GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Past Labour Leaders words of wisdom


Taking a cynical view of the political damage to the government over the past week, I am compelled to reflect on words (which now appear to be of great wisdom) uttered by past Labour Leaders. (1)

Sir Wallace Rowling once said:

“As you find out once again in politics, don’t worry about your enemies, you can see them. It’s your friends you have to worry about.  They come from behind.”

Not long after that, Mike Moore said:

“It’s in the opposite Party that members find their opponents and in their own Party they find their enemies.”

As I look upon the damage (as I perceive), of blowback on capital gains tax recommendations inflicted on the Labour Party component of the coalition government, I would say:

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“With friends like Sir Michael Cullen, who needs enemies.”

For all the economic acumen which may underpin the finding of the taxation review committee, at the end of the day, politics is about being in power.

Being in oppositions is a waste of time even attending the House.

I’ve been in both camps.

If I was an ardent Labour supporter, I would say:

“Hey Mike!  Why did you not introduce capital gains tax when you were finance minister?’


  1. Beat to the Beehive, Harlen Press 1989,p 3.


Ross Meurant: 

After 21 years as a cop, Meurant resigned with the commissioned rank of inspector O/C Criminal Intelligence Section & V.I.P. Security; a nationwide profile role as a Red Squad riot group commander and an earlier reputation as a ruthless detective with a tendency to enforce the rule of police.

During 9 years as a Member of Parliament and the Executive as Under Secretary, he was accused of being an arms trader; was fired from the Executive by Jim Bolger for having a perceived conflict of interests (becoming a director of a Russian bank) and started the first political party to be registered under MMP.

After 4 years in the wilderness teaching kids to ride horse and property developing, he returned to Wellington as parliamentary adviser to Rt Hon Winston Peters where allegations of conflicted interests with roles he had with three major fishing companies and a race horse baron and later in false allegations of corruption culminating in the Scampi Enquiry.  

From 2005 Ross lived abroad pursuing commercial options in Zimbabwe, the Balkans, Czech Rep, Syria, Russia, Morocco, UAE, Iran & North Korea.  

Today in New Zealand he is trustee and managing director of NZ forestry and property assets owned by absentee Russians & Honorary Consul for Morocco.

Ross has a B.A. in politics; a Master’s in economics and law and COPs in law.       He speaks Russian, rides horses and water-skis.

He is the author of:

Two biographies:  The Red Squad Story & Beat to the Beehive.

Two novels: The Syrian Connection & Sex, Power and politics.


  1. The issue of CGT defines where one stands on equality before the law.

    Those who feel entitled to earn their money without being taxed are those blinded by greed and privilege and yet still capable of intimidation of government, or those who we call criminal.

    No government that privileges some above the others deserves to be in office in a democracy. This is why it is so rare in the democratic world. It is our national shame, alongside child poverty and violence in the home.

    • CGT will take money from the middle class that will be frittered away by this coalition in an effort to stay in power . The poor will not see any of it and the rich will get fancy bean counters to avoid it. Small businesses will suffer unemployment will increase.
      The countries existing tax take is amply if it was not wasted on unregulated free fees and Shane Jones vote buying fund

      • Enough already!

        If the poor benighted ‘middle class’ feels so oppressed and etc – when are they going to form their next political party and try and convince the rest of us again? (Values. Green. Conservative. TOP.)

        If your snark about ‘vote buying’ is indicative of the nouse held by the Oppressed Middle Class they have less chance than the ancient McGillicudy Serious party.

        Unrepresented – and too idle to go political? Sure looks like it.

      • Jesus wept, Trevor, you really are digging a hole for yourself. You’ll excuse me if I don’t give a fucken ratsarse about the middle class having to pay tax on unearned wealth.

        Pay your fucken taxes, you trougher.

    • @MJOLNIR….

      The sooner a CGT is introduced the hysteria can die away and, the sooner we can get on with life.
      ….under a National government, and remember what life was like for the last decade…

    • Agreed, go away and count your pennies baby boomers. As for wheeling out Cullen, Bolger, Douglas…who’s next? You’ve had your go, it’s now time for change not political sentimentality

      • Steady on Jo, surely they bring essential experience, a steady hand, and strong and stable governance to take us all foward,?

      • We need to look back to go forward Jo, nostalgia, political or otherwise is who…what we are

  2. Helen Clark has 5 or 6 houses, Cullen 4 or 5….this is when they were in Govt for 9 years, be interesting to see how many properties they currently have, and how many they have come introduction of a CGT! It’s easy to see why he didn’t introduce a CGT during his 9 years:
    1: It would have lost them power…. But OK now as he is not in power
    2: It would affect his and his leaders wallet.

    He and Helen are, and always have been ‘rich pricks’

  3. I laugh at all those who can’t wait for CGT to be enacted because you are fools.
    If Labour introduce it, they will go out in a blaze of ignominious glory and it will be swiftly repealed by National.

    This is why Cullen was never stupid enough to introduce it.
    Whether or not you philosophically agree with it or not is irrelevant.
    You either want a Labour government and accept that CGT will not happen or you demand CGT and accept that it will doom this Labour government.

