In 1979 we went up to the Auckland University and “beat the shit” out of 51 Pakeha students.


Because the Engineering students had been getting pissed, dressing themselves up in Pasifika grass skirts, daubing obscene slogans on their chests, and terrorising civilians with a grotesque bastardisation of the haka, harassing women, bullying men, threatening Māori and Pasifika and causing havoc on the streets of Auckland, and nobody had been able to stop them – for more than 25 years!

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People had been writing letters, making submissions, begging, pleading, making personal representations, going to the Vice-Chancellor, the Head of the Engineering Department, the police and everybody else you can think of, to try and get them to stop, and all to no avail.

Their response? Stop being wowsers! It’s just a little fun!

So He Taua went up there and we stopped those bastards. In 3 minutes flat!

So yes you can be high-minded, and yes you can turn your nose up, and yes you can criticise, and yes you can preach, but don’t ever tell me what to do because I’ve been down this street before and I know how it ends.

Hone Harawira is the Leader of the Mana Movement 


  1. I’ve never heard about that incident until now – that seems to be a pattern when it comes to the history of NZ racism. Reminds me of the 81 Spingbok tour – no matter the moral questions about apartheid because “it’s just a rugby match”. Another topic no-one in NZ likes to talk about any more. I guess reminding everyone how racist we can be as a nation doesn’t sit well now days.

    • The problem with the springbok tour was that if all the people who said they were at the protest were very few people would have been watching the games. Also all the politicians who take a few pass based on the work that was done by others. I remember the incident as I thought it should be replayed everywhere where people have the “only a bit of fun” line – maybe you should beat up a few Lions clubs Hone (if you could get in the door). Maybe other marginised groups should act with a bit more aggression!

      • its better than chopping their heads of and dissolving the body in acid and we and our masters are turning a blind eye to the saudis Lucy because of trade now that is very sad indeed.

  2. the difference between then and now – which should obviate any need for ‘f’kn hidings’ – is that now the mayor has been forced to apologise – most of the country has been going ‘w.t.f! – hawera..!,,you feckin; idjits..!’…

    and you could pretty much guarantee it won’t be happening again next year..

    so no real need for ‘the bash’…eh..?

    this is a ‘different’ road now…(thank goodness..!..)

  3. Not surprisingly, I’d not heard of the ‘incident’ either. Can’t be because we have a right wing ( AKA money fetishist) bias media that’s no more than a deflection device for the upper echelon power/money freaks who’ve been stealing our wealth from us for generations then.
    My partner, far more erudite and well educated than me, told me about the incident in detail. Our conclusion was that it could be argued there should be far more incidents like the ’79’er. And of a varying and broader scope.
    I remember back in the early 1980’s when Lincoln College’s capping mag’ Ram Magazine was being sold and distributed.
    In it, there was depictions of every single base human nuance imaginable. Sheep shagging, boozing, fighting etc. And it was also exclusively non Maori and a reflection of class privilege. Lincoln College Capping celebrations themselves included dead sheep shagging, drinking until projectile vomiting, and other, even more unmentionable horrors from the privileged non Maori Ivory Tower farmer fraternity or those hoping to be Real Men of The Land. Which they now are. Is that why NZ/AO agriculture is in a nose dive as our primary industry farm lands are sold to foreign buyers on an alarming scale?
    The problem I see is that the ‘eye for an eye’ thing is just so last century.Clearly, it achieves nothing except deepening the rot and widening the gap between Maori and Pakeha at a time that’s critical for all of us to stand our ground against a far greater threat to us as a people of NZ/AO. ( Sorry Hone Harawira. We non Maori are going nowhere. Don’t get me wrong? If I was offered the $18 million dollars my farm’s now worth which was swindled away from me by the manager of the bnz in Timaru? I’d be back off to Ireland faster than you could say ‘Blarney’. You’d have one less non Maori to hate and I’d have what I worked hard for. )
    The threat is foreign and the mechanism to inject the metaphorical virus into us is the Banks. And that’ll see us be done for. We’ll all be gone. Replaced by a tide of super wealthy, gentrified pink and cleaners and big money makers.
    Returning to the issue at hand.
    Has anyone spoken to, or knows, any of the Pakeha students involved? Are they contrite? Do they regret their rude and vile actions? I wonder how they look back on that period in their lives? With shame? With indifference?
    Don’t you think it might be a tremendous asset to your cause @ Honi Harawira, to find them and engage with them to find out their sentiments re what happened?
    39 years is a long sentence. I bet more than one of those guys are toe curling at the memory of what they did?
    Reaching out, could be of enormous value to your cause @ HH because you can’t ‘do this’ alone. It’s my humble view that we must find ways to integrate as human beings while retaining our cultural values and nuances and as much as it is satisfying to bash morons [it] isn’t a long term solution. Unless Maori kill all non Maori then go this fruity?
    Hang in there Honi Harawira.
    I nearly wrote Kia Kaha but I thought you’d find that patronising. Which it certainly wouldn’t have been meant to be. x

  4. And here is why we have such terrible child abuse statistics as well as a problem with men and violence in this country. It is because of your thuggish mentality and the belief that if you are offended that you can just lash out with you fists.

