The extraordinary nonsense we need to believe for NZDF war crime claims


Last week, the SIS & GCSB were able to get away with CIA renditioned torture by pretending they weren’t aware after the Abu Ghraib scandal was covered by every major media outlet in the West.

Yesterday, the NZDF made claims defending their war crime act of killing civilians in a way so ridiculous, you feel a child came up with their defence.

Their argument as to why the have lied and lied and lied about the civilians killed in Afghanistan is because they relied on a censured ISAF report.

Now just think about that for a second.

The NZDF are claiming that the reason they hid, covered up and lied about civilian deaths during their revenge attack was because e heavily redacted ISAF report was all they had.

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This is bullshit.

The ISAF defence is meaningless. The NZDF are part of the ISAF force and they formed the basis of the ISAF report!

Don’t forget, the SAS were under direct orders from the NZDF, they would have written reports for internal military records, the NZDF KNEW that the SAS forces moved from house to house and would have seen the bodies of the dead civilians, they would have reported this in internal NZDF reports!

The NZDF can’t hold up a redacted ISAF report and claim that was the only record they had, they would have had internal reports that told them exactly what happened but because the ISAF report was the only public statement, they hid behind that on purpose!

Don’t forget, while stating they found no insurgents, they would have seen the dead and dying civilians and instead of providing medical assistance, they left the battlefield, which is in of itself a breach of International Humanitarian Law.
If none of this was truly reported, then it’s because the NZDF was trying to cover up a massacre.

While NZ media has been held hostage by the Labour allegation scandal – a scandal now being challenged for its accuracy – the SIS & GCSB have gotten away with CIA renditioned torture while the NZDF was busted lying about war crimes, both stories have been eclipsed – welcome to NZ


  1. And our defence sector wants to spend two billion dollars of tax payer money annually for the next decade, on this? The bros going gun rogue in a sovereign country with no accountability and without record? Wayne Mapp, Jerry Mateparae and the rest of these military office beureaucrats can pound their phony wars, their murders, their ecological and economic disasters, and their lies up their arse.

  2. I see Jerry muppet parae has shown he played his part in this debacle and in return he got rewarded with a few cushy positions/ jobs here and there and his turning a blind eye to this revenge mission seriously putting our SAS’s good global reputation in tatters

    • Well said, Michelle. It is precisely what I have thought but not dared to say. I thought it looked like his silence was being bought, and without Hager and Stephenson it could have worked.

  3. On TVNZ1 Breakfast this morning, the host interviewed some supposed expert on the bombing of Saudi oil facilities. Instead of a balanced journalistic investigation of the bombing, this single expert launched into a three-minute diatribe on the evils of Iran, while the tv chyron banner flashed “Growing tension in the Middle East after attack”. This is what we are dealing with. A gaggle of giggling dickheads masquerading as journalists working for a lapdog broadcaster, their state and military (actually America’s) only too willing to spread this rubbish. The use of visual props such as on-screen text and some expert in a tie to support their disinformation. Stating there is a ‘growing Middle East tension’ when there has been a half dozen countries at war at some stage there in the 21st century alone resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths (oil is primarily involved in the latest bombing remember, not actual human life). These people are mentally ill.

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