GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – The useless Race Relations Office


Rang the RACE RELATIONS office, got a fuckin’ ballhead with a foreign accent who didn’t know who I was, didn’t know how to pronounce my name, didn’t even know how to spell my name, and then tried to tell me that I was talking about didn’t constitute racism.


Like I don’t know what racism is.

Sometimes you forget what a fucked up racist society we live in and then you get a fuckwit like that who helps remind you.


Hone Harawira is the Leader of the MANA Movement 


  1. Hi Hone,

    The whole time Devoy held that office she was importing footwear from
    A South American company that used undocumented migrant including child Labour.

    • LOL- Racism is bad but Xenophobia is perfectly acceptable. What exactly is a “Kiwi Voice” is a Southland twang more or less Kiwi than “standard” accent?

  2. I’m unsure what you are upset about Hone?

    1: That there are more than one race in NZ (not just Maori)
    2:They didn’t know who you were, or how to spell your name (I have heard of you and would not automatically know how to spell your surname!)

    Seems to me you want the Race Relations staff to be all Maori, or have English as 1st language, or be able to converse in Maori…… That’s a bit racist isn’t it Hone?

    • There may be “more than one race in NZ (not just Maori)”, but the Treaty is between Maori and the Crown. If you had a contract with another party, you wouldn’t appreciate wanting your neighbours becoming involved, would you?

      “That’s a bit racist isn’t it Hone” – racism doesn’t concern you one bit, Im right. You’re simply bandying around the term in lieu of any actual understanding of the issues involved.

      • “TOW between the Maori and the Crown”:… not wanting to change the direction of this discussion but what does this really mean in the 2019 context? I am descended from a TOW signee on the Crown side, and also from Maori. What side am I? This Maori/Crown thing is such a clumsy fabric to base any conversation in the modern world when so few of us are clearly only one side of the descent line. Not to mention the fact that the ‘Crown’ part of the treaty is now represented by a democratically elected parliament in which both Maori and non-Maori vote for… constitutional confusion on a grand scale IMHO.

        • Having race relations staff that have poor comprehension and spelling is a ploy so clever that it deserves a monty python episode…. might explain why so many government departments also never receive any ‘complaints’…

      • Well Frank, the issues Hone raises here are….
        He doesnt like Fuckin Ballheads with foreign accents….
        the Fuckin Ballhead didnt know who he was….
        the Fuckin Ballhead didnt know how to spell his name….
        the Fuckin Ballhead couldnt pronounce his name.

        I have heard of Hone, my impression of him is that he is a blatant racist with anger problems and a tendency to use foul language and insults.

        This is his way drawing attention to himself and indicates a lack of communication skills and self esteem.

        • “Anger problems”?

          I’ve met Hone in person (at the old “Backbenchers” pub when it was televised with Wallace Chapman) and he was quietly spoken and easy to chat with. There was no “lack of communication skills and self esteem”. I suspect much of his public persona is exaggerated to give him media “cut through”.

          • Exaggerated through the media.? What the hell are you talking about. His rant here was classic Angry Hone, from Hone himself. The media played no part in this little tirade.

            And to Michelle and her comment below. I call a spade a spade also. I dont have to sound like Hone to get met my point across.

            I stand by my comments. Angry foulmouthed low self esteem and poor communication skill.

        • Have you ever watched the Chase Gary they had a questions with 4 choices asking who you could you trust the most the answers was a person who swears is more likely to be more trusted and honest. At least Hone calls a spade a spade and a bastard unlike many of the two faced people we have in governments and many state agencies and many NZers who go on line and put the boot into others all because they are too gutless to be themselves (racist) To make matters worse many need to learn the history of our country and then have a fresh look at racism. I say this because I know our country was founded on racism and racist policies and laws.

    • The multicultural cliche is a myth probably dreamed up by pseudo academics as a trope to make foreigners fell good about neocolonisation. I’ve met the very same balloon heads that Hone has during my half century as a Maori citizen; migrants with a massive sense of entitlement, who fly in one day and are embedded at every level of society the next, from government/professional sociopathic manipulators to your garden variety white/brown/yellow trash gatekeeper checkout operator. If these foreigners can’t even string a sentence together in the native or borrowed tongue of this country then they shouldn’t be working in government or positions of importance (it is questionable as to whether they should have been allowed into our country in the first place). If you are not working for Maori in the first instance then go home, you’re a burden on our society.

