Everyone wants to blame Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner & Chris Lynch – why that’s too easy


‘Fruit loop’: Dunedin hunters reveal how Brenton Tarrant acted at rifle range


The accused mosque massacre shooter was a gun club “fruit loop” who allegedly “shot like he meant it” with high powered rifles in practise with other shooters.

Police believe Tarrant is responsible for Friday’s Christchurch massacres — and allege he travelled between two packed mosques and gunned down 50 people.

He was arrested 36 minutes after the initial attack at the Al Noor Mosque.

Tarrant also allegedly made verbal rants about young skateboarders and his right to carry firearms which left one animal hunter “shaken” after spending a day shooting with the accused.

But the hunting enthusiast claims nothing was done when he told police in the southern New Zealand city of Dunedin about Tarrant’s odd behaviour.

Tarrant is accused of the worst massacre in New Zealand history, a terror attack that started shortly after 1pm local time on Friday in Christchurch when he stormed a mosque and started shooting.

The 28-year-old, who is from Grafton in NSW but moved to Dunedin two or three years ago, allegedly shot and killed 50 people in two mosques during a rampage he filmed and livestreamed.

He was arrested shortly after the attack and has been charged with one count of murder. Further charges are expected and he did not request bail on Saturday.

In Facebook posts obtained by news.com.au, one hunter described a shooting session between Tarrant and his friends at a remote rifle club south of Dunedin as worrying.

The post, from November 2017, talks about members of the rifle club and how “one in particular had me really worried”.

News.com.au has confirmed the man being referred to is Brenton Tarrant.

It reads: “He was complaining about skateboarding kids at the uni saying if they can carry their boards then he should be allowed to carry a gun.”

A Facebook respondent in the same forum replied, “I’d make a call to the arms officer the guy sounds like a fruit loop”.

The hunter updated the post on Saturday, saying, “I’d warned the police about the rifle club where he trained … un f***ing believable.”

He claims police told him “they are a strange bunch” but “they are harmless enough”.

They are a strange bunch, but are harmless enough? That was the Police response to fears about Tarrant.

Does anyone in NZ believe that if a militant leftie or Māori had been shooting guns at a range and verbally ranting about their rights that the Police would ignore that?

To compound the horror of their incompetence and intellectual blind spot, the entire intelligence community missed white supremacy as a threat…

No mention of right-wing extremist threats in 10 years of GCSB and SIS public docs

Analysis – There is not one specific mention of the threat posed by white supremacists or right-wing nationalism in 10 years of public documents from the Security Intelligence Service or the GCSB.

…people right now want to blame Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner and Chris Lynch for this violent act and I think that’s deeply problematic. Arguing that micro aggressions lead to genocidal rampages might make us feel better by targeting men who have in the past pissed us off with their language but if we want to stop the next Tarrent, I think it’s lazy and fearfully simplistic.

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Having read Tarrent’s manifesto, it is hard core white supremacy indoctrination, one doesn’t get to that level of hatred by listening to ZB.

That’s not to say there isn’t white supremacy in NZ, oh Lord, there is. It permeates everything in this country like low level background radiation, from the broken promise of the Treaty, to taking 180 years to apologise for Parihaka, to Asian New Zealanders facing the highest level of racism week to week, to Māori incarceration rates, to Pacific Island poverty stats to Muslim woman verbally harassed on the street everyday. That racism needs to be tackled head on as part of the necessary healing we collectively require in the wake of this atrocity, but this diseased human being didn’t commit this atrocity because of Mike Hosking.

Tarrent’s hate and radicalisation is unique and  the Intelligence Services have an enormous amount to explain to us how they didn’t see this threat coming, despite warnings and despite the Islamic community themselves complaining about the ratcheting up of violence.

Blaming Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner & Chris Lynch  is easy and it might make us feel better, but it won’t provide us with real answers or keep us safe, that falls upon the Intelligence agencies who had a combined budget of $230m last year.


