A sad day for Judith Collins :(


When Judith wasn’t questionably meeting Chinese border officials or diverting to its trade events, Oravida also exported swamp Kauri. The above quote was when Judith was challenged that Oravida was damaging the environment.

What a sad day for Judith, apparently someone does care about the swamps and environmentalists found them…

Swamp kauri cannot be exported unless it’s a finished product, Supreme Court rules
Swamp kauri must not leave the country unless it has been processed into a product, a court has ruled.

A Supreme Court of New Zealand ruling, released on Friday, found that, to be lawfully exported, a swamp kauri item must be a product in itself and in its final or kitset form and it must be ready either to be used or to be installed into a larger structure.

Swamp kauri timber, also known as ancient kauri, is milled from kauri trees that have been buried and preserved in peat swamps for between 800 and 60,000 years.

…the vandalism of our swamp Kauri for Chinese business interests is as much of a disgrace as Chinese  exploitation of our water and the ruling to finally stop this despicable pillaging is welcome news for a resource that should be dominated by NZ business interests or protected by local community.

Oh and her’s some background so your jaw can really hit the floor…

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National Party donors allegedly involved in illegal kauri exports

Oppostion MPs have used parliamentary privilege to link the exporting of swamp kauri in Northland to National Party donors and insiders.

Concerns have been raised in Northland that kauri logs are being exported illegally – with stumps being labelled as finished products and sent offshore.

Northland MP Winston Peters says that is a rort, but the Government rejects the claims.

In Parliament, Labour’s MP for Te Tai Tokerau, Kelvin Davis, asked the Government if ministers were “aware of reports that local wood manufacturers have been refused the opportunity to buy swamp kauri from Kauri Ruakaka mill, which was formerly called Oravida, and is allegedly involved in exporting raw swamp kauri?”

One of the directors of Oravida is National MP Judith Collins’ husband, David Wong-Tung.

Under further questioning in the House, Minister Nick Smith replied, “I thought the member (Kelvin Davis) was above getting involved in this kind of murk”.

Winston Peters then asked Dr Smith,: “Is he denying what is well known in Northland because people who are high up in Oravida are major donors to the National Party?”

Dr Smith replied that the law had been changed under Labour in 2004.

He says there have been prosecutions under the Resource Management Act in the past and the Ministry for the Environment and Northland councils are confident the resource is being “responsibly managed”.


  1. Pillaging of swamp kauri …

    exploiting NZ’s water …

    plus …

    wealthy donors using bribery to buy ethnic list seats in Parliament …

    a spy in its caucus …

    All have strong common connections … Chinese influence (business interests and CCP) and Natz!

    Only a few reasons crass, uncaring, disrespectful, environment abuser Judith Collins should not be allowed near leading any political party! She’s vermin!

  2. And yet she will take power in 2020, unless foreign colonists with voting rights are sent packing (how many Natzi voters are “we” importing on a daily basis?)…

    • Your use of the word Natzi is disgraceful, reconsider. I would never vote for Collins, she is an absolute muppet and wants power far too much. Even though I wouldnt vote for Collins, doesn’t mean I would ever vote for Cindy, gave her the benefit of the doubt but she’s proving to be a creepy socialist through and through…. We need a third option, a proper conservative govt that doesn’t put the dole bludgers and economic ‘refugees’ before our hard working people.

  3. Collin’s really is NZ’s answer to Donald Trump. If she is ever allowed anywhere near power, she instantly finds ways to subvert and exploit it for her personal (and her Chinese handlers) benefit. I’m actually kinda surprised she hasn’t done anything yet to land her in jail yet. I guess she’s “above the law”, which also explains her total disregard toward it.

  4. Will we ever know which Kauri recovery company dug into the fuel pipeline, previous government did not look very hard…

    • Refining NZ have the Info as does the Northland Regional Council. It was a Digger operator working for Oravida. They were made to STFU.Northland is National territory thru and thru. The old boys network up here is like something outta East Germany. I kid you not !

        • Air NZ and the airport are both suing Refining NZ.Sorry I can’t remember the amount they are attempting to gouge.It’s not the refinery’s fault,the leak was on private land and not reported when first noticed because there was no permit for the kauri extraction which caused it. It is a veritable can of worms.

