The true extent of the malicious evil that is Whaleoil


Those of us who were closest to fighting Whaleoil always knew how malicious the blog was, everyone else is now seeing it as well..

Big Read: The blogger and the businessman – how the police failed, and new inquiries into a vicious home invasion
Bankrupt blogger Cameron Slater faces being drawn into a fresh police inquiry into complaints over the investigation of a brutal 2014 home invasion attack on his defamation foe Matthew Blomfield.

The outcome of the new inquiry is with police lawyers and comes after police admitted a string of failures in handling a number of criminal complaints made by Blomfield.

Slater has always denied any illegality or any connection between himself or his blog and the home invasion attack on Blomfield. He did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

Detective Inspector John Sutton of Waitemata Police said police had carried out fresh investigations into 15 complaints made by Blomfield from April 2012 to February 2018.

…there are a couple of things here.

Firstly let’s not forget the allegations in Dirty Politics that Slater had a hand in moving a prisoner further away from his family and who ended up committing suicide.

Secondly  the unbelievable manner in which Slater smeared public health officials using big sugar money or his attempt to undermine the head of the SFO.

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Thirdly how the police have bent over backwards to look after Slater’s interests above all others.

Fourthly the Prime Minister of NZ, John Key, was in constant contact with someone like this.

And finally, let’s remember this, every major news outlet had Slater on speed dial and he won the Cannon Media award! So much venom is spat at Slater for what we now know about him – but how quick we are to forget how the vast majority of the NZ mainstream empowered him.

This final part, the role the mainstream media played in enabling his vicious spite and his unbelievable power is always ignored now the media have turned on him.

How did something this malicious manage to dictate so much of the news media agenda?

I also believe that if there is any media outlet in this country who need to take a hard long look at their Islamaphobia, it is Whaleoil. The manner in which that blog has whipped up anti-Muslim hate is so ugly I feel that they step repeatedly between free speech and hate speech.

Slater is now house bound after suffering two strokes and is bankrupt. He has been discredited and is widely considered too radioactive to even be seen with.

While his demise is righteous, we are still left with hard questions about how he was allowed to run amok in the first place.


  1. Cameron Slater is just a ‘dead man walking’, as the hate he disseminated was so toxic that it has been etched into our minds and many are coming for him.

  2. If whaleoil is evil what does it say about key and co who were all buddies and mates with this evil lot

    • and what of the people who willingly fed at that trough and voted for said former Prime Minister on a tide of frothy feel good propaganda?

  3. John Key conferred power on him … it is that simple. And of course NZ fell for it. We are a nation of shallow people allergic to thinking any deeper than our navels.Key could do no wrong …remember?

  4. Wonder if Mr Key will pay Slater’s bills now he is on a bit of a downer eh?…

    It is stunning to recall from this remove, that Key and Whale were late night phone confidantes–confirmed in the NZ Parliament–and that the PM’s office (not Mr Key himself of course) gave Whale early release dibs on certain OIAs to insert into his filth pump of a blog!

    “Slater Oil” must not be forgotten, as hideous a spectacle as he is, such a reminder is needed to keep people on their guard for the next one that might emerge.

    Though it does seem a number of Nat MPs like Northland’s ex copper Matt King, are doing quite ok with pumping out their own brand of filth on social media.

    • Key is so ruthless he won’t be giving Slater even a moment’s thought – he’s not called the smiling assassin for nothing

    • Most of the dark activists for the Right were children of high National apparatchiks. Interesting. We all grew up with our parents’ politics but we didn’t form a whole wing of national politics. Just a privilege thing. Where before NZ didn’t have such.

  5. Royal commission time- in to police over reaction at Slaters hacking, and breaking the law regarding Nicky and Martyn, also political influence with National.
    Police applying for a secret trial for bomber is a sign there are more layers beneath the surface.
    Full Royal Commission, shine some sunlight in to the cesspit at whaleoil.
    Nothing to lose for the coalition to call it, will show the rot that runs through the Nats.

  6. what goes around comes around but the others like Jason eade seem to have escaped why this is not fair we cant have cameron shouldering all the blame who was feeding him (his mate judeath)

  7. Slater did not stop at his poisonous invective. He actively did everything he could to destroy certain people, but he was finally caught out. One of his targets was the businessman Matthew Blomfield who he defamed, dreadfully so, and the courts upheld Blomfield’s claim of defamation.

    Then the Human Rights Commission also found that Slater had breached Mr Blomfield’s privacy. Blomfield was also seriously assaulted and badly injured in a home invasion and now it comes out that Slater seemed to be at least encouraging that.

    If that is not bad enough, now we find out that the police failed to investigate a string of complaints Mr Blomfield had made relating to Slater; who was behind the assault; and hacking his computer to name but a few things. The police have finally admitted their failures, or, as a high ranking cop said – “multiple failures”.

    Two questions arise from this: Firstly, why did the police not investigate these serious complaints. Given that Slater was the mongrel attack dog for the national party and fed information from the national party including Key you have to wonder what influence was put on the police not to investigate these complaints.

    It would be a lie if the police claim they were too busy with other matters, which is probably what they will say. I say a lie because they were not too busy to investigate Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury in relation to the hacking of Slater’s computer. They went hard out on Nicky and Martyn and are still trying to turn Martyn into being a villain, but they conveniently overlook the hacking of Blomfield’s computer.

