TWITTER WATCH: The lynching of Rachel Stewart


Steve Cowen over at NZ against the Current has been pretty septic towards me in the past, but his analysis of what is going on towards Rachel Stewart  and his wider criticism of identity politics is on the money.

It’s almost as if all her amazing work on the environment, the incredible journalism she has produced, her courage to counter that most powerful of sections of NZ culture  – the farming lobby – all the rape threats and death threats she has received fighting their polluted industry all evaporates because she refuses point blank to acquiesce to the latest on trend culture demands from woke activists aggressively threatening she accept Transwomen entering women only spaces, (never mind the work feminists put in to create those spaces in the first place).

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times, the woke would eat their own young if they weren’t so militantly vegan.

I don’t agree with everything Rachel writes, (I’m sure I must drive her around the bend with some of the things I write) and I’m personally tremendously supportive of the Trans community receiving the agency every citizen should enjoy in a democracy but I also respect that women should decide who get to go into women only spaces.

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Our inability to debate without shitting on everything a person stands for is the very worst element of social media and I just don’t think we appreciate the damage that does for our wider cause.

The manner in which the Wellington Twitteratti and woke activists have denigrated and attacked Rachel gives real insight into the way pure temple politics will betray broad church politics every time.

Toxic Identity Politics succeeds in fracturing class solidarity and makes getting to the 51% democratic majority a near impossibility by alienating more than it recruits.

If your politics are not focused on climate  change adaptation first and foremost, then you are part of the problem.



  1. Perfectly true 100%

    “Toxic Identity Politics succeeds in fracturing class solidarity and makes getting to the 51% democratic majority a near impossibility by alienating more than it recruits.” “Divide and rule” = National.

  2. I’ve seen her work, and I think it’s killer. I’m not saying I endorse all of it, but pretty much most of it. And I’ll just say, you got about as much chance of denting that woman as some kid slinging frozen peas at a fricken battleship. so have fun with that

  3. “Toxic Identity Politics succeeds in fracturing class solidarity and makes getting to the 51% democratic majority a near impossibility by alienating more than it recruits.” They don’t care. They are zealots, who are nearly always bad news anyway.

    Rachel is both outstandingly perceptive and gutsy, we need more like her and this sort of denigration is appalling.

  4. I’m really not ok with this continued use of the term ‘woke left’ (or ‘woke’) as a derogatory term. It seems to have been sprung upon us out of the blue and by god knows who…it has a similar ring to it as that frightful reactionary phrase, ‘PC gone mad’, which I think every ‘awake’ (thinking and aware) person should rightly abhor. It is also very much an appropriation of Black American culture, in particular in regard to racial oppression, and I’m not sure how well that goes down with actual Black Americans.
    Wikipedia: “Woke is a political term of African American origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice.[1] It is derived from the African American Vernacular English expression “stay woke”, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

    • I’m all for it. If the Wokesters want to play the toxic game of identities and name calling it is good they too have a label. Identity tactics turned against them, too bad.

      Rachel, yes she is hard arsed and great, but she’s human too so must feel the slings and arrows. We need more like her.

      • No, Ms Stewart is a bigot. That’s it.

        She’s not sparking debate – not when she actively blocks people on social media who express an opposing view.

        You might not think “we need more like her” if you (or someone in your family) were one of those targeted because you were one of those minorities who didn’t fit in with her narrow world view.

        Give nothing to bigotry.

        • Can’t comment on her bigotry, I haven’t watched closely, can’t judge.

          I can judge that Stewart stands up against powerful groups bravely. More power to her.

        • Frank, let’s be frank.

          The reason you got blocked on Twitter by me (and anyone for that matter) is because you are endlessly abusive. Simple.

          As for calling me a ‘bigot’, and feeding the mythology, I honestly see you as the bigot here.

          I don’t hate trans people, I want hard-fought spaces for biological women to stay that way. How is that so hard to understand? Are you thick, or what?

