Shane Jones war on environmentalists just another boring NZ First branding exercise 


Shane Jones unleashes on ‘bible-bashing’ climate change activists

New Zealand First MP and Minister Shane Jones has berated climate change activists for promoting the importance of reduced meat consumption, comparing their campaigns to “eco bible-bashing”.

In an interview with Radio Waatea on Monday, Jones likened activists to “medieval torture chamber workers” hellbent on “preaching this gospel of absolutism”.

Jones, who is the Minister of Forestry, Infrastructure and Regional Economic Development, made his opinions known following the Government’s announcement that schools will receive new resources to teach children about climate change.

Good to see Waatea News leading the agenda again.

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This is Matua Shane at his most predictable.

If any other MP said this sort of thing there would be outrage but Matua Shane says this sort of outlandish nonsense from time to time to keep NZ First politically relevant for the news headlines.

Matua Shane pledged war against the supermarket duopoly. Nothing happened.

Matua Shane cried out against regional Air NZ cutbacks. Nothing happened.

Matua Shane raged against immigration and promised to end loopholes. Nothing happened.

Matua Shane says blah blah blah about climate change. Nothing will happen.

Matua Shane is all bark and no bite, he’s the naughty boy who gets to say some outlandish crap and his bloke cred will give him a free pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Matua Shane, he’s funny, clever and bloody likeable, but sweet Jesus he needs a better media strategy.

Talking of which, what the bloody hell NZ First?

Who is running their social media campaign for this election? NZ First should be promoting anti-free market economic nationalism in a world increasingly becoming protectionist yet they are trying to play culture wars when they don’t understand the culture, the war or which social media platforms they should be fighting that war on.

NZ First should be riding a wave of anti-globalisation based on their own anti-neoliberalism, yet they are not.


  1. Surviving cancer changes people. Not always for the better. I recall 70s/80s academic, friend of the Unions, FOL, and Socialist Unity Party, Rob Campbell. After treatment for the ‘big C’ he had a rapid transformation to market disciple and career company director.

    Some have long forgotten Mr Jones had cancer also. Of the kind that might lead some to at least lay off the meat a bit. Maybe has residual “chemo brain”-the addled thinking that can be a side effect for some. Or maybe he is just doing exactly what Martyn says. Whatever, it is frustrating that this highly educated man regularly casts himself as a populist buffoon. His criticism of AirNZ was spot on-they deserted the regions that they should be paying a “social dividend” to via service and reasonable fares.

    But Jones is not consistent, and NZ First’s messaging is not consistent.

  2. It would seem Shane is being thrown under the bus by Peters lawyer re the forestry loan debarkle in saying Jones lied about when he was told about the loan request at a meeting. Is there a power struggle going on . The country needs the full attention of our leaders not wasting time in private fights.

    • “It would seem Shane is being thrown under the bus by Peters lawyer……………”
      surely from your POV (that’s ‘point of view’ for the disconnected).
      Shane Jones is the primary reason, possibly the ONLY reason I could never vote NZF.
      At times I wonder why Tracey Martin, and even Ron Mark still hang around -although they could be considering if they’ve got any smarts left.
      Even his fashion sense should have been a clue (that Shane Jones is about Shane Jones – he’s even managed to get Winnie conned).
      Shane (shane shane hold the ladder steady, I’m not coming down into your arms) is NZ’s answer to Trump, Modi, Putin, Netanyahu, Bolsenaro, and probably a few others combined.
      Ew! Bloody shame he didn’t put his intellect to better use.

      • Tracey Martin is defiantly the best thing about NZ First.

        Winston is good for entertainment value.

        Shane Jones seems more about himself.

        Totally right about the mixed messages of NZ First. If they were a so called anti immigration party and anti corruption party and pro NZ business/worker party, so how can it be that 230,000 temp work permits were given out under their watch, or the COL signed the TPPA?

        Any anti climate change thinking is very negative to most people. Even the farmers are noticing the droughts! Government should be embracing changing to mitigate climate risks, not pretending the world is not warming up! However unfairly targeting small farmers while allowing other more polluting industries to flourish here (oil. fracking, mining, cruise ships, multinational forestry) is a turn off for COL.

        I think NZ First is better than Natz and initially liked the COL in terms of thinking that between them they would do a good job.

        Not so sure they did a good job as COL, and signing free trade deals was a betrayal, as the free trade is more about protecting dirty large business than small business, so most NZ business/workers falls through the cracks and no climate change being written in, is a disaster.

        However Natz were a disaster so being a C- for COL beats F for Natz reign.

        If only we could get some A game politicians and parties…

    • Yep and by trying to suck up to Fed farmers, (who don’t necessary represent most farmers) have pushed their entire party below 5%. Aka have changed tack on immigration and TPPA to pacify big or thick farm lobby group, but have instead knocked out their loyal core voter base who wanted their earlier policies to take precedence!

      NZ First might be losers, and are appearing to end up pleasing no one.

      Not a good look!

      Labour and Greens also suffer the same sense of betrayal from their core supporters when they back tracked from some of their big election promises aka immigration and TPPA…

      So no nothing, social, economic and environmental disaster zone, Natz, may get to get in by default who are worse, life not fair when COL is stupid!

  3. Here’s the real tragedy underscoring the Shane’s stupidity (sorry, but that’s what it is) –
    His OWN REGION is feeling it right now, – one of the worst affected by drought!!
    And, guess who is feeling it the worst, — in their hip pockets?
    The farmers. …of the North.

    Extremely dry conditions across all of Northland are costing farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars and driving families to extreme measures to save precious water. The region has just experienced its hottest and driest year, breaking 16 records in 2019.

    The start of 2020 has also seen extremely dry conditions across Northland, said Ben Noll, a meteorologist and forecaster for The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa). farmers-funds-run-dry-families-struggle-as-drought-threatens-eastern-northland

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