    The Police are saying that they have carried out fresh investigations into fifteen complaints made by Mr Blomfield. I doubt it but if they have what will be the result from those investigations? Probably something like, there is not enough evidence to bring charges against any person, but they remain happy to still pursue Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury.

    The second question is, are the police going to be held to account for their negligence? These are serious matters but it is likely no police officer will be held to account because they never are. At best some young cop will be admonished and the police will say it has been dealt with as an employment matter – end of story. In the meanwhile Mr Blomfield is left abandoned and unassisted and the corruption of this how thing will not be exposed.

    In answer to Martyn’s question about how Slater was allowed to run amok in the first place. He was allowed to run amok because he was protected by national party figures and a system that allows vile pestilence like this to operate.

    • “Two questions arise from this: Firstly, why did the police not investigate these serious complaints.”

      Simple. They were told not to. At least they were told not to try very hard.

      Next question: Who told them not to?
      Well it was probably a senior police officer on behalf of/or by way protecting the “Office of the Prime Minister.”

      Next question: Who was the Prime Minister?
      John Key.

      Final question: But why did he need protection?
      Well, apart from being in cahoots with Slater at the time, there were too many other skeletons in the cupboard that might see the light of day.

  8. I believe Slater himself said on several occassoons: the media is lazy. When he handed them a story, it was wrapped up and ready to go. Very little extra effort required by over-worked journos, pressed to meet deadlines, to do any extra investigative scrutinising

    As for the political establishment, the Nats were only too happy to use Slater to do their dirty work while stepping well back and claiming plausible deniability

    Key got caught out with his texting because of his sloppiness and sheer arrogance

    Even some in opposition parties associated with Slater in a desperate bid to curry friendship and hope to avoid his wrath

    That, my friends, is how fascism geminates in fertile soil

    Slater was brought down because of one person’s dedication to uncovering the truth (Rawshark, bless her/him), not because of any ethical behaviour from the media, political estsblishment, etc

    That person will be forever anonymous, I guess but we owe her/him a great deal
    More than we realise

      • You trifle with the established order at your peril. The Right will come after you with everything they have once they acknowledge you as a genuine threat. Prior to that, they can simply discredit you as a nutter. “Lefty conspiracy theorist”, Nicky Hager, can tell you all about that thanks to his treatment at the hands of Teflon John.

    • “Slater was brought down because of one person’s dedication to uncovering the truth (Rawshark, bless her/him), not because of any ethical behaviour from the media, political establishment, etc”

      Mjolnir you have hit the nub of it. Spot on. But look at the extraordinary lengths the cops have gone to in an attempt to identify this hero, even to the extent of breaking the law and breaching privacy (Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury) with arrogant impunity. All at the behest of the national party and Key. But did they do to the same lengths to investigate the theft of of Mr Blomfield’s electronic information and breach of his privacy? No – of course not. Why not? Oh that’s right, because it involves their and national’s favourite son Slater.

  9. As for Slater himself, his behaviour was vile, selfish, dangerous and downright evil

    But as a human being, I wish him a speedy recovery and that he gets on being part of his family who need him more than ever

  10. I think when you say Slater was bankrupt, you should also include the fact that he owes creditors $670,000!! How was he allowed to rack up those kinds of debts??

    As the Whaleoil blog was presumably one of the companies primary assets you also have to wonder how it was allowed to be transferred to a new company before the liquidation. But one further aspect of all this that reeks is that it was a voluntary liquidation which means the self appointed liquidator gets to decide how company funds and assets are used to repay creditors ie secured creditors first, the rest likely get nothing.

    In theory that blog should now be owned by the creditors, who might be well advised to run a GiveALittle campaign to shut it down & delete all of its shitty content.

  11. Yes it is the enablers – Key, Collins, other political figures who used Slater’s services AND the lazy and opportunistic slandermoungers of MSM that should be investigated, but won’t be. I do not have any sympathy for Slater, he is a terrible individual and having a stroke and finding himself with no money after having a lot, if his debt is anything to go by, does not mitigate that. Its just a lot of humbug to say otherwise and there are many more worthy people who find themselves on their uppers who are genuinely worthy or our sympathy – Blomfield for one who looks like he has been to hell and back. Very glad he has some vindication at last but what he has suffered to get it is beyond belief.

  12. Our media were also dishonest trumpeters …. spreading the myths and lies behind nationals witch trials / witch hunting … which our fake ‘meth contamination’ scam was.

    A little research and math shows the scale of their deceitful fear-mongering.

    Consider this …..

    There is a medication called Desoxyn … it is a legal prescription drug , mainly for children … and contains 5mg of Methamphetaine.

    *1mg = 1000ug,,,,,,,, this is important as a failed meth contamination test was .5 ug,.. or one half of 1 ug.

    This means that a childs medication / pill … which never killed any child …… contained enough Meth for 10,000 failed contamination tests….. and evictions.

    People were literally in as much danger from a witch putting a curse on them … as this false ‘contamination’.

    Yet our media , our housing corp … and our tenancy tribunal all jumped on our modern equivalent of witch hunting.

    But its all just another example of our media as a corrupt pro-national disgrace.

    * mg is measurements in the thousandths of a gram
    ug is measurement in the millionths of a gram

  13. yes not only did many nzders empower him they empowered the clown who was our pm at the time who was best mates with him is that not tarred by association or is that just for us common folks

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