wok into another

  12. They could have avoided this if they made only citizens able to access the first year free of study.

    Hundreds of university students made false declarations for fees-free scheme

    Another stab in the back, to the Gen X who paid a fortune for their education and not only had to pay full fees for all years they studied but also paid eye watering interest rates compounding daily in the early 2000’s. They are happy to detain these people at the airport but will easily write off the students that defraud the system.

  13. I would have thought simple Simon would be the last person to call Jones and in particular Ardern out on this. Given Bridges is clearly heard proclaiming that he agreed “two chinese are better than two Indians”
    Now tell me that’s not racist and is becoming of a wannabe P.M.
    Ardern is miles ahead a better person and PM

  14. We need a five/five population cap.

    Limit tourism to 5 million a year. The nations environment cannot accommodate anymore. Limiting the number of tourists, creates travel industry scarcity and higher tourism prices.

    Limit the population to a target population of 5 million. The nation becomes wealthier through technological change and greater investment in plant forced by an engineered scarcity of labour. All citizens benefit through both increased productivity and higher wages. If you doubt this think how wealthy kiwis would be today if the population had remained 3 million.

    • NZ was building steam engines and all sorts of developments vital to a mechanised infrastructure when the population was less than 1.5 million. Employment was full and natural resources comparatively well conserved.
      We have lost all that with immigration and rising population.
      Our resilience has been demolished.

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