          Basically, I’ve come to learn, that men like you just despise women. Full stop.

          • Well, Rachel, I think you’ve just revealed with that post who the real abusive person is.

            Frank has his views but I rarely have seen anything abusive. Your name calling on the other hand speaks volumes about your hatred.

            ” I want hard-fought spaces for biological women to stay that way. ”

            Yeah, I keep hearing that.

            Maybe white people are angry that their hard-fought spaces are being invaded by people of colour? Or gay men are using mens public toilets?

          • Rachel, you accuse others of being “endlessly abusive”? Then you Call Frank “thick”, a “woman hater”, and a “bigot”?

            Hoist by your own petard I think?

            Your transphobia is on record and you need to deal with it. Expect to be called out when you attack vulnerable minorities.

            To Martyn; this is the type of hate merchant you are defending.
            How does that sit with you?

            • LOL.

              The Woke left are like the manipulative bullies at the back of the bus who stab you with pencils and then run to the teacher when you react.

              Rachel, you are a gem.

          • Oh, Rachel, you poor snowflake

            You can’t take the same bovine excrement you so merrily dish out to others, can you

            You abuse trans people and then play the Hurt Victim card?? You complain of being abused and then in the SAME POST you call a blogger “thick”, “bigotted”, and a “woman hater”??

            Can your hypocrisy get any worse??

            Congrats Martyn this is the person you’re defending, a bigotted snowflake

            PS – Frank calls out a whole bunch of people for things that most of us find repulsive. I’ve yet to see anything from him that he’s a “woman hater”

          • Ms Stewart, thank you for taking the time to reply to my earlier post.

            I reject your allegation that I have been “endlessly abusive”. My comments on social media are issues-oriented.

            In the past, where necessary, I have criticised your msm colleagues Mike Hosking, Tova O’Brien, Patrick Gower, etc. I do not hold back if I believe a media figure has been unreasonable, biased, or over-stepped the mark.

            I make no exception for you. Your work on climate change, according to Martyn, is to be commended.

            However, good works do not excuse unacceptable behaviour in others aspects of your work. There is no “Get Out Of Jail” card for prejudice. Your continued attacks on trans-people (almost always trans-women) both in your columns and on social media is transphobic. They are reminiscent of homophobic attacks on gays, especially during the 1986 Homosexual Law Reform “debate”.

            Much of the transphobic rhetoric is word-for-word repetition of homophobic hate-speech thirty years ago.

            Your personalised comments directed at me above (9 May, 7.27am) is notable because you appear to lack self-awareness in what you allege, and the language you have used to express it. It is this lack of self-awareness I find troubling as it leads you to make negative, disparaging comments against trans-people.

            The on-going attacks on trans-people serves no purpose. Demonising a minority already marginalised and abused does you no credit.

            I hold no personal animosity to you. I simply don’t know you. But I will continue to call out prejudice when I see it, irrespective who does it.

            I would urge you to engage with the trans community. Meet with them, hear their stories, and respect them as human beings. Treat our trans-brothers and trans-sisters as you would like to be treated.

            I do not believe that is too much to ask.

    • Indeed.

      I find the use of “woke”,”PC”, and “PC gone mad” lazy thinking and an inability to articulate an issue beyond parroting bland phrases.

      Personally, “woke” does not register with me in any meaningful way. At least “PC” and “PC gone mad” is an eye-rolling moment.

      • So Frank, let’s deconstruct this labelling a little more. Let’s take the victim oppressor narrative labels on this blog. Try capitalist, worker, imperialist, patriarchy, LGBT etc etc. Yes I agree it’s lazy, each and every one captures more or less, it can only be general.. None is precise or allows for multiplicity or diversity within the label. So you tell me, if we pull “woke” from the lexicon, do we pull the rest?

