Thank God Cannabis referendum will be binding


Oh thank Jesus…

Justice Minister confirms recreational cannabis referendum at 2020 election
Justice Minister Andrew Little has confirmed that the referendum on recreational cannabis use will be at the 2020 election and will be binding.

“There is a bit of detail still to work through, but we are telling the electoral commission that’s when it’s going to be,” Little told media this morning.

He said the question to be asked still needed to be worked out.

“We know when it will be, we have a commitment that it will be binding, and now it is just a question on filling in the detail from there.”

…we can not allow spineless politicians who have been so instrumental in the persecution and arrest and prohibition culture of cannabis to decide the law, as we have seen in overseas, it must be a binding referendum decided by the people.

Andrew Little is courageous in taking this issue out of the hands of politicians and give the power to the people.


  1. Well Well Well a BINDING referendum, since the auto default is Non Binding this is a change. I would like to know more about the policy that is already to go. Time will tell.
    I wonder if a referendum question like “Do you want the state to hold your DNA on record” would be classed as binding or not. But considering the pin pricks babies get for blood analysis is kept on record anyway, I guess we don’t need to worry too much at all.

  2. Pathetic move by Little. Cannabis reform? First world problem.

    Drugs should be banned outright, and dealers shot or made to break rocks.

    Its not just the real physical and psychological harm these substances do, but the attitude to life it engenders in the users —lazy, useless, shiftless sods that are not productive.

    Drug users are dregs and should be viewed as such.

    Of course the medical marijuana issue is separate one altogether.

  3. The question asked will be in the hands of politicians. We should discuss this widely because it is important to frame the question clearly, so it is not ambiguous or confusing, & voters understand the issue. The implications are too big for the question to be poorly worded.

  4. Now expect every reefer madness nutjob to crawl out from under their rocks to offer up some ‘facts’ they got off the 6 oclock news.
    Funtimes ahead…..

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