The curse and blessings of being an attractive young white female


Funny old world ain’t it.

If you are white, female, pretty and are the victim of crime, there can be no level of grief worship that isn’t acceptable…

How Grace Millane’s murder sparked soul-searching over New Zealand’s domestic violence record

Long thought of as one of the safest legs on backpackers’ round-the-world tickets, New Zealand has been forced to face hard realities in the wake of the death of British tourist Grace Millane.

The soul-searching of a nation continued at the weekend at the latest public gathering to mark the death. As over a thousand people took to the streets of Auckland to march in memory of the 22-year-old, a cohort made up of some of New Zealand’s most influential women signed a letter to the government demanding it do more to address the country’s endemic problem with domestic violence.

Thousands have already attended vigils in Millane’s honour across New Zealand as they hope to heal the wounds created by a murder that has challenged the country’s view of itself as an open, welcoming destination for travellers.

The “open letter to the men and government of New Zealand” urged both parties to take action “for Grace and for all the women who have lost their lives to violence in our country”. It declared the aftermath of Millane’s death “a time for national soul-searching”. The letter’s signatories include two of the country’s former Prime Ministers.

…if you are however white, female, pretty and the cause of a crime, the lynch mob seems to want you ripped to peices…

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More than 100,000 petitioners want appeal against hit-and-run killer Rouxle Le Roux’s sentence
The petition of more than 100,000 people for an appeal against the sentence imposed on the hit-and-run killer of 15-year-old Nathan Kraatskow will be delivered on the steps of Parliament tomorrow.

The online petition begun by Nathan’s mother Charlene after Rouxle Le Roux was sentenced to home detention and community work will be received by National Party justice spokesman Mark Mitchell.

Charlene Kraatskow wants a tougher sentence.

…the hyper response to attractive young white females, whether they be victim or criminal, seems terribly disproportionate either way and invasively unhealthy.



  1. Well, are you surprised, with the kind of social media we now have, where divisions exist, are deeper than ever before, expressions of sympathy or hate get accelerated and hyped up.

    Lynch mob is the new normal, welcome back to the past that will also be the future again. Once they burnt witches and also nailed people on crosses, they do chop off hands and heads in other places, like once upon a time, and still nowadays.

    No wonder we have a revival of quasi fascist groups, of extremist nationalist, and other intolerant leaders and political parties or movements all over the developed and even some of the developing world.

    Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, and what else there is, they make it possible, look for and choose your own echo chamber, and feel at home, among the like minded, who are getting ready to move from the web community into the streets and into the Parliaments and government houses in many countries.

    Anger is everywhere, compassion and other passion also, ready to be tapped into, to be accessed, to be manipulated and used for various people’s ends and motives.

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