4 – Under the News Radar 2018 – China tried to buy 2 MPs on National’s Party List


The fourth big news story that was missed in 2018 was finding out that a Chinese businessman attempted to buy two MPs on the National Party list.

At some point we are going to move on from JLR being an arsehole to women and you know, ask questions about the Chinese Government buying 2 MPs right? Like that’s coming up eh? Like that’s a direct threat to our fucking sovereignty eh, we aren’t this easily distracted right?

I’m sure you could find 20 men who have been bullied by JLR as well, the media’s desperation to catch a MeToo villain is missing the far bigger issue of a country attempting to distort our sovereignty- JLR is an arsehole and a bully, China however attempted to buy and influence our Government and this after they already have one spy inside National and are threatening our academic who is highlighting all of this.

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If a former Officer in the US Army paid $100k for two Americans to become MPs there would be outrage, so how come the total media silence of a Chinese businessman who was a former leader in the Communist Party doing exactly that? How is JLR being a bully a bigger story?

Woke journalists see JLR bullying as a bigger story because of the interpersonal dynamics aligning with heteronormative patriarchy power imbalances and believe using anonymous sources to promote that narrative along with a woman who consensually had sex with JLR (but who now believes she was coerced into sex because of  #patriarchy) is a far more important story than you know, China trying to infiltrate our democracy.

Russia hacks elections, China just buys them and our wilful exclusion of that element of this story in favour of anonymous sources making complaints is extraordinary.


  1. Labour are in power, not National.
    If there is a Chinese spy inside National as you have claimed ad infinitum, why on earth don’t you get your friend Jacinda to prompt the SIS into arresting him.
    What better way to drop Nationals rating through the floor than a spy within the party being found guilty of espionage.

    • Labour is also controlled by the Chinese dictatorship… take a look at Raymond Huo 😉 The idea that National and Labour are not one in the same is preposterous… if you think “leaders” like Jacinda in the Wage Slave Labour Party are even remotely left-wing, you are in for a VERY rude awakening…

      National’s rating will never drop through the floor while foreign residents have the right to vote, and Labour keeps importing more foreign colonists to vote National 😉

      • Absolutely right Castro. China is by far the biggest threat to our way of life of all the countries which border the Pacific.

        Sooner or later (and probably too late) we’ll wake up and realise it!

    • @ PATRICK
      But surely you don’t think labour and national are ideologically different do you?

      Labour heralded in neo liberalism and the details of those crimes committed during labours reign of greed motivated terror during that particular time is never going to be allowed to surface. Ever. There’s just too much at stake. I mean…? Poor little micky fay of fay/richwhite group? Think of him? The poor little man has a helicopter and an island to maintain. And if he was pinned down by a royal commission of inquiry he might have to explain how his company managed to get its hands on the bnz after the bnz’s debts were paid off by the tax payer of NZ/AO. Money that was side lined by bolger to increase abysmally meagre superannuation payments. That, was a labour/national co-production was it, or was it not?
      That’s why labour must always leap into the fray now and then and promise to “Lets do this! “ then promptly doing fuck all. That, is all labour need to do. Take the baton off national, run about a bit, then hand it back while homeless people pile up along Queen Street.
      There is one short term way to scare the shit out of the fuckers and that would be to make voting compulsory as it is in Australia, as is my understanding. No more silly old lefties who can’t be bothered to get out of bed to head off the dynamic, go-getter righties.
      Once one starts to understand the fact that we have no political dynamism between parties we can then begin to understand why it is that they operate the way they do.
      And the reason we have Chinese people trying to bribe our politicians is because, like the flies they are, they’re drawn to the stink of corruption.

    • Unfortunately Jacinda couldn’t do that even if she wanted to because your mate “Sir” Don Key sold our country out to become China’s very own Pacific dairy farm, as his kind are wont to do.

      Thanks to his masterly “let’s put all our eggs in one basket” approach to international commerce, we’re now stuffed if we upset our new Chinese Communist Party overlords who never hesitate to throw all their toys out of the cot if they don’t get their own way.

    • Patrick, so let’s see if we”ve got this right.

      Rightwingers like you try to use any oppottunity to brand a Labour-led govt as “nanny statist” or “socialist”,

      Now you ask why Ardern doesn’t use the covert arm of deep state power (SIS and GCSB) to arrest a National Party figure? Just as Key mis-used the SIS to undermine Labour leader Phil Goff?