        • “capitalist, worker, imperialist, patriarchy, LGBT”

          All those terms are self explanatory

          I have no idea what ‘woke’ is supposed to mean

          • You forgot the QIA+. Not very inclusive now Mjolnir. As for woke, it’s kinda growing on me, parlance of our times and all. But if you want to act ignorant. You’re happy to throw around TERF, that’s hate speech and bordering on anti feminism.

            • Thanks Offwhite. Nothing funnier than being corrected on rainbow terminology by a right winger who has no interest in rainbow issues

          • Me neither. I only know it’s insulting and usually I bail at the first sight of the word. This time, however, I read on as I think Rachel’s work on climate change, and all that goes with it, is superb. I will defend her to the hilt on this but I ignore the gender stuff as it’s too complex and does my head in and I think it’s an irrelevance when compared to climate change issues, which is a strange turn around from this old feminist.

            • It’s not irrelevant when your a Tran person being vilified on a mass media platform.

              We don’t dismiss homophobia or racism as irrelevant do we?

              Climate change is a critical existential threat, Ithink we can all acknowledge that. It doesn’t mean we Allow minorities to be attacked and let bigots get away with it .

              Martyn’s tirades against Mike Hosking show he’s not above a bit of calling out when he sees fit.

          • You try to live under the patriarchy in Pakistan, lady. Then you will get down on your knees and kiss the feet of the men in this country. Oh, and kiss them wherever you like also.

    • Ah yes, good old Wikipedia. Paul Judge your comment is woke AF.

      By the woke and PC standards it seems that RS and MB are being transphobic.

    • Paul Judge: “….the term ‘woke left’….”

      When Martyn first used that term, I’d never heard it before and had no idea what it meant. I was obliged to ask a very much younger relative for clarification.

      I’m quite comfortable with the term being used; it draws a line between old-style Lefties (such as me) and the contemporary identity politics activists. I certainly do not wish for my political perspective to be conflated with that of the woke Left.

      I’d add that until Martyn used the term “emotional support peacocks”, I’d never heard that before, either. I had to Google it. Sometimes I think that I need to get out more….

  5. With the labour party pushing hard right economics, the centre left got nothing, but their abuse.

  6. Who are you going to defend next? Nazis? Really nice guys, can’t think why anyone’s upset about their attacks on the Jews, is that it? This is why you haven’t been relevant since Shipley lost the election.

    • I think the Mass Surveillance meeting at the town Hall was pretty relevant, MANA almost got the feed the kids bill through, Internet Party exposed mass surveillance lies and that ponytail pulling story helped undermine Key’s credibility with middle New Zealand.

    • +1 Unique

      I’m waiting for the Cam Slater lovefest and beatification of Soimon Brudges

      Gotta be next on MB’s scedule

  7. The woke Wellington Twitterati left believe that if they tweet loudly enough they will be gifted with a paid research assignment with Pierre Omidyar.

  8. The really scary thing arises in my mind when I consider why any activist from the left or right would want to install mechanisms for the government to criminalize and censor speech.

    Is it because they expect to be in power, and to effectively be our society’s Stazi, and to be able to continue to bully people with the protection of the state?

    Scary stuff.

    • Why, Toso who you want to denigrate?




      Transwomen and other LGBTQI?



      Lets see how pure free speech MB really is when the racists and other bigots come to the daily Blog to spew their filth

      Oh thats right MB has a moderator here and she vets everything before publication

      So Toso whose your target minority you want to dehumanise??

      • I don’t want to denigrate anyone.

        What I don’t understand is how proponents of “kindness” and “respect” attack Rachel Stewart so viciously, and not see the contradiction in their behaviour.

        We are told that people must respect minorities and not direct hate speech at them. When white/straight/men or some combination thereof complain they are told that the same extension of courtesy does not apply to them because they are in power, even if only “structurally”.

        The treatment of Rachel Stewart is problematic for you lot because she is a minority, on several counts: she is a lesbian and a Jew. So she gives the lie to your lot’s excuses as to why is is okay to abuse white men and for their race, gender, or age. It seems that even if you are a minority, abuse against you can be ignored – even encouraged – if you do not agree with the prevalent ideology of the, or your, dominant group.