    • Correct Stephen. Harawira may boast now of how his thuggish mentality sorted hurt feelings, but he is meant to be a leader, he has been an MP, and he could be a better role model for young and troubled men if he did not now feel the need to retrospectively glorify himself for a past occurrence from which no-one, no-one at all, emerges well.

      There are people in this country of all colours and of all ages who live in daily fear and pain because so many of our men are bullies, and none are helped by normalising or accepting the violence which makes us world leaders in making others people’s lives living hells.

      I know what I’m talking about too.

  5. I heard of the ‘incident’ and I live in Christchurch (arguably the most racist city in Godzone).

    And yes, all the ‘talking’ in the world got no result but three minutes of action got the desired result. Good on ya Hone, kia kaha.

    It’s exactly the same with these neo-lib slimeballs. Voting ain’t gonna get us anywhere. Action will.

  6. I am currently investigating whether I can make a criminal complaint against the author of this post

    He has repeatedly called for violence against NZ citizens

    This is unacceptable

    • Well yes, especially if you’re on his list for all the neo-liberal hogwash you vomit up here with great regularity…

    • Not agreed with you before Andy, but go for it. if you make a formal complaint, at the very least the police should visit Harawira, and caution him – and then he will wail, “Racism.” Tough.

      I am shocked at people endorsing violence. Is this whole country going nuts ?

      Every single one of us who has lived or worked overseas has likely experienced these sorts of hurtful things, I have, but I simply cannot be bothered elaborating on it.

      (My mum taught us to turn the other cheek. My mum told us to make allowances for other people – even if she didn’t always do so herself…)

      • The definition of “hate” now includes “deadnaming” trans people and you will get banned from Twitter

        Apparently “hate” doesn’t include punching someone because they painted their face black for some undisclosed reason (I’m guessing not racism)

        • No surprises, almost every one on the planet knows better.

          Look, I appreciate your fondness of America, and white but could you maybe be fond of, say, a Republic and its liberal attitude on being a decent human being?

          • Once again, Sam, I am struggling to understand what you are saying. I am fond of America and white. Is that a cocktail or what?

            • No one is saying that you can’t be ignorant about races and people that you don’t like. In fact I encourage these types of open and honest conversations very much. Just expect stupid comments to appear on page 1 of an employers Google search. Have a nice day my man.

  7. I remember getting punched in the face by some Maori kids from from the local intermediate school simply for riding my bike past them. Not the only time that sort of thing that happened. I’ve always seen physical violence as part of Maori culture, like it or not.

  8. I am as about as Pakeha as they come but to be honest if I were Maori and my culture was being so openly mocked I would have done the same thing.

    • Well James now you know what battered women and children and babies live with every day, but without having Harawira’s big bullying fists and mouth.

      I would have voted Mana if Hone Harawira hadn’t been so racist and bad-tempered.I liked their social policies.

      In this violent little threshold country there are hundreds who live constantly mocked, at home and at work. It’s a rotten sort of way to exist, but they do, and they may be our true heroes. Whether you know it or not, you will know some of them.

      • Well I did vote Mana and would again as I agreed with their stance too. But violent culture and the perceived right to wield it is wrong and you clearly have suffered from that and it is sad to hear it. The fact that Hone’s nephews were in trouble for chasing and terrorizing a 14 year old a few years back doesn’t speak well for the belief that violence is a solution to any social ill, and develops and allows the bullies you have encountered in your life.

  9. Boasting about political violence is short-sighted. There will always be someone able to apply more force than you (i.e. the state) and stooping to that level only invites more.

    • Yep, but this is criminal violence, Brutus.

      Right now, someone could go out and bash up another for allegedly insulting/mocking him, and run prominent community leader Hone Harawira’s exhortations as a defense in a court of law.

      This is perfectly feasible given the number of people here who have already made it clear that they agree with Mr Harawira’s situational violence.

      Given the legal standard of ‘the reasonable man’ as exemplified by these assumed reasonable persons here, and their embrace of this violence, the basher-upper would have a good chance of getting off.

      • Christine, we may disagree on some issues, but I am totally against violence, like you, and have said so many times on this blog

        This includes most of the wars we have been fighting over the last century

        We need to seek peace and reconciliation, learn to understand each others differences, and not resort to violence

        • Well done, Andy, you are, of course right. (Pun intended.)

          You will be a good father – if you’re not already – and a good male role model.

          I’d say all of the wars, but keeping up with other people’s wars is a challenge – and there’s big bucks to be made out of wars, which is yet another tawdry story.

    • Otago University is worse. They have men – MEN – dress up at capping concerts as ballerinas, and what’s worse, as Russian ballerinas, forever dancing Swan Lake, which is insulting to Tchaikovsky who would never have had unshaven armpits and hairy legs in his head when he composed the dance of the little swans, and it is straight- out cultural appropriation from both beautiful sublime Russian ballerinas – who work bloody hard – plus the swans and other poultry whose role in life is to be aesthetically pleasing, or eaten, and not mocked or derided.

      I think the Russian Embassy has been very tolerant about all this – so far. No-one should tell them.

      If we appropriated Chinese culture – or opera or ballet in this way, they could well take offence – they could actually – and I don’t even know if we could stage “Fiddler on the Roof” again without upsetting you know who, and possibly Cameron Slater. Whew.

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