National’s disgusting and despicable fear mongering over medicinal cannabis


I despise the National Party.

Their manipulative scumfuckery, their dirty politics, their malicious economic vandalism, their faux crocodile tears for teachers and nurses and everyone else employed by the social infrastructure they spitefully underfunded – everything about them makes me want to vomit, but every now and then they manage to just become even more wretched than you could possibly anticipate and their disgusting and despicable fear mongering over medicinal cannabis last night was this years cherry on top of their shit cake…

…no it fucking doesn’t you grotesque liar!

This weak and pathetic piece of legislation simply means the terminally ill won’t face prison and arrest if they get caught with cannabis. It goes no where in terms of a legal market, it’s the tiniest and least this government could do so the Greens can pretend to have a victory.

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The only thing worse than the Greens celebrating this pathetic nothing is National trying to manufacture monsters that simply don’t exist.

This is a sick joke looking for a punchline.


  1. The Greens seem to be everyone’s punching bag whenever Labour and New Zealand First don’t do the right thing. If people want cannabis legalised they have to vote for the Green Party. Not Labour, NZ First or National

  2. Leave the Greens alone I think they are doing their best given the circumstances it might be incremental steps but we are advancing. As for that national lot they are down right nasty and spiteful they care for no one but themselves and their rich mates who have benefitted from the demise of our welfare state and selling of our state assets. I heard judeath on RNZ asking for answers from the Housing Minister well what a fucken hypocrite her and her government went to great lengths to hide many things including making it harder to apply and get information under the OIA. They said there ‘is no housing crisis’ so why are they pretending to care all of a sudden.

      • This isn’t tiddlywinks. The Greens are one part of a team that’s running the country. You understand this bit right? There’s no secound chances or “if only I could just restart the game and get the gem on the first stage so I can clock the game.” You’ve either got it or you don’t. And there’s no amount of kind words that can help anyone get it. Leaders put there hand up for the job, not helped up.

  3. Bring on the referendum which NZF promised as an Election pledge

    …this was way before the Greens came in with their revised stance

  4. The fundamental problem with the Greens is the greenwash campaign they are so gleefully rolling out to trumpet their so-called success at this failure . This is no medicinal cannabis legalisation it is a lipstick greenwash of a hand out for a few in palliation when all the science says it can help so many more. As such it is a complete failure in my opinion. CBD will be by prescription! I mean WTF! You can buy CBD at health food stores and chemists in Europe and North America. This law is a fundamental failure making CBD only available via prescription and if they had the humility to admit they have failed then I probably wouldn’t be so pissed off right now.

    This leaves the question as to why NZ First are getting billions and war toys we don’t need to help prop up the American Empire and the Green(wash) party get given this shit to peddle. Given what National is going through now is the time to tell NZ First to shove it and go with National if they really want to.

    This is a failure and defeat and if the Green MPs admitted this and held their heads in collective shame then maybe I could have some sympathy. To some its just coalition politics but for me and others this is a question of life or death. The Greens are treating it like its just part of a political game and with enough greenwash lipstick of their own nobody will think any different. How dumb do they think the party membership is?

    I recall after one GE Free protest where Rod Donald got up and called for a GE Free NZ and waved his hoe in the air and said if GE crops are planted then they should be weeded out. Straight after the protest march he apologised to me saying he would have to go back to parliament and apologise for what he had just said. I said don’t worry about it just keep opposing what labour was doing to legalise GE crops. They did just that and the opposition to labours GE plans kept on coming. Politics yes, but at least they carried on publicly opposing labours GE plans (which continue by stealth today). Labour is the enemy of the Greens just as much as national and any number of layers of lipstick cant change that.

  5. I tried the professional route with Simeon and informed him his party along with Peter Dunne introduced those drugs not too long ago and he shouldn’t get involved as the mud would stick to him and tarnish his reputation. He seems to have ignored that advice so let that mud stick.

  6. It’s not comical

    The National Party seems to attract and recruit persons of low IQ. Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges are but two who just don’t seem to cope with ordinary demands of everyday life. Let alone politics.

    So they rely on contrived fiction, and childlike cunning – constantly spewing a cloud of unknowing.

    There is not a single person in the National Caucus who has standing.

    On the recent Final Reading of the Bill to Decriminalise Medicinal Marijuana, not one National speaker mentioned the suffering and Pain of seriously ill persons.

    I can only put the callous behaviour of National as a Cluster of Low Intelligence. They have been incompetent for over a decade now.

    Their denial of housing crisis; their slovenly care of miners; their sales of Assets; their outrageous costs Heating; their sickening slobering over wealthy friends – while hundreds of thousands live in Poverty …their cavalier approach to everything.

    That strange Judith Collins who somehow got a job as Minister of Police, and immediately forbade them to attend to home Burglary! For Petes Sake. She is the weird epitome of National.

  7. “cherry on top of their shit cake…”
    And Big Jizz brownlee made a christmas cake then sold it on trademe for a $-thousand +. For ‘charity’ of course. “Let them eat cake” aye Big Jizz? I bet he bought it himself. Not only does he get to self-promote as a social influencer but he gets to eat the cake too. Big Jizz = win-win?
    I loath the natzo’s too. Their faux righteous smugness makes me yearn for a truth.
    NZ/AO is awash in deadly poisonous booze while harmless pot’s been illegal for decades. The natzo’s are liars and hypocrites. And fuck! Are they ugly bastards or what? They all look like aliens in ill fitting real estate agent skins. Or they were too busy to get to the money of others that they forgot to pull the zip up all the way.
    Check them out here. I mean, Oooooo eeeeeeeee. ‘Homely’, is being kind.
    Do they, or do they not, look like a team in a Ponsonby Harcourt’s office?
    Let the dry retching begin…

    Look? See? You Greens? You Dicks! See little bridges, all rural-like in khaki? Bending over…Smiling like a cheap man-whore.
    I told you @ Chloe Swarbrick but you guys won’t listen. Not only won’t you listen but your remain determinedly ignorant. Or? Or you’re told not to listen. Is someone tugging on The Greens’ leash? What’s winnie and little jimmy shaw been up to of late? Nice we cup of tea here and there aye boys?

  8. Simeon Brown’s tweet is indicative of the Natz weird mind set! Hardly a surprising comment really, coming from an Opposition MP. I’m sure they are singled out as having turns at making pathetic statements each week … “your turn this week Simeon”!

    Personally I’m in favour of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Why should Kiwis in desperate need of pain relief be criminalised (Helen Kelly comes to mind here), because they use an effective analgesic such as cannabis to relieve their discomfort? Doubt cannabis can equal some of the harmful side effects that go hand in hand with legal prescription drugs in use at present!

    So come on Winston, let’s have that referendum NZF promised NZ on this issue! This is important to a lot of Kiwis.

    • +100 MARY….and not just for medicinal purposes…it should be totally legalised ( with warnings like alcohol )

      ….look at the kids dying of synthetic cannabis! ( this makes me sick!)

      …makes me wonder who the real criminals are behind this fiasco

      …the medical profession and BIG PHARMA?

      ….also makes me wonder about the IQ and ethics of our Parliamentarians

  9. Zzzzzzz….come on NZ get with the picture. We use to be first with things, now we are last.
    The gigantic country of Canada has made cannabis legal, surely a much smaller entity would be able to handle the same. For the younger generation, this country can be very frustrating at times!
    The date again – 2018 not 1918!

  10. Well it looks like Nationals newest TransGenderActivist MP, Simeon(e) Brown really doesnt have a clue what he/she/they/them is talking about!

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