      • Maori used to be the first thing people thought of in this country when the word ‘racism’ was used, nowadays it has been rewritten by MSM and government as racism is more related to Asian experiences…

        someone wrongfully thrown in prison vs someone having a coffee receipt with the word asian on it… we all know what will get the headlines ad nausea…..

        Now we have this type of woke thesis coming out from overseas and new resident students in NZ… no doubt this woke student will go onto to a plumb role in government and receive many grants because this is a type of cultural help that quote, “New Zealand to be even better and achieve another ‘world-first’ title”…

        Remember Kiwis being friendly may now be labeled as a ‘micro aggression’ amongst some circles…

        I lived overseas for many years, but I didn’t feel the need to make the residents yield to my perspectives or take offence if they asked me where I came from.. I never accused them of being racist if they could not understand my Kiwi accent… or offered any help!

        ‘VOICE III’ is a continuous study of people who are born overseas and have been living in New Zealand for decades, as well as New Zealanders born of Asian descent. It aims to gift them a safe space to speak about their diverse perspectives and feelings of living in New Zealand. Specifically, I am interested in their cultural and social perspectives, enabling the clear unpacking of their voices, and highlighting any microaggressions they experience with others, including their friends in their everyday life. A key question my project asks is how we should handle this subtle yet invisible event to promote the fact that microaggression is not okay?

        Microaggression: “You must write your essay in English.” “I will tidy up your English.”
        Message: You are unintelligible and unintelligent. You are less of a human being.

        Microaggression: “Your English is good!”
        Message: You make me more relaxed around you. You don’t threaten me.

        Microaggression: “Where are you from?”
        Message: You don’t belong here. You are not the norm.

        Microaggression: “You are so pretty, for an Asian.”
        Message: Your features are beautiful and can be sexually objectified. People from Asia are not beautiful.
        Summer Shimizu Ryotaro Takano 024
        ‘VOICE III’ Participant
        Participants responded to a student advert. Twenty interviews were conducted and nineteen portrait photographs made. One of the interviewees opted out for personal reasons. All of the participants like New Zealand and have the same national pride that New Zealanders have for the country. However, there are matters to discuss and they would like to help New Zealand to be even better and achieve another ‘world-first’ title.

        ‘VOICE III’ gave the participants voice and delivered challenges to my ongoing question of how to encourage Pākehā and Māori people to see what I see: those invisible layers where they do not have those perspectives and experiences. ‘VOICE III’ asks the viewer to place themselves in the position of international citizens and evaluate the invisible layers in the shared space.”

        No doubt this women, scored top marks by being offended when other’s asking her questions and offered her help! Snowflake comes to mind, but wait, no that might be another dangerous racist micro aggression!

        Hmmm micro aggressions vs racism… Parihaka, land seizures, actual statistics of need based on demographics…

        • You’d think there would be richer ‘material’ from Chinese culture, than worrying about perceived ‘micro aggressions’ in NZ. E.g.

          – Death of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo in a hospital under heavy guard, after serving nearly nine years of his 11-year prison sentence for “inciting subversion,” Liu Xiaobo died from cancer in a Shenyang hospital, heavily guarded by state security. During his hospitalization, authorities isolated Liu and his wife, Liu Xia, from family and supporters, and denied Liu’s request to seek treatment outside the country. Since Liu’s death, authorities have forcibly disappeared Liu Xia. The government also harassed and detained a group of Liu’s supporters for commemorating his death.

          – In Xinjiang, with 11 million Turkic Muslim Uyghurs, authorities stepped up mass surveillance and the security presence despite the lack of evidence demonstrating an organized threat. They also adopted new policies denying Uyghurs cultural and religious rights.

          – Hong Kong courts disqualified four pro-democracy lawmakers in July and jailed three prominent pro-democracy student leaders in August.

