1 – Under the News Radar 2018 – The fight to save Julian Assange


The first big news stories that was missed in 2018 was the fight to protect Julian Assange.

Led by the President of the Internet Party, Suzie Dawson, the fight to keep Assange from being kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and get his internet connection back on occurred without the mainstream media even bothering to cover it most of the time.

Assange matters because he is one of the greatest investigative journalist whistleblowers on the planet, and his continued confinement is akin to torture.

As for the allegations of sexual assault against him, the defence to those allegations are here

* the women involved said they weren’t raped. One of the two women complained that she was railroaded by police, didn’t want to charge Julian with anything and that the police “made up the charges”

* despite this, Julian was never and has never been formally charged with anything

* Sweden gave him permission to leave Sweden after he volunteered to be interviewed
* the first investigating prosecutor in Sweden said there was no case to answer and dropped it. A second prosecutor with political connections to the Deep State then was assigned to reopen the case
* Sweden then refused to interview him in London for years, even though it was routine for them to interview people in the UK and they had done so in dozens of other cases
* The group ‘Women Against Rape‘ and longtime anti-rape advocates like Naomi Wolf wrote publicly about how it was clear the rape allegations were politically motivated smears to punish Julian
* At the time of the rape allegations, there was already a Pentagon manhunt underway for Julian in retaliation for publishing the Afghan War Logs revealing war crimes by the US, and Manning had been arrested and was being tortured in a cage in Kuwait
* The Swedish police leaked the investigation to the entire world press before Julian had even been interviewed
* After years of stonewalling their own investigation, Sweden finally dropped it in 2017. Now the US via the UK is openly persecuting him
…Assange matters, his safety matters, his freedom matters. His fight in 2018 went under the radar, and that was undeserved,


    • Good on you Martyn
      So many have bought in to the concerted campaign to totally assassinate Assange’s character, and thus minimise what he’s exposed.
      I’ve been gobsmacked by the hateful language and callousness turncoats on the left have displayed.
      As ED alludes to , those who don’t even bother to fully research rush in to join the mob, uncritically accepting the the vile tabloid blather about kitty litter and bleach

    • Ed (or Paul or Phil’s mate or whoever).
      Pushing shit uphill or trying to challenge the foreskin of the double standard is never that clever. Leave that cleverness to them, They’ll rise and fall on that cleverness when the time is right – it’s their gamble.
      Better to just sit back and watch at times as various egos bounce off each other.
      You can watch and wonder about a number of them whether they claim to be ‘The Voice of Reason’ or those that consider themselves the foreskins of political correctness on the one hand (the left if you ‘identify’ as being ‘leftly hung’), or those of the right – who probably only have one ball anyway with nothing to compare ‘the other’ with

      Martyrdom is a wasted effort

    • Well, TRP is a quiter. He tried running interference on Ron Marks by producing a hit piece against him that “played the man, not the ball.” Called him out on it and he quit not long after, they’re just quitters, they don’t have any convictions in there arguments at all. They’re massive distractions.

      The Standard and Daily Blog produced two articles roughly released around the same time. One was about right wing ideology (The Standard) and got way more attention through the outrage Olympics. The other produced by Ross Meurant about what’s really going on on France. Just goes to show you how these charlatans work. And why they need to be put up and there bullshit advertised.

    • In another blog persona lifetime I too took casual abuse on TheStandard….Sir Voice of Reason aka Te Reo P was right up there with the absolutely worst bigots I ever met. Plus the squalid QOT and her unthinking acolytes.

      The whole screeching idiocy they generated made me question whether the Left could accommodate myself and the commissariat. I consigned them and The Standard into the bin reserved for extreme wastes of time.

  1. Yes. Thank you Martin. This is one of the defining issues that really tell you where a publisher is coming from. Its impossible to say any thing civil too or about TRP after the article linked by Ed above.

    • 100% in support of you Martyn.

      Julian needs to be saved as the dark deep state wants him gone as he has stuff on them.

  2. Martin and I were in Melbourne last June. While there we went to a rally supporting Julian Assange, and pleading with the Australian government to BRING HIM HOME.
    John Pilger was speaking at the same time, at a bigger rally being held in Sydney.
    The treatment of Julian Assange is barbaric. Shame on the Australian Government for not supporting one of their own people.
    There was once a petition here, calling for NZ to offer Assange asylum. I don’t know what became of it. but I do wish our own government had the moral gumption to demand that Assange be allowed to live here.
    I am aware that corporate media has vilified, demonized Assange. However, independent journalists that I hold in highest esteem: John Pilger, Jonathan Cook, Chris Hedges not only support and admire Assange . They also see the attacks on Julian Assange as attacks on their profession.

  3. The Empire cannot give up on massive media lies aka propaganda about Russians, hackers, anybody or anything they percieve as a threat. Once a lie starts it’s the Goebbels dictum of make it so big and restate until it’s accepted.

    That’s what’s happened with Assange, too much invested lies by the Empire to ever back away. It’s redolent of the Salem witch hunts, a true precursor to modern US politics. Truth will not be allowed to get in the way of the Deep State, Assange only real hope is that Trump has common cause with Assanges information to disprove the lies. Sliim hope, strange world.

    • First of all not wearing a condom isn’t rape while for the other 48hrs Julian was wearing one? Why you would mention Suzie is just as weird as rape allegations brought against Julian Assange.

      Thus the rape allegations are just a tool to get Assange Extradited to America to face treason charges, for what can only be described as embarrassing The White House propaganda machine, the pentagon propaganda machine and making the commercial media propaganda machine look silly by constantly out scooping them.

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