Happy New Year 2019


As 2018 closes, I fear beyond the oceans of perceived and projected outrage that we are no closer to finding home, that the true injustices outside our echo chambers of social awkwardness still menace down upon us with malicious intent.

2018 ends and 2019 begins. There was no clear message from the last year expect the amplification of the self righteous fringes of debate. The looming traumas of 2019 is when the middle decides which edge of the fringe is right.

Here’s to another circle around the Sun‬.


  1. “Arise Sir Tim Shadbolt”……….. proving that in the very depths of the “establishment” there lurks a sense of humour.

  2. This may be enlightening for some…
    Ads and the fine art of head-tinkery. A particular interest of mine.
    George is always a good read.

    The above link will answer any questions of why our government does what it does. Of why labour is no different to national and why we, as a people who delight in the concept of a democracy, who participate in the functionality of that democracy then rage and curse when politicians please themselves with impunity as we become ever poorer, dysfunctional and distressed.
    You’re being head-tinkered with, whether you know it or it. And most of us Kiwi’s clearly have no idea that they’re manipulated constantly by our morally corrupt MSM.
    Nigel latta? jonky bum-boy? You go on about how to survive in Nu Zillind but write nothing about how to augment change. You’re a traitor. Make arrangements if you like? I’ll say that to your ugly face.
    That’s why:
    NZ/AO ? =
    4.7 million people
    25 sq Km bigger than UK
    Plentiful vital resources
    ( Canterbury ? Size of Holland
    Canterbury population around 600,000
    Holland population around 17 million)
    NZ/AO ?
    = No money.
    Therefore, does it not beg the question; WHERE!? THE FUCK!? IS OUR MONEY !!!! ???
    ( Nice Pointy Thing and Casino @ Auckland.x Nice uber riche living in $4 million dollar huts. Nice private-island-owning riche fucks flying about in helicopters. What is it that you do again@ Auckland?? Ya know? That you export to bring in foreign exchange?)

    • For a start we are ripped of on everything we buy massive profits to the already rich who are able to control prices on what we buy.
      E.g. a new small motor bike $3000, repair a puncture new inner tube, and late night call out $6 , a new fitted tyre $8 . I realise these include labour at cheap rate, but try buy the same tube or tyre for $8, someone is making a killing.

  3. Here’s to razing the Skytower, the most potent symbol of everything wrong with Auckland after Mike Hosking and Gary Lin’s property portfolio.

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