          So I guess expecting someone to do their tertiary degree in NZ in English, asking “Where are you from?”, “Your English is good!” is apparently considered a “micro aggressions” as something to criticise and reinterpret as extremely negative and hostile, rather than facing real issues like poverty in NZ, which unlike the author seems to think with China’s help going into 3rd world not first world. Or, dealing with really serious issues in their own country & culture like human rights violations against their own people.

          Great to see we’re importing these people to teach us what is and isn’t racist/microaggressive etc.

          You tell ’em Hone!

        • We’ve also seen cultural appropriation of racism from people like Melissa Lee who seem to think their ‘experiences’ are equal to indigenous people here and likewise seem to get a large amount of government grants…

          “Her maiden speech included sections in English, Māori, and Korean. In English, she mentioned crime, education, and anti-Asian racism issues in New Zealand. In the Māori section, she mentioned the history of Māori first coming to New Zealand by canoe from Hawaiki and compared it to her own migration to New Zealand by aeroplane.”

          “On 13 May 2009 Lee told a candidates’ meeting that the SH20 Waterview Connection could divert criminals from South Auckland away from the electorate. Lee apologised the next day, saying “if South Auckland people (find) my comments offensive, I apologise. It wasn’t about them. It was about criminals.” Prime Minister John Key later said the remark was a “stupid statement to make”.[11] Later that day she apologised again saying, “I apologise unreservedly for the comments I made regarding South Auckland… I sincerely regret my remarks.”[12] In the by-election, Lee attracted only 3,542 votes, coming a distant second to Labour’s David Shearer’s 13,260 votes.[13]

          During the by-election, allegations were made in May 2009 that Lee’s production company Asia Vision had spent New Zealand on Air money making a promotional video for the National Party ahead of the 2008 election. Lee called the allegations “ridiculous”, saying that all work on the video was done by volunteers. The Green Party referred the video to the Electoral Commission, saying that it should have been declared as an election expense.[14][15] An investigation conducted by New Zealand on Air later cleared Lee of the charge of misuse of funding.[16]

          Later in 2009 Lee used NZ$100,000 of contingency funding to increase the markup for Asia Downunder in violation of her contract with New Zealand on Air, which she described as “an innocent error”.[17]

          In April 2011 Lee courted controversy when, after she had made a speech supporting the controversially rushed-through copyright law 92A,[18] it emerged that hours earlier she had tweeted “Ok. Shower… Reading … And then bed! listening to a compilation a friend did for me of K Pop. Fab. Thanks Jay”[19] which appeared to contradict her stance on law 92A.[20]”

    • No it’s not racist.
      The race relations off ce is funded by taxpayers and is a government office.
      Government offices use NZ’s official languages.
      They are Te Reo Maori and English.
      Lack of fluency in at least reading and writing Maori if not being able to speak Te Reo should preclude ANYONE from working there.
      This unique de,department is a NZ creation.
      And many of us are fed up with ignorant under qualified arrogant migrants infesting our institutions.
      Their incompetence and dishonesty is played out on a daily basis in our courtrooms.
      And finally up yours @ I’m Right your sh*t stirring belies your deep and profound pig ignorance.
      I have no difficulty in pronouncing Te Reo because I listen. And I am a 6th generation pakeha NZ of European descent. Open you effing mind mate!

  3. Sounds totally right… nothing to see here…

    Hope you run again, Hone, because I think people have had a taste of vanilla left and would value someone with your non PC ‘clarity’. Sorry to use the cliche of PC, but hopefully explains how people in NZ like to respond to real people, not some vanilla spin that is more and more meaningless in politics and government departments which are increasingly being staffed by neoliberal wet dreams of appearance only, whose aim is to do nothing in real terms for people who really need help in this country.

  4. Hmmmmm Frank, so Indian/Chinese/PI/ etc etc souls not bother with any complaints to the Race Relations Board as its really only for Maori V’s the Govt, all others need not apply?

    • many of those groups can speak their language practise their culture and travel back to their country for holidays and see whanau etc we don’t have a country to go back to this is it I’m right.

    • Sort of, I’m Right. As Jody says: “If you are not working for Maori in the first instance then go home, you’re a burden on our society.”

      So according to Jody, the only people/immigrants acceptable to NZ Maori are they who put NZ Maori first. That is called racism.

