Oh look at that, Gang war exploding just as TDB warned 6 months ago – why National’s Task Force Raptor won’t work


Folks, you can either read it here first on TDB or wait 6 months for the mainstream media to catch up.

As TDB has been pointing out for sometime, the Government are in danger from an escalating gang war caused by the unique event of over 1300 hardened Australian criminals  being exported and renditioned back to NZ.

My argument is that the sudden forced importation of huge swathes of hardened Australian crims into the NZ criminal scene is a unique event and that they bring with them a level of violence unseen before in the NZ criminal underworld.

These new Australian connected gangs don’t use Chinese organised crime syndicates for their meth, they have Mexican cartel links who are ultra violent and produce a higher grade meth for a far cheaper price and that the explosion of organised hits and assassinations that have plagued the NZ criminal fraternity for the last 18 months is being driven by  these new Australian imports while Pacific Island connections are increasingly becoming the driver of the new hunger for meth.

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Speaking to sources, the HeadHunters are defending their HQ with steal plating after an attack on them last month.

So what is to be done?

National’s argument is that a policy of constant harassment coupled with ‘offramps’ that help family and associates leave the Gang is the perfect combination of carrot and stick.


Here are 3 reasons why Strike Force Raptor won’t work:

1 – Constant harassment only generates radicalisation, not a desire to leave: A policy of constant harassment through every possible government agency from alcohol licensing to building permits to noise control won’t do anything other than create a sense of righteous grievance amongst those associates and family. Giving poor people on the fringes of society a righteous grievance against the state is not an ‘offramp’ for helping people leave gangs, it’s a motorway towards radicalisation. You really want to radicalise Gangs? Really?

2 – Strike Force Raptor is corrupt in Australia: As Newsroom painfully points out, the Australian example of Strike Force Raptor has come under sustained criticism that it is corrupt, abuses civil rights and has overstepped its authority time and time and time again. I’m not sure adopting a corrupt Australian model of Policing from one of the most corrupt Police Forces in the developed world is a solution to the soaring gang tensions here.  As someone who has had to fight the NZ Police when they abused my civil rights, I am fully cognitive of the utter lack of checks and balances to Police power in this country,  and see a vast ratcheting up of Police powers as an exacerbating problem, not a solution.

3 – It doesn’t focus on the actual problem – the 501s: The point I was making in the interview with Mark Mitchell stands, the generator of this recruitment drive by the domestics is the sudden importation of 1200 501s from Australia who are prepared to use a level of criminal violence and sophistication well in excess of what the domestic gang landscape will cause. There’s no point in harassing the Mongrel Mob or Black Power or even the Headhunters if the 501s are the reason they are bulking up to protect their turf. A myopic focus on the 501s is what is required here, not some broad stroke get tough on crime rhetoric that lacks nuance because it’s aimed at triggering voters using lazy stereotypes.

Imagine the following scenario using National’s ‘Strike force Raptor’ tactics.

There are lots of unregistered dogs in a gang suburb. Strike Force Raptor as part of their constant harassment campaign move in on a Saturday morning with the armed ninja cops to round up all the dogs and take them away to the pound. Very quickly neighbours see the huge army of Strike Force Raptor members required to pull something like this off successfully descending upon their neighbourhood. People come out to the streets and start yelling and screaming at the Police as they attempt to remove dogs. A bottle gets thrown, do the ninja cops fire back? Livestream social media is now recording the event, more people are turning up, the crowds are getting angrier. One of the dogs turns on a Strike Force Raptor Officer, the police shoot the dog, the crowd goes into rage and bottles start to fly. In one house an 11 year old boy has his pet rottweiler ‘Adolf’ torn from him and while he sobs on the garden lawn, the Strike Force Raptor Officer hands him a ‘You can be Gang Free if you want to’ pamphlet as part of their program to provide ‘offramps’. The 11 year old boy looks at the Strike Force Raptor Officer with naked hatred in his eyes and promises they’ll get theirs one day.

The above scenario is exactly the kind of harassment policy National are promising and it’s hard to envisage a more counter productive cock up of a social policy.

This isn’t political leadership by National, this is political opportunism by playing to our worst angels of fear and anger.

So what is to be done?

Quiet diplomacy is urgently required. We face an event unlike any other in NZs criminal history, never before have we had a situation where 1300 violent criminals have been dropped off into the country with zero ability to contain them.

This unique event demands a unique solution.

A secret round table meeting between Government agencies and Domestic gangs where the following deal is hammered out:

1 – NO METH! There has to be a serious undertaking by the domestic gangs to no longer deal in meth in return, Government amends cannabis legislation to ensure the domestic gangs can grow and sell cannabis legitimately.  Domestic Gangs will need to forgo illegal meth money for legal cannabis money.

2 – Domestic gangs turn all evidence about the the 501s over to the Police and aid in entrapping any, in return Police will organise an enormous one off event whereby the move against the entire 501 infrastructure and take them down in one move.

3 – Build special prisons just for the 501s with a focus on long sentences and heavy rehabilitation.

If we are not going to seriously tackle the reason why the gang wars are brewing then we won’t actually stop it from erupting.


  1. Whether you agree with Bridges or not, at least he’s planning to try something. What is our side doing about this? Nothing. We are in government now, we have the power to make real change. What a shame we are too piss weak to do anything meaningful. No let’s just whinge about what National may do…

    • I must be dumb but I cant see how our NZ Government failed to stop 1500 Australian gang members from entering NZ at Auckland airport. What was the reason, other than the timidity so typical of our government. No wonder we look like losing the next election.

      • Revoking citizenship is easier said than done.
        Pretty hard work to leave anyone state-less especially when some of those 1500 weren’t even convicted of a crime in order to be deported.

  2. National had no answer whatsoever to Peter Dutton exporting gangs back to N.Z. Where was Nationals leadership then. Oh that’s right,they didn’t want to upset their mates in Australia. The one thing National always does well, is trying the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff theory. This lays clearly at their feet.

    • Australia has ever right to deport ciminals .They know full well that NZ does not like it but under international law they have the right to run their country their way. We should do the same think especially those that abuse their employees by underpayong them and those that deal in drugs. But in one case Jacinda thought it was ok to let a grug dealer stay and only the weight of public opinion changed that.

    • Foolish comment, wiking. No solution to gang problem that way. Thank you Martyn for a very good analysis of the situation. To my mind, policing is needed, and already being done. Simon Bridges is ridiculous, considering that the last National Govt of which he was a part underfunded all social areas including the Police, causing them to reduce number of alcohol checkpoints, making NZ the only country to have increased alcohol-related road accidents after lowering the alcohol limits. Empty words – the Nats would do a few flashy programmes, then concentrate on starving all social areas of funding so that they could balance the books and look like good managers of the economy. No chance of Soimon beating the gangs. We have to raise social conditions to the point where poor young kids can see a better way than joining a gang.

  3. Oops Soimon hates gangs but is the leader of the biggest most destructive gang in New Zealand. (When in government.) Hypocrite much?

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