Labour almost as good as National at eroding our civil rights 


If we were handing out medals for eroding human rights in NZ, National by far are the gold medalists.

Eroding beneficiary rights, eroding prisoner rights, eroding Journalistic privileges, eroding privacy rights, imposing mass surveillance, giving Police vast unchecked search and surveillance powers and actively engaging in a range of dirty politics stunts that included colluding with the Secret Intelligence Service to smear the leader of the Opposition, when it comes to dismantling human rights and abusing power, National are just light years ahead of Labour, but recently Jacinda’s Government has been doing all they can to win a solid silver for their services towards the Jackboot…

New terrorism bill could breach press freedom

The Terrorism Suppression Bill, designed to deal with terrorists returning from overseas, has hit its latest speed bump as Amnesty International raises concerns it could be used to stifle press freedom

…this latest revelation of government policy breaching human rights is just the latest in a string of announcements.

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The new powers to stop prisoner letters erodes their civil rights needlessly.

New powers to allow roving armed Police that go beyond incidents where a gun isn’t actually presented is a recipe for disaster to those communities where the Police open fire first and ask questions second.

The new Firearms Prohibition Orders (FPO) allow for vast breaches of human rights which can be exploited by the Police with very little way of checks and balances and as the Chief Justice to Parliament points out, the new proposed terrorism Bill is an affront to civil liberties…

Chief Justice to Parliament: Proposed terrorism bill inadequate, unworkable

The highest judicial officer in the land has taken the rare step of writing to Parliament to expose holes in a proposed law aimed at shackling Kiwi terrorists who come home after fighting overseas.

Chief Justice Dame Helen Winkelmann has sent a written submission to the foreign affairs, defence and trade select committee to outline her concerns with the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) bill.

The bill would let police apply to a High Court judge for a control order to impose conditions on a terrorist who returned to New Zealand after being involved in terrorist activities overseas.

…and that follows even more strident criticism by the Privacy Commissioner

Privacy Commissioner blasts ‘obnoxious’, ‘fundamentally flawed’ anti-terror law

The Privacy Commissioner is lashing out at a proposed law that would impose restrictions on returning New Zealanders involved in terrorism, describing it as “obnoxious”. 

…as someone who has personally fought Police abuse of power, handing these buggers even more power isn’t a solution.

While National hold the Gold Medal for eroding human rights and are actively promising a vast two tiered legal rights system for the most despised and vulnerable in society if elected in 2020, Labour are spending a disturbing amount of energy winning the Silver Medal for handing the State even more unchecked power.



  1. The Amendments to the Arms Act were another – regardless of what you think of firearms or licenced firearms owners or even unlicenced firearms ‘holders’, there is some cowboy sh1t in there:

    “Any member of the Police may, on the direction of the Commissioner, impose, as conditions of an endorsement made by that member of the Police under section 30, such conditions with regard to the use or custody of the pistol or restricted weapon (being conditions additional to those specified in subsection (1)) as that member of the Police thinks fit”.

    “Because I say so” is not a good power to give anyone

    And there is this:

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