  1. “people right now want to blame Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner and Chris Lynch for this violent act and I think that’s deeply problematic”

    No its not. Those rightwing pundits ENABLE the extremists by validating not just their beliefs, but their simmering ANGER. Listen to talkback radio, read social medua commentary, and you’ll see them winding themselves up. Tarrant didn’t committ his terror attack in a vacuum, therecwas an environment in which he immrrsed himself, and those rightwing media were party to it. They can’t escapy their own responsibility in this atrocity

    • Could you point to anything in the 74 page manifesto that suggests he listened to Garner, Lynch or Hosking as inspiration for his detailed exploration of insane Crusade mythology? I don’t like those 3 commentators either and think they have contributed to the wider issues of the debate in NZ society, but connecting their words to this violence seems pretty remarkable based on the terrorists own indoctrination.

      • As i said Martyn “Tarrant didn’t committ his terror attack in a vacuum, therecwas an environment in which he immrrsed himself, and those rightwing media were party to it”

        We often talk of a “rape culture” that minimises the act of sexual violence against women ( and men)

        This is a “hate culture” that validates hate against others not like us

        I dont know if Tarrant listened to any of those characters but he probabky spoke with others who were part of that enviroment. As i said these things don’t happen in a vacuum

        • The background noise from Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner & Chris Lynch on public media with a wide circulation is not insignificant in contributing to justification of hate speech and delusions about them and us. Absolutely toxic to many bend minds.

          “Tarrant is accused of the worst massacre in New Zealand history, ”

          We have short and selective memories compounded by ignore and denial of what lies in our past here in NZ.

          Provisional governors of NZ did far worse during a systematic murder campaign to steal land and deal to opposition. All with the approval and support of the crown.

          White / Anglo terrorism is a part of our founding history and still lies within NZ today.

          Just as Labour has to openly reject what roger douglas did, before any real progress with undoing the damage can be addressed, NZ has to openly reject the racist sentiments and action of the crown , before any path forward can deal with it.

          The established legitimacy of racism and class warfare is what Hoskins and other cretins rely on.

        • Yes MJOLNIR, I’ve been thinking the same thing – it’s the same principal as rape culture. Hosking etc aren’t the cause but they are part of the problem

          • We’re all part of the problem. We are all captured by the continual and disgusting narrative of the mainstream news media and their Islamaphobic message. But we never speak up. Instead whether intentionally or unintentionally, we take on board the message. We look the other way, when due to a lie our people are now in Iraq, helping those who are killing Muslim men, women and children. And just recently Ardern gave the ok for this to continue. We are captured by the lies again when other Muslim countries are bombed because ‘democracy’ or ‘evil dictator’. But the real reason is someone wants to sell oil in Euros and the other won’t let a pipeline go through his territory. And we listen to the lies that are told but they are far enough for us to look the other way. And then what happens to Muslim people in those far away Middle Eastern countries stares us starkly in the face.

            Hosking’s ignorance is just part of the problem. We have to own our part in it too.

        • Mjolnir, I think what Martyn is saying is that singling out a handful of media personalities doesn’t help address the overall problem of racism in New Zealand. It may deflects from thee overall issue we have to confront.

          While I don’t exonerate Garner, Hosking, and their ilk, focusing on them may limit our scrutiny elsewhere.

      • I don’t think Hosking, Garner, etc can completely duck their responsibilities in this Martin. While they aren’t personally culpable, they have contributed to the culture of intolerance and resentment that fuels the far right. We need to look further afield than the limited contacts Tarrant might have had.

    • the above post talks about what they call ‘micro aggressions’ made by media presenters When a so called ‘micro aggression is being broadcast on airwaves to huge numbers of the population it can reach the ears of those who unlike the average person who would not plan a terrorist attack will hold onto the words said by the media presenter and they will feel empowered that the words said were allowed to be broadcast legally by a public personality Presenters know this because after all they’ve been in the business for long enough and have manouvered their way into the job as presenters who have a voice that reaches hundreds of thousands or more of the population to me there is no ‘micro aggression’ by a media presenter. They know exactly what they’re doing what they’re saying and who their words will appeal to the most A word dropped in here and there A sudden move to an ad break when the caller is in direct opposition to their biased own racist views before the caller can say more. I’ve listened to enough talk back over time to draw this conclusion and until we have media in this country owned and run by ethical people without their own agenda the seeds of irrational hate against groups of people who arent any threat will keep being sewn and watered on air by biased racists

  2. Someone ex armed forces posted a while ago the new agenda for the armed forces. It had been amended to include protecting local and INTERNATIONAL commerce interests.

