GUEST BLOG: John Tamihere – My thoughts on the injustice of Ihumātao


Informed commonsense straight shooting street tallk from John R. Street on Ihumātao.

“Like any dispute that goes on long enough side issues will develop and this one is no different… Fletcher Building and the Auckland Council have wanted to use it for housing, but is housing an appropriate buffer for a historic reserve? Fletcher has said it is willing to sell the land, which means it could be added to the network of public parks… Ihumātao is an immensely special part of Auckland and we are being offered the opportunity to get it right”

Have a read.

Jiminy Cricket. The world is indeed a crazy mixed up place. This is the second time Simon Wilson has written something that actually makes sense:

Ihumātao is Jacinda Ardern’s historic moment: will she take it?

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“At Ihumātao the protestors’ outrage is not simply over legal processes failing mana whenua. It’s because they understand the law has been contrived to produce that failure…. If the government intervenes to settle the conflict of course it will set a precedent.. . It will be exactly the precedent the government needs. At Ihumatao, mana whenua were done an Injustice by the crown and it has been compounded over the years. That came to a head when the law enabled the creation of private wealth for Fletchers, at the expense of the people of the land, and of the citizens of the city… It’s historic because.. . We’re being asked to change the way we operate. How Parliament manages laws and justice, how society responds to crisis.”

Here are my thoughts on Marae TV about Ihumātao.

John Tamihere is a candidate for the Auckland Mayoralty 


  1. Hi Martyn –

    I just posted (about 30 minutes ago) a comment on your site in reaction to John Tamihere’s video interview about Ihumatao, and the soft interview with Ohil Goff on TV1’s “Marae” program – but my comment has disappeared into thin air.

    Who censored it?

    Now that I am a registered candidate for Auckland mayor as well. can I have a “guest blog” on the Daily Blog as well?

    Thank you!
    Genevieve Forde
    Whangaparaoa Peninsula

  2. Spelling mistake in above comment “Ohil” Goff added by a hacker.

    I am going to repeat what I said about my two rival candidates in a letter to the RNZ website, Stuff Opinion and the NZ Herald as I din’t want to have to write it here and have it deleted again.

    I will just repeat my question to you, Martyn, who deleted / censored my previous email this morning about the two other mayoral candidates – John Tamihere and Phil Goff?

    Genevieve Forde
    Whangaparaoa Peninsula

  3. JT sounds sensible and rational, all parties involved need to work towards a solution, unfortunately we don’t have very many intelligent people, in Local & Central Government now days, they are mainly ego driven and follow flawed Neoliberal Ideology ? Most have very little understanding of NZ History or te tangata whenua ?

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