National Party Leadership Coup set forJanuary?


The Daily Blog has heard that a leadership challenge against Simon Bridges is set for January.

We’ve examined the three factions that are currently inside National, the Bridges faction, the Collins faction and a third faction who have been leaking to destabilise Bridges.

TDB understands that Chris Finlayson is staying on until the end of January so that he can vote in the leadership battle. He steps down on February 1st so the challenge will need to occur in January. The third faction believe they have to move now to stop Judith Collins building any more support than she currently has.


  1. “TDB understands that Chris Finlayson is staying on until the end of January so that he can vote in the leadership battle”

    I’d go along with that, which makes me think Gerry and the traditionalists will be in faction 3

  2. Whoever leads National after January, the key policies will remain the same: loot and pollute; transfer wealth from the many to the few; lie to the populace.

  3. Listening to Finlayson’s valedictory speech, it sounds like he would endorse Nikki Kaye or Gerry Brownlee as leader, given he praised both lavishly. I think Kaye would give Ardern a run for her money and a more liberal Nats leader would regain a lot of swing voters who went from Key to Ardern…

  4. this lot will be sharpening their knives over the xmas break getting ready to put into soimons back can’t wait to see the national circus roll out next year.

  5. So who would the third faction be promoting? Possibly too early for Mitchell to make his move….. but is there anyone else apart from Collins? Amy Adams?

  6. you would be wishing for internal discord in the National Party as it will lose them some support. With support for Greens and NZFIRST falling away it could be a 2 horse race and we know who would win that as the glitter continues to fall off Jacinda’s halo

    • The only support slipping away will be National, they have now become a laughing stock with their debauchery, lack of policy and absolute naivety on what it takes to form a coalition government.
      Hoping for support of the Greens and NZ First to drop away is just that, hope.

  7. Third faction for Natz leadership challenge next year …?

    Mercenary Mark Mitchell, the opposition’s go to standover, strong arm thug when the going gets tough for Natz!

  8. As far as I am concerned Chris Finlayson is the best of that National bunch of venal rogues and sleazy idiots….their best chance is with him…he has wit and a gift for the double entendre…I enjoyed his departing speech!

    …just as well he is leaving in that case….because he would be their best chance against the Labour/ NZF/sometime Green coalition

  9. The old TINA, act now or be stuck with Collins coming into leadership February 2020. Just the image required so MP’s reach out over summertime inertia to answer phone calls relevant to their career ambition/fear for loss of rank and or relevance.

  10. To have any chance at becoming the next government. They need to seriously consider Niki Kaye before their default choice of a blood bath with Amy v Crusha Collins v Cuntface Pullah Benefit.

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