    So we pay our taxes not to protect those who live in NZ but increasingly the commercial interests of offshore owned multinational countries.

    If extremists were going to gun down the oil and gas lobby group (or even just stage a protest against them) for example the armed forces, intelligence and police would be all over it, so a lone wolf targeting refugees, church goers and children is low on their agenda of what poses a modern day threat to this country.

    Maybe lobby to have our security forces actually protect the people of this country and not commercial interests above all else, could be a start of the change in this country.

  3. Yes there is a lot of spurious ‘white racism’ blaming going around and it is all crap imo ( afterall most of the survivors of the attack are desperate to stay in New Zealand)

    Golriz Ghahraman was on Morning Report and was blaming NZ politicians for racism and came just short of blaming Winston Peters…just as disgraced Mitiria Turei blamed Winston Peters for being racist

    …a sure vote winner for the Greens( sarc)


    Another North Island Maori was on Morning Report blaming ‘white racism’ and pointing sagely to the history of Parihaka….as if Maori did not have their own massacres before Pakeha arrived …eg the sacking of the Kaiapoi Pa by Te Rauparuaha …and what about the Maori attack on the Moriori?



    imo the ‘Christchurch Mosques Shootings’ was similar to the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ bombing…it was done by outsiders who skillfully merged in ..It came out of the blue, was unpredictable and it came from forces outside new Zealand…

    (eg it was not done by local pie eating white supremacist skin heads… who have never travelled overseas …let alone multiple times to Turkey, Pakistan and North Korea)

    Would we have blamed ourselves for the Rainbow Warrior sinking if the outside perpetrators had not been caught?

    • RB, the alleged shooter is a White supremacist. So were his predecessors like Breivik, McVeigh, et al.

      Please don’t try to minimise their influence and involvement in terror attacks around the world.

      • Apparently the gunman ‘hated’ skateboarders too, I read a report that a member of the gun club he belonged too, called police in about him acting strangely so apparently his name was given to police prior to the attacks… his target seemed to be clearly muslims – he went from Mosque to mosque … I’m not sure we need to widen his agenda of rage…

        .. he also visited Pakistan too.

        Who knows what went on in his head, but he didn’t seem to be targeting other non white groups just Muslims in his attacks… as much as many wokies seem to want to expand it to.

        Does it really matter, because anybody could be next with our pathetic gun laws and people assembling weapons here with legitimate licenses!
        While politicians are dithering, the semi automatic weapons are selling out.

        Christchurch mosque shooting: Gun City sells out of rifle used in terror attack


      • re “Please don’t try to minimise their influence and involvement in terror attacks around the world”…where do you get that conclusion?

        You get Male supremacists (too many of these), White supremacists, Christian supremacists, Islamic supremacists (ISIS manifestos), the Chosen Ones of God supremacists (Judaic racist Old Testament)…Black Power supremacists…etc etc

        …very few supremacists of any persuasion or colour or culture or religion or gender are mass killers

        …lets not try and create a false equivalence with ordinary New Zealanders (or else people will wonder what your agenda is)

        • While we are talking about ‘supremacists’ …lets not forget ‘heterosexual supremacists’ ( usually ‘male supremacists’, not just white)

          ….and as you know this results in Homophobia…which Gays( particularly Gay males) fear !

          …this pernicious form of ‘supremacy’ is found in fundamentalist monotheistic religions of Old Testament Judaism, Christian OT fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism

          …and is even more pernicious when there is no separation of religious law from State law …and this ‘supremacy’ is enshrined in religious law and justifies punishment if not killing of Gays…

          Gays cling fearfully to their legal human rights in Western secular society

      • Winston is one of the most astute politicians New Zealand has ever had….He has never fallen for neoliberalism or laissez faire capitalism….he never would have sold NZ state owned assets…we would have had houses for ALL New Zealanders

        Our country would have been far richer and far more egalitarian with him as leader in the past …instead of the successive neoliberal Nactional and Labour Parties

        ( I suggest you apply your comment to yourself…or give evidence for your personal assertion)

  4. the political position of our ripped jean hero Hosking, was pretty much sprung in the deleted photo of him holding a T shirt with an ultra right graphic on it, and with the various photos of him in his “Key Love” club role

    but no, you can’t blame him in a direct causal manner for the Mosque shooter–but he has certainly contributed many hours to enabling the peculiar brand of ‘kiwi racism’

  5. Good article Martyn,

    You got straight to the point there, when you said that there is a ‘climate of violence’ all around us today in the media shows they screen and in the way others drive vehicles now as a extension of their ‘anger’ now as if those vehicles are a weapon!!!!!

