How come the entire Western media knew about American torture after Abu Ghraib, yet our Intelligence Agencies had no idea at all?


Surprise, surprise – the SIS and GCSB didn’t know about CIA torture…

NZ spies received intelligence from tortured detainees – watchdog

New Zealand spy agencies received intelligence from individuals detained and tortured by the CIA in Afghanistan during the 2000s, and in one case provided the CIA with a question for a detainee, a report from the Inspector-General has found.

But the spy agency watchdog cleared both the SIS and GCSB of being complicit or involved in the torture or ill-treatment of detainees in the CIA programme, which was established by the United States as part of its response to the 9/11 bombings.

A report from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has found the New Zealand agencies were not aware some of the information they received had been gained through torture, although they did know it came from individuals being detained in secret locations.

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…what a load of bullshit!

The NZSAS knew they were handing prisoners over to torture units in 2002…

NZ SAS prisoners tortured – report

Metro magazine, published tomorrow, reveals three incidents – one in 2002 and two in 2010 – when the SAS took prisoners and handed them to other forces.

In May 2002 the SAS led a mission in the village of Bande Timur, 80km west of Kandahar.

According to Metro, it resulted in the deaths of at least three people, including a small child, and the arrest and torture of many others after the SAS handed 55 prisoners over to US forces.

“They beat us very badly in prison,” one of the prisoners, Abdul Wahid, told Metro.

“They cut off our hair, and they shaved our beards and moustaches.”

Others said they were bound and hooded while dogs rushed at them in a threatening manner, paraded naked in front of Americans, and one was said to have been beaten so severely that he couldn’t move his hands or legs and ended up disabled and in a wheelchair.

SAS soldiers are quoted by Metro expressing their displeasure at the treatment of the prisoners.

One climbed on a roof to see inside the US prison and said it “looked like Guantanamo Bay”.

Metro also reveals details about two incidents last year; one where an SAS prisoner was handed to the Afghan National Army, who proposed to tie the man to a vehicle and drag him for over 100 kms of gravel road.

The SAS intervened and handed the prisoner to the Afghan Crisis Response Unit (CRU), who then passed him to the Afghan secret police, the National Directorate of Security (NDS); a British court has banned British forces from handing over prisoners to the NDS in Kabul.

And on Christmas Eve incident in Kabul, an SAS raid resulted in the deaths of two men. The SAS gave its prisoners to the NDS.

…so the NZSAS had concerns, yet magically the SIS & GCSB had no idea whatsoever, despite the CIA informing their own military and allies that they were using ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques. 

The Wellington Deep State believe NZers are stupid enough and have a shallow enough memory to have completely forgotten about Abu Ghraib…

…how the Christ did the entire Western Media in 2004 know about American torture, yet our SIS and GCSB have no idea whatsoever?

How is that possible?

Surely every single piece of information received by the SIS and GCSB post 2004 was tainted with the corrupt infestation of torture. The SIS and GCSB KNEW the information was coming from CIA black sites, what the hell did they think was happening at those CIA black sites? The information was being tickled out of people?

When I am lied to my face, I at least like to pretend that the lie is possible, here, the Wellington elite bureaucracy who have wiped clean the torture blood from the hands of the SIS & GCSB are trusting that the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are stupid enough to have forgotten the timeline.

The SIS and GCSB are lying. They knew the information was coming from people tortured, they just didn’t care.

They are cowards and they are war criminals who profited from torture.

Shame on them, and shame on us for allowing them to get away with it!


  1. Well I think our NZSAS was recruiting for the CIA. I don’t think they were recruiting for our own GCSB or SIS. New Zealand’s NZDF does not have the necessary weight of material, Y’know we don’t have planes or me for this bullshit because we can’t afford the secure black sties abroad (and I do hope no one proves me wrong).

    Of course we must now blame the GCSB or SIS because John Key quit a few years ago. Y’know all that talk about finding some guts was just bullshit. Okay so the SIS and GCSB has been cleared as cover for the real culprit namely John Key and Helen Clark. So if the Prime Minister wants to kill civilians abroad (okay I’m not suggesting Helen Clark was motivated by murder) they say the CIA did it because New Zealand’s Prime Minister had nothing to do with it. Well they have everything to do with it.

  2. Seriously what else did you expect. After years of bending over for the americans, (both flavors of the shambles we call politicians) and being used as a front for the military industrial complex. Hey they get to play with the big boys, who cares if it involves murder rendition torture it is all in the name of freedom and democracy ??? I really hope nobody is holding there breath about the burnham enquiry!!

  3. More evidence, if any was necessary, that the colonial state is an expression of pure evil, and that the Labour left has been utterly complicit in its trail of atrocities.
    Why did the left try to sell us the ludicrous notion that Cheryl Gwyn, who was recruited into the SIS as a law student at Auckland University, spent years working as an agent provocateur in the New Zealand union movement, spied on and betrayed all her leftwing political associates and remains an agent in good standing with the SIS to this day, could somehow be an “independent” Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security?
    Destroy the colonial state and bring all its past and present security chiefs, including Kitteridge, Hampton, Jagose and Gwyn, to trial for their crimes against humanity. Nothing less will suffice to purge this evil from the land.

  4. I just hope everyone responsible for these tortures burn in hell for eternity. At least have some dignity and committ suicide so our children don’t have to look at those soulless, disgusting faces. What a pathetic excuse of a human life. Nice job America! I hope you’re proud.

  5. There is a constant virus infection process, effected by NZ police and military personnel on ‘officers command courses’ or ‘technical courses’ and most pertinent to this articles theme, ‘spy and terrorism and crime networks courses’ in America.

    Infection of US attitude. Infection with US morale judgment.

    Infection in the class room is invariably carried over to bar room boasts.

    Join the dots.

    This virus may also be transmitted to MPs.
    Ron Mark might be an example.

  6. They are lying. By chance I have Abu Ghraib and leash girl Lynddie England in a Scribe book first published in Austrlalia and NZ in 2007, and I bought it in NZ. It was written up in US periodicals well before this.

    Pretty sure that Hager and Stephenson address the SAS handing a prisoner over to known torturers, and if they knew this then the spies most certainly did. Worse, the lying spies show us complicit in torture to the Afghani authorities and even if they’re relaxed about NZ’ers being bad buggers, I’m not.

  7. I gave up believing anything government departments in New Zealand say some time ago. Its similar to the party you voted for due to their great policies. After election day they get shown behind the curtain by their handlers from their government departments and drink the Coolade. Suddenly they are making decisions indistinguishable from the lot you just voted out. Of course they knew about the torture. Not only that, but the fact they are lying about it shows they know it was wrong. Its the same with any group of that ilk. If what you are doing is so great why try and hide it? This always seems to apply to corporates and right wing politicians especially.

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