        What you are your ilk are doing is prioritizing the group over the individual, even denying them their identities – as an individual or a member of a group – in the process.

        To me you are a group of people who have clearly not experienced oppression by a group, and therefore a group of people who do not understand why individual rights are so important. I write that as someone who you would categorize as “queer” who suffered frightening abuse in a country where homosexuality is a crime. To me, your treatment of Rachel for her stance is not too far from that, dynamically; you are creating an environment in which Rachel is ostracized and smeared, and you even seem to want to see her suffer real financial as well as social privation by having her fired, all things that homosexuals suffer in countries like the one I lived in. I despise you for this, and believe that you and your ilk need to be resisted at every corner, every step.

        Now, Rachel has made some rude comments. She’s got a temper, but of course you all know that. It’s part of the fun for you. You don’t really care. I know, I had to learn how to spot people like you for my own safety.

        • “I don’t want to denigrate anyone”

          Your comments above show you to be a hypocrite:

          TOSO says:
          MAY 9, 2019 AT 10:15 PM
          You try to live under the patriarchy in Pakistan, lady. Then you will get down on your knees and kiss the feet of the men in this country. Oh, and kiss them wherever you like also.

          TOSO says:
          MAY 10, 2019 AT 9:48 AM
          Yes you would say that Mr Sir straight white man

          Funny how the snowflakes who complain bitterly most about insults are the same ones who make them

      • And, by calling for Stewart’s sacking, and other people’s sacking, you are effectively elevating Rachel’s “crimes” in terms of punishment and its consequences, to be alongside much, much more serious crimes. Losing your career is often a consequence of punishment for very serious crimes, like rape.

        On that… I find it bizarre that your group or people of your persuasion advocate for the abolition of prisons, for instance, and alternative treatment of serious criminals like murderers and rapists, while denigrating someone to the point of wanting them to suffer and lose employment for speech that you, but certainly not everyone, finds offensive.

        How do you justify these contradictions?

        • My main gripe with the “trans activists” is that your attitude towards people who don’t agree with you is totally disproportionate to the “crime”. Well, it’s not a crime yet…

          Public censor, calling people a bigot, and campaigning to get them fired is shocking, and makes me wonder what the hell you are playing at, many of you being committed unionists. Is this the sort of sudden and aggressive dismissals you think are proper for workers to face?

          I do not agree with Rachel’s calling transgender people men. I believe people should be called what they want to be called. But you should take the desire by many women to only share changing rooms with women who don’t have male genitalia seriously. You would take a Muslim’s prohibition in the very same scenario, most likely. Why would you not extend the same respect and tolerance for Rachel, who is not the only one?

          We obviously need to add additional bathrooms for those women. Women who want to share bathrooms with transgender women can and women who would rather be in a genetic women’s only space can get changed there. As I wrote, you would accommodate a Muslim women who had much less tolerant beliefs about gender and sex out of respect for her Muslim culture. Why would you not extend the same courtesy and respect to an Anglo-Jew? It is very, very odd. We are not even talking about a Christian colonist white westerner here, or whatever, but a white westerner who probably has a higher minority score than any of you!

          Or are Jews also an exception to the rule, the only minority you don’t wish to extend respect and tolerance and the right to live according to their culture, if not as an individual?

          • Of course it is at the height of decadence to create bathrooms for every gender preference. Many poor people in the third world do not have a nice place to shit at all, and no choice between toilets.

            Well, it says a lot about the “left” doesn’t it?

            • Toso, what is this strange fascination you cis people have with toilets? Are you projecting or what?

              Let me share with you that as a transperson who is on hormone therapy but has not had gender reassignment surgery, a public space like a changing room is THE LAST PLACE I WANT TO BE SEE IN!

              Imagine yourself as a transman (female transitioning to male), using a male changing room. Imagine you still have a vagina.

