NZ Harvest Festival presents NZ Cannabis Cup 2019 ENTRY REVIEW No 1
By V Hoy and Growseph Green

NZ is on the precipice of a cannabis revolution.. If you haven’t figured it out yet!  Next year will hold the first ever gathering of this burgeoning new industry under the roof of NZ Harvest festival (Dunedin April 20th).  Included in its “Peaceful Protest Zone” – this is an area NZHF says they encourage people to express their love of cannabis in a safe and respectful area at the Festival.  It will be the venue NZ’s Cannabis Cup prize giving (entrants are judge by a panel of 25 judges).  Uniting the spirit of the entire community. And it’s one to watch!! With cannabis promising to bring NZ an estimated $70 million in tax revenue with in the first year. The industry promises to be the silver bullet solution to a lot of NZ’s issues.  

So… the hunt is on to find NZ’s best cannabis products.  This week we received our very first entry… and geeezy Louise, the growers of NZ are not disappointing us.    

Cinderella 99- Entry No 000-420-01


Family: Sativa
Heritage: 1998 Origin C99 by Brothers Grimm

A word from the Crafter “Cindy is known for her pungent and fruity flavor, short and indoor growing friendly plant shape.”


V: When I first opened the packet, I was blown away with the aroma.  Mango for days

Growseph: I was much the same, but defiantly that fruit salad smell.  I was ultra impressed with its visual aesthetics too. Nice solid crystal laden nugs.  

V: yer you know it’s a goody when you can hear that snap and crackle when you break into a good dense bud.  Smacks of good drying and curing process

Growseph: and that extra potent smell as you break open the bud, completes it off aye.

20 minutes later….. (insert sponge bob french dude here)  

V: Being that typical sativa, it’s a really good uplifting cannabis.  This would be one I would likely smoke when getting stuck into a new piece (art) or article. Very focusing.  It would be one I’d be interested in experimenting with Micro dosing in eatables.

Growseph:  It is a bud that because of its sativa effects, I’d happily smoke it all day and it’d give me great focus and function for the day.  I know people that have told me it’s been really helpful with depression because it does have those peppy properties.

V: Jimmeny crickets she’s pretty mate!

Growseph: Yer as far as a Cindy goes, she’s been grown with a heck of a lot of respect.  This is a gorgeous example. I have seen them really densely packed in crystal but this is a great effort and defiantly a wicked start to the Cup entries.

TDB Recommends


Just really impressed with the level of craftmanship that’s gone into this first entry.  You see that love in the end product. This will be a treat to the entry box for judges to come across and I am sure one that will do very highly in the Sativa section of the cup.  I know I’ll be rating it up there.

If this is the promise of things to expect from New Zealand, I am very excited.  New Zealand holds the ability to master craft some of the finest cannabis products in the world, and this wee first bud is just cementing that more and more in my mind!!


(No operating heavy machinery under the influence kids!! lol)

Note: All entrants are donated to NZ Harvest Festival in plain air tight packaging to insure even playing fields with compeditors


Vee Hoy: Working as a creative director, documentary maker, writer and artist, V lends her voice to everything from politics, lifestyle, culture, world affairs. She has lead a, at times interesting life, giving her a unique and fresh perspective.  She also is is a public figure speaking out on subjects such as domestic violence, gender equality, addiction, mental health and is a strong advocate for cannabis reform.


  1. Gunja-lation in deed! Fantastic. Great work guys. To the whole entire team behind #NZHF know you are appreciated! Even by those who may induldge in the future but who don’t know it yet, you guys are putting in the grass roots foundation. Solid for which the cannabis community need to fake advantage of and voice the #yesvote for entire Aoteroa. So many talented cannabis farmers in NZ not to mention out ideal growong climate and fertile soils. Definitely going to be The Land of The Long White Cloud laden with copious amounts of thr perfect tree. Owww that Doc Cin looks taaaaastey af btw. Keep the momentum up don’t stop for sh*t.

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