GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Cartooning at its thought provoking best by Rob Rogers.


Cartooning at its thought provoking best by Rob Rogers.

We acknowlege our society has a responsibility to keep people as safe as possible as they travel through the air.

It’s time to acknowledge our society has the same responsibility to all our people as they travel through life .

Ban and buy back all semi-automaic weapons now.


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


    • Yes but be careful how this is done or they will go underground and that will help no one.

      Mob rule on this may force unwanted consequences for the future.

      There is a difference between the many classes of firearms and how they are used in NZ.

      Arm chair expertise currently awash in blogs is not a reasoned guide to planning substantial and effective changes over time to make NZ safer.

      • John, without registration of individual semiautomatics, and the police have ZERO knowledge of there whereabouts, how is that different from those same weapons “going underground”? They are effectively already underground.

        Lets not paralyse ourselves with inaction over What Ifs. That how our American cousins do things, ie, not at all.

        If we cant do this simple thing now, when it matters most, we’ll never do it.

  1. Wonder if NZ capitulating to overseas ‘business’ interests will stop the proposed ban of semi-automatic weapons here which have been banned in OZ for years. Maybe any new gun legislation will be watered down like everything in NZ that seeks to stop destructive companies profiting here that are protected by poorly written free trade agreements.

    You can shoot pests in NZ like rabbits and possums with an air rifle which does not even need a gun licence here. You then have a range of hunting guns which shoot bigger pests. There is absolutely no need for any pest control with semi automatic weapons unless the marksman is a total moron and can’t shoot, in which case, maybe even more a reason not to let them loose with one!

    The only reason we sell semi automatic weapons here is because our government is more interested in appeasing offshore business interests and lobbyists from the US than NZ security.

    It is extremely difficult to apprehend criminals with a semi automatic weapon. So weird the police and security services are so quiet on this issue.

    It was reported that a visitor to NZ living in central Auckland had amassed an arsenal of guns while living in a central city apartment. My first guess nutter or Meth manufacturer/distributer! Commerce must come first!

    It’s the criminals that most want these guns in NZ after the gun manufacturers and their lobbyists.

    They ban kids toys in the US because they are ‘dangerous’, but after countless massacres there they still can not ban the gun in the US and have laws to protect the gun manufacturers from being sued by victims. They now market guns to children in the US.

    Be interesting to see how much guts Labour and Greens have on this! If they don’t ban at least be truthful and it ain’t for the farmers it will be for overseas gun manufacturers interests being more important and having more rights signed away, than NZ public safety.

  2. Agree 100% but within the parameters of imposing a set but short period for buy back of semi-automatics, after that another period of amnesty for returns, but no reimbursement, then after that holding them is illegal with heavy prosecutions.

  3. Announced today on RNZ; all semi-automatics and associated paraphernalia will be banned.

    Fantastic news!! Pity it took another mass-shooting, but I guess thats how we roll in NZ, wait for a few deaths, then act afterwards.

    • Going by gun nuts’ arguments, we should legalise heavy artillery and flame throwers. Those possums, you know, they’re devious little critters.

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