Who the National Party are really defending in their war against Electric Cars


The Government have put forward a clever policy of subsidising electric cars by hitting up gas guzzlers with higher prices.

To date, the National Party, (who are climate deniers and who represent climate denier voters as well as the polluters), have attempted to sell their war on electric cars as defending the poor working class tradies of NZ.

That’s bullshit.

The people who will pay the highest price are those elite arseholes who buy expensive Landrovers and massive SUVs. The kind of privilege that says, ‘I have a right to be encased in a tonne of steel while I drive my precious little children Apple and Bruschetta to their private school’.

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National aren’t defending the humble tradie working hard to make ends meet, they are protecting the Polo clique and rich pricks, you know, the people who SHOULD be paying more for their bloody carbon footprint!

So when you see Chris Bishop on TV next looking gormless as he tries to claim this is about protecting hard working NZers from a socialist Government no one can afford, know he’s really talking about his rich prick mates, not working class people.


  1. The problem with Martyn’s article is that the word labour hasn’t been mentioned. There will be just as many rich prick Labour Party members driving their big SUV’s full of little labour people going to school as there are National. National is doing them a favour but I’m sure they won’t want to be reminded of that. It’s a people problem just as much as a party problem. Martyn ‘s article gives the impression that National’s policies are there to protect rich national pricks and labour people are all happy driving tiny electric cars which of course is rubbish. National see the policy as unjust and labour/greens don’t. It’s that simple.

  2. when I see those on benefits in EV’s I will know all the social prolems have been fixed . All the people I know with an EV have a petrol or diesel car as well for the long hauls or towing . There are not any EVS with the grunt to be used by a tradie so National are right on the button because Greens see them as not their voter block and Labour see them as the boss class and not worthy of protection.

    • That’s classic bullshitites. Things change. You can’t stop the change. Electric motors and batteries are already used extensively in heavy vehicles from trains to utes. If they are built and engineered correctly for the job it’s not a problem.

  3. Sad to see Labour’s energy policy being steered by the scientifically illiterate Greens. Bear with me for a second and I’ll explain:

    In NZ electricity generation is about 82% renewable (depending on the year) thanks to our big hydro schemes, geothermal and a bit of wind power. The remainder has to be topped up by burning coal at Huntly.

    So if I buy a new imported electric car, where is that additional power coming from to charge it?
    Yes folks! That additional electrical demand I have created has to be provided by burning a bit more coal at Huntly. All those Grey Lynn hippies with their Nissan Leafs and who vote Green are do more harm to the environment than the ‘rich pricks’ with their diesel 4x4s.

  4. My thoughts exactly.
    Paula Bennett actually gave the game away on the true National Party position a couple of weeks ago when she said that she was a “westie” and that SUV owning westies won’t stand for it.
    But (unsurprisingly) the MSM didn’t pick up on it and challenge her about it.

  5. The irony is the the soccer mums who emit the kind of privilege that says, ‘I have a right to be encased in a tonne of steel while I drive my precious little children Apple and Bruschetta to their private school’ probably vote Green, because they only follow politics for about 2 weeks every 3 years (about the same time the Green Party suddenly care about the environment) and they have SUV guilt

  6. Michaela Cash tried the same line in Australia bleating on National television that the poor hard working Aussie tradies would revolt if they tried to take away their precious utes.

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