              Would you put yourself in the position of being GAWKED AT by a bunch of cis men? I am not an object to be gawked at for someone elses pleasure. I am not part of a cis male fantasy. I am not a zoo exhibit.

              Same for transwomen.(male transitioning to female) None of my transwomen friends have been anywhere near a changing room until they have had full gender reassignment surgery. Even then, it takes time for our confidence to return.

              The fear and misinformation surrounding what our lives are like is more from internet porn and deliberate conservative (YOU ARE GOING TO HELL, YOU FREAK!) fearmongering than anything else.

              I don’t know what you and TERFs are afraid off. I’ve never harmed anyone. The same cannot be said of men constantly hitting on me and on one occassion, sexually assaulting me. (I rarely go out at night anymore.)

              Then there’s the ongoing anonymous attacks on me on social media. I don’t go on Facebook much any more either, except for a couple of closed groups.

              That is just a small part of my life.

              If you think I’m doing it all for “toilet” kicks, you have no idea.

              • Dear Toni, I do appreciate your response very much.

                It was in Thailand with a Pakistani business and to having a a drink with a women I did not know was a ladyboy that I realized that I was a homosexual. Well, it was after that drink.

                But you know Toni I believe that transexual women, it is different for them in every country. Do you know for example that in Iran homosexual men are forced to become transexuals because that is acceptable and homosexuality is not? Yes, that is right.

                And in Thailand, ask any ladyboy, and they will not say they are women. They call themselves the third sex, or “Kathoey”. I believe that many transgender women’s arguments in the West verge on the colonial or imperial, in the demand that all transwomen be treated as women, when in the country with the most transwomen it is unusual. And the same is for transmen. They have different names and categories and roles in Asia. You are being a universalist about transgender and the philosophy I think it is neo-colonial.

                I am no TERF. Now I love men and hairy men, but there was a time when I love only transgender women, although they never demand to be claimed to be total women. So you are participating in a global Clinton project to demand definition of trans in New Zealand, which is a country where Polynesian people also have many different categories.

                My problem with people’s treatment of Rachel Stewart is the rudeness.

                I welcome dialogue. My friend sent me this very good paper:

                Let’s not be manipulated by wealthy foreign interests, and talk amongst ourselves and find a middle way ourselves.

                I say all of this with love.

                I am a homosexual. I am a Pakistani. I am firstly and foremost an individual!

                The Dark Side of Morality: Group Polarization and Moral Epistemology:


                It is a very good paper.

                All talk is good. There is no need to reach a conclusion.

                • I call bullshit on you Toso

                  What a load of drivel. I’ve never read such a mishmash of unrelated, unadulterated rubbish!!

                  You are either mentally deranged or trolling

  9. and that marketing of tech solutions to intercept your signals by so called charities which are actually commercial think tanks which are sponsored by so called philanthropic international organizations that have coincidentally related investment wings is a bit white collar

  10. So Martyn, are you saying that free speech only works uf you have a prejudiced point against minorities?? That you have unfettered right to vilify people of colour, LGBT, and nit be chalkened on it?? Because that’s whaf it sounds like coming from you

    I’ve read some if Stewart’s bigoted tIrades against trans-women and its not pleasant

    If we’re not allowed to challenge her views kindly explain to us why you spend so much time attacking the views of Simon Bridges, Judiyh Collins, Cam Slater, etc??

    “but I also respect that women should decide who get to go into women only spaces”

    Oh? Which cis women?? The tiny TERF minority?? The bigots like Stewart??

    The one I associate with totally repudiate transphobic bigotry They reject the fear mongering of “men invading womes spaces” meme as irrational rubbush

    You need to get out more

    • It’s great you are a knight in white armour against transphobic bigotry….it’s such a huge issue. I suppose somebody has to be because the rest of us are just getting on with our lives and getting out more. And supporting our gay children in the same way we do for all of our children. In the town I live in we even voted in a trans MP….yes I know we are supposed to be rustic rednecks, but he’ll we did it in full knowledge.

