The Green Party are many things, antisemites are not one of them


Ahhh, the old ‘antisemitic’ name calling game…

New Zealand Jewish Council accuses Green Party MP of ‘antisemitism’

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman has been accused of antisemitism by the New Zealand Jewish Council.

The MP has come under fire after responding to a tweet on Thursday which suggested Mary and Joseph, the mother and father of Jesus according to the New Testament, were refugees. 

“They were literally Palestinian refugees. And she (Mary) normally had her hair covered because that’s what modesty looked like in her culture…but let’s keep fighting about what race mermaids are,” Ghahraman tweeted. 

…I remember when Russel Brown & Tiso accused me of being antisemitic once over an anti-consumer Santa cartoon – it’s the most mundane of smears.

The NZ Green Party of NZ & their MPs are the least antiSemitic people in NZ and while Golriz may have used a figurative metaphor literally, it’s eye rolling that the NZ Jewish Council are grandstanding on this.

It’s like having to put up with Apartheid South Africans complaining that people are calling them racist, the real issue here is the ongoing brutal and illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the cruel and malicious manner Israel group punishes and continually commits atrocities against the Palestinian people.

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Attacking the Left for supposed antisemitism to distract from the horror of Israel’s occupation is a tactic used against Labour in Britain, and we shouldn’t allow it to warp our political discourse.

Legitimate antisemitism is a cancer that has no place in the civilised world, taking offence so as to eclipse criticism of Israel’s despicable occupation however would be funny if it weren’t so noxious.


    • Who ever fires first, could be Isreal, Iran, Saudis, America, that’ll drag in China, Russia, Japan, India, Lebenon, Syria, ect. And there won’t be any quick victories.

  1. You have avoided the issue just like Golriz. Was Jesus and his mother Mary Palestinian or Jewish Martyn?
    Can you answer that simple question about a historical fact? Golriz couldn’t. Even her carefully worded ” apology” refused to acknowledge that what she said was a lie.

    • Oh do piss off with your coded attack on Martyn and the Greens SB

      Whatever J. Christ was, we was a product of the middle east and the religions and ethnicity of the time

      Paoestinian? Jewish?

      Nice to know you care about things 2 thousand fucking years ago

      Now, lets fast forward to the Present

      Any thoughts on the zionist oppression of the Palestinian people??

      Take your time……..

    • SB – I can’t tell if that is a subtle attempt at satire or if it’s for real.

      Surely no one is mad enough to think focusing on human rights atrocities is a distraction from the “real” issue of what race Mary belonged to.


    • Palestine is a geographical location, not a religion. Simple. Mary and Joseph of the New Testament were Palestinians.
      Historic Palestine at that time was controlled by the Romans.

    • The nasty smear your pushing seems like the playbook of dirty zionist tricks as exposed by this documentary …….. which Israel and the usa tried to block from ever being shown

      3 mins 50 secs …. “so the Israeli Govt leverages Jewish organisations …. you discredit the messenger ”

    • Oh how truly stupid of you to say this. A ‘historical fact’ give me a break.

      I was raised as a Christian and still believe in the Christian faith as a ‘moral’ grounding. I am a long standing activist going back to the sixties. Who is God and who is Jesus and whether Jesus rose from the dead and whether Christ was Jewish, I could not give a toss.

      None of that matters it is the basic tenants of Christianity that matter to me and they are pretty much the same as Buddhism, Islam and other main religions.

      Anyone who criticises Israel is targetted as being anti semitic. I think they call the great man Noam Chomsky, a Jew, anti Jew… It does go on and on and on.

  2. Israel in fundamentally Aniti Semitic

    Palestinian natives are a Semitic group, displaced by force as a orchestrated invasion of their homeland was carried out by foreigners,

    Forget the flowery language of the Zionist perpetrators of this ongoing crime.

    Their basic claims are not supported by archaeological history of the area.

    Lies are easily made up and can be very profitable if successful.

    • Golriz is Iranian and thus ‘Arian’, so it is interesting what her take is re antisemitism. Iranians are not Semitic.

  3. Maybe she isn’t a real antisemite.

    But is she the type who is quick to reach for extreme labels like “misogynist”, “white supremacist” and “homophobic” for others?

    Is she also the type who is quick to grandstand on her own perceived victimhood? Hard to beat the Jewish Council at that game.

    I wonder if it would it have been okay for Ghahraman to have used the word “Canaanite” instead of “Palestinian”?

    • DX5, maybe because the targets of her criticism *ARE* “misogynist”, “white supremacist” and “homophobic”. You know the types. Men who cant cope with women as equals. White nationalisrs/identitaruabs, and white heterosexual men (and some women to, by the way) who are so insecure in their sexuality that. they continually bash gays, lesbians, trans people etc

      So yeah

      She’s got a point when she calls out “misogynists”, “white supremacists” and “homophobics” Give *NOTHING* to bigotry, wouldnt you say??

      • If the terms are used correctly, then sure, use them.

        But people are now using those terms to shut down the opinions of people they disagree with.

        Should gay men be able to adopt? If you said “OMG, Gay men make the best dads!”, then you’re okay. If you paused before you answered, you’re homophobic. If you considered the child’s point of view first, you’re homophobic.

        Fight bigotry by all means, but don’t confuse everyone who doesn’t agree with you as a bigot.

  4. I consider what Golriz said was food for thought. An issue that might be discussed intelligently and in a civil manner by all sides.

    People really do need to open their minds and give some serious thought to what is being said out there and be prepared to listen. But no, that’s too much to expect now it seems. Being offended, along with name calling is much easier than discussing a topic openly. More’s the pity really.

  5. The left today is infested with antisemites and the Greens are no exception.

    The UK Labour Party is currently being torn apart because of this.

    Time to take a hard look in the mirror!

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