    I have spoken on radio talk back about our own harassment by truckies who push and harass us slower drivers on our roads now because they tailgate us all and blow their horns intimidating us to go faster in a wildly manner, so violence is now endemic to us all and the folks on media are not responsible as some may say they are.

  6. we have been absolutely swimming in hegemony round the war on terror.
    turns out our jihadi brides are married to mens rights white rights gun rights loonies at the rifle club.

  7. Hosking, Garner and Lynch aren’t to blame for the shootings, but just like climate change makes horrific & damaging storms more likely people like these help increase the chance that there will be an extreme right wing attack.

  8. I seriously thing those shock jocks do encourage racism on a big scale. As suggested to me by Joe I think we should be contacting the advertisers on those shows.

    What makes me really angry is that people are NOW being dragged in who have made ‘inappropriate’ comments on their facebook.

    So we have to wait for this appalling tragedy before the cops are going to act on FILTHY facebook stuff.

    Don’t tell me that the security services – no doubt made up predominantly of white males – didn’t know about this facebook shit.

    I am putting together a list of people including Kyle Chapman who are part of that right wing racist/facsist group which is based in Christchurch.

  9. I agree with Keith Locke post, “Whether consciously or not, successive New Zealand governments have helped foster this modern Islamophobia by participating in the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and not speaking out against Western military action in places like the Yemen, Libya and Somalia. ”

    But some individuals are not exactly helping world peace!

    On Monday, Mr Erdogan had suggested that anyone who comes to Turkey with anti-Muslim sentiments would be sent back in coffins, “like their grandfathers were” during the World War I Gallipoli campaign.


    ISIS leader breaks silence following Christchurch terror attacks


    The reality is that people have to get off identity politics and understand, you have nice people of all races and religions from everywhere and bad people of all races and religions from everywhere…

    The world war woke against Pakeha in NZ, is also helping to perpetuate a race war in the same way that right wing Hosings types are, just as more bluntly the white supremacists and ISIS like groups are…

    Division by colour or race, is division!

    How can you justify the statement ” Asian New Zealanders facing the highest level of racism week to week?”

    Asians are a pretty broad brush stoke to paint into one group!… some Asians are more discriminated against than others, and some Asian groups seem to be doing super well in NZ with a few $$$$ behind them aka Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company Limited), (state-owned company of dairy industry in China) just putting in a bid to take over another 3% of dairy in NZ.

    As nationality and cultural identity is extinguished via globalism and neoliberalism and people become less educated and with less fulfilling lives, then then more and more people might be radicalised into other, by simple division of religion and colour. Too soon to say, but Tarrent might be like that.

    Lets not be a dopey wokies and thinking that all Asians are the same, all Muslims are the same, all Maori are the same and all Pakeha are the same.. there are groups within groups all calling for hateful acts and even then there should not be sweeping unjustified statements about cultural groups..

    We are all aware of the global propaganda war, of Israel vs Palestine… do we want to perpetuate raced based power issue propaganda in NZ, by putting all groups into one basket of one dimensional thinking?

    • +100 SAVENZ…well said!…Western imperialism created by politicians and the plundering global elite has created war, displacement and a mass of Muslim refugees and Islamic terrorism …which has now rebounded into Western countries like a Trojan Horse

      …we now have ‘white supremacy’ terrorism in response to this perceived threat

    • NZ troops attacked Turkey without any justification, at the behest of Britain who deliberately confiscated two ship being built for their ally Turkey..

      Turkey ceased to become an ally which suited Britain who had sights on the middle east oil, and got it with our help.

      That should not be forgotten.

      Yet Turkey makes Kiwis welcome on ANZAC day.

      Do we know how to share tolerance or not.