      Gee, I wonder what you Righties would say if she went down that road? Do you think you Righties would applaud her and call her courageous?

      Oh dear me, no. You’d rip to to pieces. Which is what you want, huh??

      • MJOLNIR
        This blog has shown that same “cartoon” many times of Bill E and the spy – so the guy is either a spy as stated or he is not.
        Don’t take words too literally. I was merely pointing out ( without using too many words) that National no longer runs the country so that if this spy was being protected by them that protection is long gone.
        If he is a spy as stated the minister in charge of SIS ( whoever that is) should be prompted, by Jacinda or another senior minister, to get the SIS to do the job they are there to do, gather the evidence and arrest the SOB.
        I see nothing wrong with that as a spy is a spy is a spy.
        As for the “rightie” label are you not aware that all NZ parties – with the possible exception of ACT – are basically Centralist and Socialist and well to the left of the US ” Left wing party” the Democrats.
        That’s certainly the way we are seen from outside.
        I believe in free hospitals schools, ACC ( which you may recall was brought in by a Socialist National government in 1972) benefit payments for those in need and other embedded social policies. All need improvement but what doesn’t.
        I have never used the term Nanny State but would have to say that all the extra rules that have been put in place since my early adulthood in the 60’s haven’t helped and have reduced the individualism we used to have which is a pity.
        I knew how many shovels of cement to aggregate to make a footpath and how many to make a driveway by the time I was six, plus a lot of other useful stuff and never wore a high viz jacket. Wonder how many 6 year olds have that type of knowledge now?
        So best to stop chucking labels as they usually miss the mark.

        • Patrick: “all NZ parties – with the possible exception of ACT – are basically Centralist and Socialist and well to the left of the US ” Left wing party” the Democrats.”

          Political parties here have become more centrist over the past 40ish years. In fact, Muldoon was much more to the left than any contemporary left-wing politicians in NZ.

          NZ society in Muldoon’s time was more collectivist than it is now, though we retain aspects of that collectivism in our education, health and welfare systems.

          The US Democrat party is no more left-wing than is the Republican party. US society is generally right-wing and therefore individualist: from what I’ve seen and read, citizens there see our health system as almost communist. And of course they are paranoid about communism, given that they’re for the most part ignorant about what communism actually is.

          “ACC ( which you may recall was brought in by a Socialist National government in 1972)”

          It was in 1974, and it was a Labour government. Norman Kirk was PM. I remember it well.

    • This occurred while National was still the government. We still don’t know whether the $100,000 donation from Zhang Yikun ended up.

  2. It’s not really that, it’s all of the Chinese and American nuclear missiles pointed at each other.

    A New Cold War Has begun says Robert D Kaplan, former U.S. Navy officer. He goes onto say

    “That future has arrived, and it is nothing less than a new cold war: The constant, interminable Chinese computer hacks of American warships’ maintenance records, Pentagon personnel records, and so forth constitute war by other means.” Link: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/01/07/a-new-cold-war-has-begun/

    If it was before these points of distraction then we wouldn’t even know we’ve got a mole for China. All we have is immigration, police, NZDF plus capabilities of our own. How much of any of this is ambiguous, who knows? But could become an asset once the missiles start flying.

      • Yeah, and? China having a pretty aggressive policy in South China Sea Let’s. They’re basically acting against international law, waving away every proposed diplomatic solution and there’s fuck all any one can do about it.

      • Well… some Chinese people are perhaps. Just like us. And remember? It was our own people who fucked us over the most decisively.
        My life was shoved onto a different vector, and one of hardship compared to what it might have been I might add, by a white bankster from Timaru. That little fuck swindled me and mine out of a 3000 acre freehold property and he was no Chinese person. And when I look into NZ/AO and see the bizarre and absurd nightmares lived unnecessarily by many people here I don’t see Chinese people behind that particular war waged against us.
        As for the Chinese wanting to buy our national party politicians? Let them. They’d bring China to its knees. What the fuck were the Chinese going to do with the useless bastards anyway? Bury them face down then use their fat arse cracks to park their bicycles up?

      • That’s not accurate CB.
        As people the Chinese have many positive attributes. They are brave and loyal in sticking up for those they care about but because they have never experienced anything like true democracy they treat government and diplomacy basically as another form of trading.
        Buying and selling favours (which we call corruption) is business as usual to Chinese politicians and diplomats and it only becomes a problem if one of them steps on the toes of one above them in the political hierarchy.
        I am married to one and I have learned a few things about how things work in China.