      So Mj, has it occurred to you that most people are actually very accepting? Has it occurred that most “victims” might not see themselves as such? Has it occurred that most “victims” can stand up as well as the rest of us. Give all of us more respect, get out more and be less condescending about your fellow people.

      • Nick J: “….most people are actually very accepting….”

        I pointed this out to commenters more than once in the weeks following the ChCh shootings.

        Some people really need to get a grip, for heavens sake! They’re seeing bigotry and other-ing where it just doesn’t exist.

        “…most “victims” might not see themselves as such? Has it occurred that most “victims” can stand up as well as the rest of us.”

        Exactly. Concern for transphobia and other forms of prejudice is well-intentioned, but for the most part unnecessary. As you say, folks are just getting on with their lives.

      • Has it occurred to you Nick that you are talking from a safe place and have NO understanding or experience with how transwomen are being victimised on a daily basis? Do you not see Stewart’s columns as a victimisation of transwomen?

        If you don’t, that explains why you don’t understand what we are experiencing in out lives.

  11. Frank Mac pinning ‘bigot’ on a person whose ideas he opposes. Why should we respect FM’s ideas/nastiness towards women?

    • He’s not nasty to women, Janio. You’re labelling him with that to further your own argument.

      Are you a TERF? Because that’s how you’re sounding.

      • Priss: “He’s not nasty to women…”

        Indeed. I’ve read many of Frank’s posts and comments. I can’t recall ever seeing nastiness toward women.

        He does characterise Rachel Stewart as a bigot, but I don’t think that counts. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him fling the same epithet at commenters who are male.

        One might take issue with “bigot”. I’m not a fan of name-calling, which is how I see that. I prefer commenters to proffer arguments in support of their perspective.

        • Hi praise from you D’eterre. I’ve read the passionate debates between you both. Kudos for your fairness!

          • Samwise: “Kudos for your fairness!’

            Thanks, Samwise (face reddens, looks down, shuffles feet…). I do try to be fair.

  12. “…she refuses point blank to acquiesce to the latest on trend culture demands from woke activists aggressively threatening she accept Transwomen entering women only spaces…”

    I agree with Stewart. I also think that only biological women ought to be competing in women’s sports. This case bears on that issue:

    “The manner in which the Wellington Twitteratti and woke activists have denigrated and attacked Rachel gives real insight into the way pure temple politics will betray broad church politics every time.’

    A family member sent me a link to a Twitter thread, in which Rachel Stewart is roundly attacked. I was shocked by it. I had no idea that this sort of thing was going on.

    I was also sent this one:

    I had to ask if that one was a for-real thread, not just a borax-poke by 4channers? It’s for-real, it seems.

  13. Interesting that an article that generates this much interest (based on the comments) gets buried. I mean the Endgame review is still featuring a week later.

    • Off White: “Interesting that an article that generates this much interest (based on the comments) gets buried.”

      Yeah, I’d noticed this as well. It’s sunk like a stone, hasn’t it! Puzzling…

  14. I feel that Rachel is letting her basically straight conservative petticoat show when she refuses to acknowledge that a trans woman is a woman trapped in a mans body and if such a person is courageous enough to present themselves how they believe themselves to be, then please accept them. The stats against transgender people are shocking as anyone with a modicum of education would know, why be so heartless as to deny their womanhood? Or manhood? What is the big deal about womens toilets anyway, in fact has R.S considered that straight women may find a gay women a threat in the women’s toilets, if that is the tree she is barking up then don’t just consider the obvious, like I guess you are, by intimating that a trans women is really just a man in disguise and ipso facto a sexual threat? For Gods sake, what is your problem? I suggest you take a spin at a Japanese onsen, where everyone gets naked and doesnt blink an eye. I would like to say to you “grow up”, because your views on transgender women sound like those of a primary school aged small town bigot. And on this issue, so do you Martyn.

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