      • Agreed !…about the past history…and I have the greatest of respect for Turkey and their beautiful mosque and their beautiful country and their refined people and their culture

        However New Zealanders are not flooding to over populate Turkey, to live there and set up their religion and take up their precious housing or water assets …as are some immigrants from overcrowded countries (China) to New Zealand as you well know

        A few immigrants are good …and add to richness and diversity…. too many destabilise a country, particularly if they want to exploit the country economically ( I am not saying this about Islamics who have fitted into New Zealand society very well)

        • The immigration under NACT had many elements driving it.

          Business NZ got a big freeby with more customers but NZ society paid dearly with overloading of its infrastructures plus the environment suffering with added pressure.

          Private banks profited enormously with the offshore buy up of our houses, farms and businesses. Record profits from that will carry on for decades amounting to hundreds of billions over time.

          But john key was a predatory investor / banker and still is..

  10. Because Martyn, the pakeha dont want to look in the mirror. They dont want to address the prejudice, bigotry and racism. Its ingrained in the culture of superiority! Its pervasive. Its institutionalised. Its some else’s fault!
    They dont want to accept responsibility that theyre part of the problem & could be, part of the solution if theyre willing to turn around and take another look.

    Maori were suckered into this shit when we signed up to it in 1840!
    If we could ask our Tupuna, now, would they have signed up had they been able to know the outcome. I bet you that things would be much different?

    As the Maori, Polynesian and other brown folks are continuously told, in person, in the media, by the authorities and by politicians; you’ve got to stand up and own it, take full responsibility for your actions and its effects.

    Time for pakeha to do the same ….

    • Some Chiefs signed because they were sick of Maori wars amongst themselves…there were many Maori wars and massacres before the Pakeha

      • Some signed because guns had been sold to their enemies.

        The selling of guns was a crime far worse than anything we care to own up to.

        • …and some signed who were sick of Maori warring by Maori , even before the guns were sold to their opponents….

    • The gunman wasn’t Pakeha. He wasn’t born here, he didn’t grow up here and he only came here for a few years apparently before deciding NZ was an easy target.

      Even if he was, then one person’s actions should not define more stereotypes of that nationality.

      The Hoskings types are vaulted up by the media to create division and ratings. Just like the most boring man in the world, Paul Henry. Even in a provincial backwater in an election Paul Henry got less votes by conservative voters than a transgender ex prostitute.

      Kiwis are less discriminating than the wokie and increasing commentators gives them credit for.

      Just because Hoskings types are the front piece for global MSM doesn’t mean Kiwis of all races agree with their views, just that they suit global media interests to have that discourse!

      If more Maori voted for Maori leaders like Harawira then you might get the changes you are looking for…

      And if some of the political parties were a bit smarter then they might not fall for global MSM discourses every time…. or think that the dopy wokie views that have increasingly become anti Pakeha, two faced on Maoridom and very pro international business and money are going to help race relations or improve prosperity for the treaty holders of NZ.

      When you look at some of what is going on in home countries, it might be the opposite of race relations.. Arguably Tarrent is supporting the main stream of eradication and discrimination that is happening with government support around the world.



    • That doesn’t give the crown the right to show up with lovely bits of paper and say I own you now. If you read Captain Cooks correspondence with Queen Elizabeth 1st it starts out by mention God, country and the queen and how highly moral they were. Then they go on to mention monetary policy over 140 times and religion 17 times to each other.

      When Captain Cook first arrived at in Poverty Bay for the first the Māori people had a the largest GDP in the South Pacific which was sufficient enough to conquer the Pacific and raise and sustain a population of about 500,000 people with Stone Age technology. It was only because of monetary policy was European settlers able to artificially inflate there GDP to eventually surpass the Māori GDP and conquer and subjugate Māori.

      Graham Allison offers us a parable in Thucydides Trap meaning when a rising power causes fear the established power escalates towards war. Thucydides wrote: “What made war inevitable was the growth of Athenian power and the fear which this caused in Sparta.”— https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_T._Allison

      Because the crown is the central player in all of this The Maori council and Iwi leaders must be made aware of Thucydides Trap so they don’t fall for it as did Tame Iti and Tuhoe during the Urewera Raids and that is instructive. The Crown faced with a rising political figure sought to treat this rebellious protestor under the terrorism suppression act as did many other government figures before and silence the rebellious political figure and keep every one unconscious to the fact a repeating the history. With good reporting and resourcing coming out of the Iwi Leaders Forum who’s Stewardship of the Settlement process took the Māori GDP from about $40bln in 2016 to about $44bln today the Māori people must understand that it rises because of open transparency and falls because of distrust and mismanagement.