        • “I am married to one and I have learned a few things about how things work in China.”
          ‘One’ eh – and from your relationship with one single human being you have extrapolated your beliefs about her actions and the motivations which underpin those onto more than a billion other unique human individuals.
          If that is what has occurred my heart goes out to your spouse who likely suffers in silence while you patronizingly explain what is wrong with the world in general and Chinese society in particular.
          My own experiences in the PRC I learnt that just like everywhere else on this dying blob the people in China do not suffer from uniform behaviours and beliefs.

          Unfortunately though just like most other huge societies run under a largely centralised system, the same sort of scum rises to the surface if permitted to.
          The modern Chinese communist party like the contemporary Chinese government owns radically different beliefs than those of Mao Zedong or PRC’s first foreign minister Zhou Enlai.

          Mao was President and Zhou Premier of the People’s Republic of China during the cultural revolution which saw Xi Jinping’s father sent off for a spot of re-education because he too preached the primacy of the few over the many.
          Zhou Enlai (an incredibly interesting human a fact that even the bland wikiquote cannot conceal https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Zhou_Enlai) was at great pains to ensure that PRC’s interactions in Africa were not compromised by China’s need for raw materials and PRC which was still struggling to achieve its own development provided larbggely strings free assistance to many of the freshly decolonised nations of Africa the ME and Asia.
          Unfortunately following Mao’s death and the so-called ‘Gang of Four” purges, murders and assassinations, Deng and the rest of that ilk, including Xi maneuvered old school oppressive, selfish and corrupt governance into an unchallengeable position in the Chinese state.
          Aotearoa copped it rough – a bit simply because ninnies treated the current regime like Mao and Zhou’s governed PRC should have been regarded but never was.
          Kiwis got stuck with incompetent spies & agents of influence- African States copped civil war pollution and theft of resources because to any decent human it seemed incredible that a state that had once done so much good could behave so badly.
          As bad as it is, PRC’s foul behavour in Aotearoa is yet to approach the deceit and criminality of either the UK or the US governments.
          The US ‘donations’ to successive national party campaigns far exceeds the $100,99 PRC put up.
          Previous to that the UK bribed, blackmailed and bludgeon Aotearoa into involvement in wars far from our homes, wars which were none of our damn business.
          Kiwis need to wake TFU and realise that none of the arseholes are friends, whatever another nation does, it is their own needs which they seek to satisfy.

        • Welcome to the Thunder Doom. Let’s proceed.

          These petty problems of integration and emotional dilemma are like dust in the floor boards. Open your mind and let the geniuses speak then you can walk across the floor boards with ease.

          The problem is bringing in secound class citizens as cheap, vulnerable migrant workers, and calling it a policy for solving skills and labour shortages as happened, specifically over the last 8 years of Johny and Billy’s national lead governments.

          Curwen of The Daily Blog had this to say.

          “Building upon comments made by Finance Minister Bill English a couple of months ago, this week John Key added severe insult to ongoing economic injury by suggesting that the chief reason why we evidently continue to import thousands of workers not on the vital skill-shortages list … is because New Zealand workers are, variously, lazy, on drugs, or unprepared to totally uproot their lives to move half-way round the country in pursuit of a nebulous and likely to disapparate vacancy several hundred kilometers away from home. Key has even made international headlines on everything from The Guardian to Breitbart for choosing to sell out his own country and people like this.”- Lin:k https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2016/09/09/60-of-migrants-not-on-skill-shortages-list-why-john-key-really-wants-more-immigration/

          Having a democracy also means that ultimately, you as the voter are the one responsible for whatever the government of the day does. The popular mandate is a two-way street. Wanting to enjoy all the boons of a democratic government with none of the responsibility that comes with it and then whining about it does nothing but make a hypocrite.

          Also, claiming “political correctness” is nothing but worthless populism and an indicator that there is no logically valid point to make in 99% of all cases.

  3. So you get 2 Chinese peeps for $100k. How many Indian folks for $100k was it? Then Poms, Polynesian Maori.

  4. Oh. One more thing.
    Farmers? See that little man, little billy? He’s a traitor. He’s sending you to the works. Go get him. Go on! Go get him!

  5. Who has the biggest embassy in Wellington China or the USA.

    We trade more with China but don’t expect that is what embassies are about or the USA would have an embassy a fraction of its present size.

    What is the function of that massive fortress of the US embassy not far from Parliament.

    The US has directly interfered with our elections several times on record.

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