      Hone Harawera needs accept that lots of people won’t have heard of him, and he may be too thin-skinned – or perhaps Hone is just agitating – being agitated.

      In fact to-day seems to be a thin-skinny sort of day, with prejudice, ignorance, and excruciatingly petty whinging seeping out like glue solvent.

      • @snowflake sorry Snow White, Maybe it’s world minority day, where the modern day financial minorities in NZ get to have bitch before some extreme example of RACISM such as a cafe assistant on minimum wage, writes Asian on a coffee receipt and gets blasted over the news as yet another coffee goer’s get outraged at the racism of it all…

        Now there is probably something the race relations can get their teeth into! Sarcasm.

        don’t worry the answer is already in hand… get rid of non asian coffee run retail by having chefs, restaurant managers and retail managers as our main occupations for Skilled Migrant Category in 2016-2017 … another brilliant strategy to solve our terrible racism here in NZ ! sarcasm.

  5. I agree with Hone our government departments are full to the brim with foreigners why? when many of these foreigner are expected to work with our people know bloody nothing and bring their baggage and they don’t bother trying to pronounce your name properly. I had an experience when coming back from overseas I was approached by a Scottish cop who was asking me questions about coming back to my own country fuck he pissed me of and I told him you aren’t even from here I’m coming home and you are questioning me. He was one of those newly recruited lot from the UK.

    • Michelle, apparently Kiwis are “drugged out and lazy”… so odd because before neoliberalism, Kiwi’s were valued throughout the world as being fantastic hard workers, full of initiative…

      also my understanding of the treaty is, that Maori were so skilled that the English settlers were unable to defeat them easily so that is why we have the treaty of Waitangi… so Maori seem very mislabeled these days from those importing in so many people to work jobs in particular low skilled jobs, because the discourse from MSM and immigration is, Maori and Pakeha are lazy and drugged out…

      While Maori and Pakeha students from the 1990’s are paying off their massive student loans, if you are ordinarily resident in NZ even if you are not born here, you can get free university fees for the first year. Screw over your people , from government policy, once again.

      Our governments have let in Meth and drug importers for 20 years. Even compassionate residency for Sreubek… the child abusers, get to stay though,
      the best thing Labour did was overturn Sreubek.

      Somehow takes immigration and IRD 25 years to notice many drug dealers operating here from overseas… apparently the drug dealers are getting residency without every putting in a tax return.

      If Kiwis are lazy and drugged out, there seems a deliberate campaign to make it so.

  6. They have let in spys too Save nz and god knows who else came in under national over the last 9 yrs cause frankly they didn’t give a f…k its all about them not all of us. Now we are in a right mess labour shortages when they knew we had an ageing population. Why haven’t they invested properly in PI and Maori who have much younger demographic and could have filled many of the labour gaps. This has all been known by our two main political parties but they still kept bringing in cheap labour. They both are to blame and they both need to work towards fixing the mess they created. If you haven’t walked in our shoes you have no idea what it is like. And to make matter worse we have foreigners coming here being fucken c….s to us and this is not acceptable and our Maori people are finding their voice and standing up hooray!

  7. Dont ring the pakeha institution(s) to solve “Race” problems ehoa. Kanohi ki te kanohi usually makes the other party(s) change their tune pretty quick ay? You can boil them up afterwards!

  8. And who started that rumour Save NZ no other than our brighter future man, the man who told others to get some guts but had none himself.
    And who voted for this man those who stood to benefit the most from this ?
    And who laughed and mocked Mr Hager the same people that voted for the creep above and who has egg on their face mostly our pakeha whanau who voted for the creep above and who has the last laugh?

  9. Going through life with a chip on your shoulder, looking everywhere for racism, you’re sure to find it.
    Some people are rude, get over it. If I wanted to be a victim I could probably find reasons all day long.

  10. Hone writes a piece, and all the racist come out saying how not racist they are. Coupled with the usual spin of how Hone is racist because he pointed out an act of Racism.

    Please God, save us from the white is right mentality.

  11. The link for this

    ‘Overseas Holidays, Rugby World Cup, America’s Cup vs Catastrophic Climate Change’

    brings me here???

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