      The Māori council and Iwi leaders should continue to meet and discuss the crown and all its functions and agents. Māori should continue to reconstruct its entrepreneurial spirit until Māori GDP reaches parity with the rest of the New Zealand’s GDP in an integrated, open and culturally diverse way to ovoid falling for Thucydides Trap.

  11. Garner, the excrable Hoskings and Lynch are basically shock jocks, it’s how they make their money. Unfortunately our media and sound byte culture encourages them. Listen to talk back radio, read the blogs both Left and Right and you will hear it all. They reflect “us”. How dreary is that?

  12. Our firearms laws were deliberately targeted at the license holder and fitness to own firearms, rather than individual licensing.
    Who gets blame, other than an extremist murderer?
    1) all political parties in office since the Thorpe report who left loopholes for military semi autos and magazines.
    2)a very small subset of vocal slightly strange military semi auto firearms holders, who agitated for the above, also the gun dealers selling same.
    3) Police themselves who were the ones to call to do away with individual licensing of guns and now want it back- something much trickier to do now without more guns “disappearing”
    4) police, who did not act when someone’s fitness to bear arms was brought in to question, the mainstay if our licensing system that they wanted.
    5) security services who we gave up some of our privacy and freedom for in order to be kept safe from terrorism.asleep at the wheel, no apology forthcoming.
    5) the police who gave this guy a firearms license, who vetted him?

    I mention the police three times because they clearly failed at more than one point, not only that but after the attack admit no fault but run a diversionary campaign -they have compared a proposed firearms register to the sex offenders register, and decided in their eyes civilians should be allowed one gun and a shotgun.
    Cops would arm themselves if they get their own way.
    About time they took responsibility for their own failings.

    Right wing shock jocks on the radio here? Irrelevant.

  13. Tyranny of distance, correct? For decades we have been given these sweet and lovely messages that all is well and swell in God zone, like a force-field of supreme moral integrity and like Troy’s Trojan horse that was complete horse shit.

    The problem with a rising GDP and growth is that you need it to make the price of engaging in war expensive. But it can also cheapen the effect by giving every one a false sense of security. People who see there equities rise faster than the cost of living don’t know that things can go wrong terribly fast.

    We can have advance knowledge of subterfuge and attack but if you don’t actually have a tool box full of an assortment of military and law enforcing tools, can you say that you really take the security and safety of all New Zealanders seriously? If you choose not to nurture that application of power for the security of New Zealand while someone or something is cultivating a counter force doesn’t it mean a failure of leadership. New Zealanders should be able to draw strength from Defence White Papers and Parliamentary Committee Hearings over the decisions, acquisitions and long term viability of New Zealand’s Defence and Securities sector and that should make us hopeful.

  14. There will always be some people on the fringe, other than outright hate speech, everyone’s opinions matter.
    The woke left would split us in to factions as badly as extremist religious or far right groups. We must learn better tolerance of each other – be more understanding but also less easy to offend.

  15. Sean Plunkett seems to be fueling a racist attack on his radio show today, saying Maori have no right to bring up their past after what has happened this week. Wtf. White callers to his show are feeling vulnerable and persecuted for being white.

  16. Bomber I think you forget the power, scope and insidiousness of the media. We have slowly become “Fox”ed in with only an oasis of countervailing voices, such as yourself and people like Alison Mau etc.
    I’ve got stooopid friends who would’nt know what to think if Hosking wasn’t on in the morning. You should have noticed we have slipped from having decent talkback hosts like Pam Corkery and Jenny Anderson to the neo-liberal vitriol of Sean Plunket, Hosking, Lynch and of course Paul Henry. They spread their anti-immigrant, racist, inequality justifying bigotry, which has definitely led to a culture where the elites are virtuous and the terrorists are brown. This created a cultural blind spot to right wing terrorism. The rural police and the SIS were not sociologically smart enough to overcome this, due somewhat to the homogeneity of personnel within these organisations that hold these ‘values’ as well. Other voices were thus diminished or ignored, especially if they did not fit the ‘model’ that terrorists are brown. The fact that the Milton gun club was not turned upside down unlike the Uruwera raids, is proof of this.
    So Martin, like the SIS and the Police you should absolutely go to town on your talkback colleagues. For without their imported Friedman economics and Fox news playbooks, they are just intellectuals husks masquerading as experts.
    Lets just say if Hosking was put in stocks, New Zealand might face a food shortage.

