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    • Somehow @SaveNZ, I knew you’d stick up the link so that I didn’t have to.
      It’s obscene!
      And of course I hope you also listened to Anu Kaloti on Tarana, imbedded in the article, paying particular attention to the bits where she tries to explain why immigrants are ripping off immigrants.

      You’ll appreciate that this is now NZ Normal

      I struggle to understand how people such as Harjit profess to be Sikhs (but then I struggle to understand how the Catholic and Anglican Churches can have sanctioned a lot of the shit they’ve been involved with).

      But as for the likes of Harjit and his delightful wife and daughter, and Bakshi and Palmer for that matter, I struggle to understand how they reconcile the ‘3 pillars’ (Honesty, Sharing with others and God), let alone the 5 Virtues and 5 Thieves.
      Actually I’ve discussed it with one of the people in that story. We agree that they begin justifying it by thinking that they had to go through it – so should others. Then the 5 thieves take over (or at least 3 of them: Greed, Attachment and Ego). You can probably reduce it to class struggle if you want, or exceptionalism – but it all amounts to the same thing when all said and done.
      And guess who allowed it all. Indeed fostered it and industrialised it all over the past decade – why ‘lil ‘ole NuZull.
      And guess who is STILL doing SFA of any substance to at least try and eliminate it.
      There are some pretty basic things that we could start with without affecting whatever policy is being developed (at least they’re not waiting for a PWC report), and they’re well known.
      Christ! people have been harping on about them for ages.
      Still…..Rome wasn;t built in a day eh?
      I sure as shit hope we’re not still trying to hold ourselves up as guardians of the World’s morality because there are actually some places (even OMAN) where a young Sikh can get a better life.
      Oh, and they have OK radio stations as well (unencumbered by Paul Thompson and Willy Macalister egos)
      Even another CNN interview with Christian Amanpour (legit as it was) ain’t gonna cut it for much longer

      • OnceWasTim – I agree with you.

        The government is allowing NZ visas to rip off migrants and giving residency to migrants to rip off other migrants (obviously it is normal practise in NZ for many locals (Talleys comes to mind) and multinationals to also rip off workers – just look at the holiday pay debacle or redundancy laws).

        They need to stop the migrant visa scams before it happens!

        Those involved from the NZ government issuing the visas, to the migrants overseas and here who are also preying on NZ’s reputation as an honest country which is clearly no longer true!

        Who knew that more liquor shops and the like was so crucial to NZ’s governments hearts?

  1. I’m all for conserving the natural environment, but government giving away public land to convert to a dairy farm while a council bureaucrat on paper removes the ability for a privately owned well conserved property to have less rights, without compensation, is wrong.

    Elderly man to lose 70 per cent of farm in ‘blatant attack’ on property rights

    The councils and government should FIRSTLY be conserving their own lands flora and fauna not giving it away to polluters every 5 seconds while at the same time eyeing up private landowners who do the right thing to do their jobs for them and make their own actions look less short sighted and despicable.

    Same as the new rental standards, the state houses and social housing does not need to meet health standards for 2 years after the private rentals??? It’s the state and community run housing that is normally the worst of the worst and needs the upgrading but somehow they give themselves a free ride. How is that helping the renters and the poor that they pontificate on so often?

    Again there seems to be zero insight into the governments behaviour to pollute the land and have poorly maintained buildings in their care, while putting different regulations onto easy targets! If it’s a business as well like Rio Tinto, they get government subsidies while polluting the towns to boot. win win.

    The government and councils should be leading by example, not the opposite and start looking at their own despicable and short sighted behaviour and their free reign to big business polluters that they worship and give copious amounts of public money to!

  2. This from No right turn.

    Just days after talking about how people feel “squeezed” and promising tax and service cuts as a “solution”, National is talking about cancelling a rise in the minimum wage if elected:
    National is considering scrapping the Government’s planned minimum wage increase if it wins this year’s election, the party’s finance spokesman Paul Goldsmith says.

    The Government has progressively been increasing the minimum wage and promised it would reach $20 an hour by April 2021.

    But, speaking to RNZ this morning, Goldsmith said National was considering putting a stop to this.

    If they were really worried about people feeling poor, they’d be supporting a higher minimum wage, because increasing the minimum ratchets up wages for everyone else. But it seems that that is precisely what they want to avoid – because higher wages for ordinary kiwis means lower profits for National’s big-business backers. So instead, they’re promising to keep people in poverty, and cut the services they need to get by, so they can channel more money to their rich donors and cronies.