    • What makes this nation the one most infested with rentier parasites in the democratic world. Is it farmers? Have they polluted more than our waterways? But our sense of fairness as well.

    • We of the left hope our cindy has the fortitude to do it, I would say she’d get away with it. If your male, grow a pair!

      • Whether or not she does it is of zero consequence because National will roll it all the way back.
        So why the hell would you want Labour to do it when all it means is that they are back on the opposition benches as quick as possible.
        It’s not me that needs to grow a pair. It’s you that needs to grow a brain.

  4. None of what you just spouted actually changes the fact that CGT cannot be successfully introduced.
    Aside from that, labeling all landlords as parasites really shows a sick and twisted mind.

    • Don’t worry, judging by the rental shortage the ‘rentier parasites’ are already stopping renting properties and the building industry is not building them either but McMansions which suit putting more money into the family home rather than cheaper properties as rental investments…

      It is a growing trend that renters can enjoy your $1200 p/w ‘business’ run hotel room or living in a car

      The state is getting out of renting, the ‘mums n dads’ are getting out of renting… and so whose left.. corporations who run the rentals for profits and people who own 100+ properties…

      The cost of existing housing has doubled in 5 years. Due to dysfunctional building and the new reliance of cheap workers here for residency who don’t speak English and are used to different building styles and methods and unlike migrant nurses, doctors and teachers don’t seem to have to pass any building tests or NZ qualifications here before being put to work here , pushing down NZ trained labour who are being paid less and less while jumping through hoops to be trained … so the cost of construction has also soared but the money is not going to push up wages of quality workers so quality is suffering….

      At the same time construction is getting larger and larger and more complicated so when that flooding or natural disaster happens then it takes years longer and more and more delays and money to rebuild and drives up insurance costs which drives up rental and business costs…

      Who benefits from a CGT, Kiwisaver and the financial services industries…

      Kiwsaver is not guaranteed so if the world economy goes tits up before retirement then NZ is going to have a whole lot of beggars on the street, big costs for government to support a huge amount of retired people who might have their Kiwsaver wiped out .. or what they carefully saved through Kiwisaver is not diversified and fully at the mercy of the ‘markets’ which are very volatile and increasingly there is a major crash every decade…

      Quite frankly with the way work is going, not sure how much money someone is going to be able to save with Kiwisaver with the amount of redundancies and people forced to withdraw the money out of hardship reasons before they even get to retirement…

      Company taxes and income taxes are down in NZ…. and unless the government rethinks it’s mantra “all business is good” so is trying to micromanage everyones savings through the ‘markets’ with Kiwsaver which has many problems….

      In 2016 New Zealanders had unwittingly invested $152m in controversial arms manufacturers and big tobacco companies through Kiwisaver…..

      In 2015 a third of Kiwisaver LOST money in their funds..

      And Kiwisaver fees are high by international standards..

      Whether people understand it or not, there is a relationship between government superannuation and rental properties and if the government has another brainfart and want mums n dads to get out of rental properties then the government has no practical plan to fill the void because they still believe the markets will come up with a solution…

      And they have, a $1200 rental room in that hotel paid for by taxpayer money is the fall back… there are now 5000 more people on the state house waiting lists while government speculate on the markets with Kiwibuild… and there is so much demand for Kiwibuild… (so much so they can’t even get rid of them)…

      so we can see the government has it’s finger on the pulse with housing because all their presumptions are coming true… sarcasm.

      What can you say, we have one government that told us for a decade there was no housing crisis when they imported in hundreds of thousands of new people and people started living in cars, the other government mistakes the money coming in from new migrants as making the country more prosperous, masking the fact that the locals are getting poorer and poorer and wages lower and lower and more redundancies.

      So time for more taxes for the locals to be implemented in elaborate government run ‘redistribution’ schemes because they really know what they are doing with housing, productivity and rise in hardship (housing, power, food) judging by their records!!

  5. It all comes down to how we understand wealth. Most comments here seem to count money as wealth rather than assets. Specially non financial assets. I think this is wrong. If the money supply was properly managed for all of society, instead of being managed by the organisations that profit from it, then the concept of a CGT would be pointless.
    As it is , if you recognise that money is an arbitrary construction costing nothing to create, and being created at will by those with the privilege , it is unreasonable to be removing part of someone’s savings , as represented by investing tax paid equity because they chose to invest it in their own enterprise instead of a corporate investment company . The CGT just taxes savings . If it was possible to buy an equivalent property with the remainder it would be reasonable, but of corse it is not.
    It is a sop to jealousy and will do nothing to redress the divide between the masses and the shrinking 1%. It will only further penalise and disincentiveise the small scale enterprises that provide the great majority of employment on New Zealand. Lacking the vision , the courage or the independence to take control of the money supply the government could look at the German laws on rental property which greatly strengthen the rights of the tenants , but how that would help the empty home syndrome we have here I’m not sure because it is not the landlords of property that is rented out that are causing a problem here it is the owners of housing that prefer to keep them empty to save the hassle of letting, and are in the game purely for the capital gain that are causing two serious problems. The cost of housing to first home buyers and the unavailability of rental property to anyone.
    D J S

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