  17. Pointing our left fingers at these imbeciles is warranted, but as you point out, the spy agencies deserve a much stronger finger, and have failed. They must be held to account for this tragedy, as surely it is their number one directive to protect our country from terrorist acts such as these. Although given their concentration on leftist figures, another question must be asked about their political bias, and again about their religious bias. From the US we know that the majority of their tragedies have been at the hands of christian extremists, 9-11 is in fact a terrorist anomaly, and most places around the world would find similar statistics. One overriding takeaway has to be that the political right is far more prone to violent attacks on innocent people, than the political left, which does not make us soft, as they like to claim, it simply makes us higher beings. Of course, if we could get these idiots off our airwaves, we would encourage a more tolerant, accepting society, which would reduce the likelihood of another tragedy. When words that channel xenophobia, racism, homophobia, sexism and other wrongs can be called out as hate speech, then true progress can start being made on this inbuilt racism that seems to pervade our society.

  18. Well, well, well


    “The informant’s damning information claims the alleged gunman’s application wasn’t lodged in Dunedin where he lived, but filed in Waikato.
    The source also says no relatives were interviewed and that authorities instead talked to two referees the accused allegedly met in a chatroom, and there are now doubts over whether a home visit and security inspection took place.
    “Visiting a person’s house enables you see what their lifestyle is like. You might see a little bit of the stuff they get up to,” Mr Green said.
    This afternoon, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the vetting process behind how the alleged gunman got a license is under major review.
    “That’s a very important phase of our investigation. We’re working through everything we know about the person who is charged with this horrendous offence,” he said.
    But almost a week after the attack, Mr Bush couldn’t answer key questions, including whether the Dunedin-based suspect applied in Waikato.”

    If this is proved correct there must be resignations.

  19. When the Sept Chch earthquakes happened. I was living in Timaru.

    Within two days, there was an influx of 5000 chch people.

    It’s a strange feeling to feel like an outsider in your own town. So I can understand how right wing nut jobs can get their noses out of joint when they see “the bigger picture”.

    It doesn’t excuse shooting a building full of unarmed people and making the bizarre rational that he was in a “fire fight”

  20. Sam, you create a new insight into NZ history telling us that James Cook wrote to Queen Elizabeth 1. Particularly when she died in 1603, 125 years before he was born.

    To add to reasons Maori signed the Treaty: it’s documented that some thought the Brits would be better than the French.

    Never listen to Hosking, Garner & Co. – a natural avoidance of right wingers which saves me from some imbecile-type talk. Can’t escape it on TDB.

    • It’s a little embarrassing mistaking Queen Elizabeth for King Goerge, only because I’v been misidentifying the correct monarch for years and no one until now said anything and I’m not about to back peddle now. I mean Captian Cooks letters can be read by any one. it’s kind of strange that Māori would favour one monarch over another because Hone Heke instantly regretted signing the Treaty.

  21. Hoskins, Garner, Plunket, Farrar and Dr Don Brash are what you call enablers they promote racism without openly displaying or saying racist comments.

  22. Sam, I have a friend who is a descendant of Kawiti. His ancestor was reluctant to sign the Treaty but decided the Brits were the lesser of two evils. He thought this from observing the actions of Brits versus French. No reference to kings, although many of the northern chiefs were strongly Christian and their relationship to the monarch was part of their signing.

    • It’s was widely known that French aristocracy was less cruel than British Aristocracy but not by much. To be an officer back then you had to buy your way in so I get it. The officers used to flog there subordinates. As it turned out that observation was ill conceived. Regimentalism was a match for tribalism. It was thought that Māori would fight extra hard because of how close knit every one was, and that would be enough to overcome an envading force that got flogged by there higher ups. As it turned out regimentalism was a match for tribalism. The descipline meted out by British officers created a brotherhood that was equal to the descipline of Māori tribes.

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