    • Edging the minimum wage up means that it can be absorbed by companies that have built their business up sufficient to afford the rise, and it puts more money in the cash flow getting around so assisting most businesses selling to the ordinary NZ. Win win.

      But of course National have been locked into the neolib economics conference going for yonks at the Hotel California, either literally or figuratively. When it was time to come home this is how it was:
      “Relax,” said the night man
      “We are programmed to receive
      You can check-out any time you like
      But you can never leave!”
      So what remains of National’s heart is over there in the land of neolib. And the ones left here continue with their addled notions led by dominant women,
      too clever to have their tricks exposed to daylight:
      And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”
      And in the master’s chambers
      They gathered for the feast
      They stab it with their steely knives
      But they just can’t kill the beast

      Slash, slash National go at anything in NZ they can get their greedy hands on, and the public bleeds according to their capacity for suffering; but we are hardy beasts and turn the other cheek, it’s modern scarifying.

  3. This is really good. BRANZ fulfilling its function, so needed to guide us and protect us from bad or dangerous building practices and give us advice on what is good alternative. I hope they can be principled and not be captured by big business or building contractors and entities so that things get accepted, passed as okay that shouldn’t. Let’s keep our noses clean in NZ.

    “Grenfell really motivated change in terms of how we look at facades,” fire engineer Dr Kevin Frank said.
    Plenty has been reported about the plastic-filled cladding to covering a building in solidified petrol that fed the flames at the London apartment block in 2017, killing 72 people.
    But it was also the combustible insulation, the frame, the way it was all put together, that fed the flames.
    “So what we really learned from Grenfell that was different from a lot of the other fires before, is that we need to look at the outside of buildings as a system, rather than looking at individual components,” Frank said.His team has built an 9m-high rig on a concrete pad among paddocks at the Building Research Association or Branz in rural Porirua. “And what that means is that we need to go to bigger tests.”

    “New Zealand’s never run tests like this before, this is the first time it’s been available in New Zealand.”

  4. Is this for real?
    Mayor Andy Foster and the council’s chief executive are demanding answers from Wellington Water as contamination levels continue to render many waterways unswimmable.
    The quality of all the city’s rivers and streams were rated D or E – E being the worst possible score.

    Wellington Water had admitted part of the problem was cross connections – where sewage pipes had been linked up to stormwater drains, but it was clear something bigger was going on.
    Foster said it was time to ask Wellington Water some frank questions.
    “It’s really an opportunity for us to ask the questions that we think we need to ask to understand whether the system is being run properly or whether anything needs to be tweaked.”
    The afternoon meeting will be attended only by Wellington Water, the council chief executive and members of the city council.
    The Regional Council, despite being listed as a water authority, had not been invited.
    The Karori Residents’ Association was refused a request for data on the level of contamination in the Karori stream, which is rated E.
    The authority had also refused to erect safety warnings along the stream, telling residents that if a sign goes up there, signs will have to go up along all streams as they’re all highly contaminated.

    Divide and ridicule – people from their responsible government? The water so bad so far out, that there is no purpose in putting up warning signs. Only a total ban announced, seems to be the unspoken fundamental. And isn’t this ultimately the responsibility of neo lib wanting government to get out of itss job and pay private interests to do it – better? Is tweaking the answer? Or cutting off the hubris root and branch? To whom should the citizens make their complaint? As Soren Kierkegaard put it:
    “How did I get into the world? Why was I not asked about it and why was I not informed of the rules and regulations but just thrust into the ranks as if I had been bought by a peddling shanghaier of human beings?

    How did I get involved in this big enterprise called actuality? Why should I be involved? Isn’t it a matter of choice?

    And if I am compelled to be involved, where is the manager—I have something to say about this. Is there no manager? To whom shall I make my complaint?”

  5. How can Bridges not be involved in the donation scandal?

    The transcript of the text messages between Simon and JLR seems to show a conspiracy to commit donation shuffling and the genesis of a blossoming bromance between said conspirators and the three Zs (alliterative sounding surnames). What would a Crown prosecutor do in this situation?

  6. To all the haters wanting to jump on the bandwagon late as after talking a whole bunch of shit about that 4yr old boys family, kefe. Stay in your lane dox.

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