  5. You wonder how someone so ignorant can be in politics.

    … well maybe you can. Especially with the rise in donations for MP selection and NZ political focus for the last 30 years on short term monetary focused policy while ignoring the growing down stream effects of those policies on our people and environment for pretty much zero return and the negative effects escalating and creating Ponzi’s to prop up the facade.

  6. So? She’ll ( it’ll ) have the environment portfolio once she’s ( it’s ) Prime Minister post 2020 then?
    Advice. If you see her ( it ) make her ( it ) run while screaming. By the looks of her ( its ) jowels she ( it ) could do with the exercise.
    @ MARY_A? I’m sure you don’t mean any disrespect to actual vermin.

    • Definitely no disrespect to vermin at all Countryboy. At the time of my post, I was struggling as to what I could compare Collins to. Now I realise I should have made the comparison of Collins with the putrid contents of a septic tank.

      Apologies to vermin.

      • Hang on there, Mary_A, before disrespecting the contents of septic tanks.

        Night soil is still throughout Asia as a fertiliser – and possibly a healthier nutrient than the chemicals which we use here, although I have not given poohs a great deal of attention since my children were toilet trained.

        But all that could change, post -apocalypse, and septic tanks be as valuable here as they are now in unnamed countries which buy our milk powder and so on – maybe swamp kauri to makes artsy tables.

        Collins will never be PM. She wears too many different jackets, and some of them appear ugly.

        – No disrespect intended to jackets generally.

      • Hopefully the Maori Land Owners where the swamp kauri was recovered received the market price for their swamp kauri ?

  7. Judith Collins is rapidly becoming the Trumpette of Aotearoa with her kneejerk, populist bs rants. No doubt she will find receptive ears amongst oh, say, 20% of the population.

    • No.
      Trump at least is a nationalist who puts his own country first. Collins has been giving away Kiwis birthrights to the Chinese, she is a traitor to her own country. God help us if she is ever elected prime minister.

  8. yeah about 20% support for judeath sounds about right MJOLNIR the other 80% will give her the one finger salute

  9. We can now add the live export of 4000 cows to China as an example of how distasteful dealing with China has become.

  10. The Judith Collins attacks on anything and everything the Labour-led government does is symptomatic of the fear she and her beloved (or perhaps not so beloved) leader and their sycophant MPs and followers have over the fact that nothing they say or do is gaining any traction – except of course with those who are unintelligent enough to lap it all up.

    The ferocity of Collins’ attacks on others – and they have been well documented over the years – identifies one simple thing which is that neither she nor her colleagues have anything to offer. All we hear and read about is the opposition complaining about and attacking everything the current Government is putting in place, which is to fix the 9 years of constraints the then National Government imposed on all of us including all the professions (teachers, nurses etc) that are now demanding an increase in their pay packages – and rightly so too.

    The funny thing is that Bridges now concedes (on RNZ this morning) that the economy IS tracking well but because he just cannot let go of being an uninformed critic of the Government he adds that business confidence is still dropping. But how can the economy be performing well under this Government and business confidence still be dropping? Go figure!!!

  11. I’m glad ‘Jo’ turned up. It gives a face to the absolute viciousness that backs national.
    But, oh dear, surely she doesn’t now mean we should go with TOP?
    Do TOP know that an example of everything that adores greed and corrupt govt is actually now supporting them? Someone should warn them.
    But, now we have a very good example of what constitutes the real dirty politics of NZ.
    Jo – I don’t need to know who he/she is – they’re a construct of evil that seeks to destroy the very soul of NZ. The soul of NZ was attacked by Roger Douglas and Co (is he still …?), Ruth Richardson, Key, English, Joyce via even dirtier players. We can outlast these vermin on whatever level they exist, but we have to warn those that seek to save our country from itself that these constructs will stop at nothing to kill off democratic and caring government.

  12. If they twist the laws enough National can always make whatever immoral action that they’re engaged in ‘legal’.

  13. More fuss over swamp kauri than the swamps.

    And that is stupid.

    Swamps and other forms of wetland conserve wildlife diversity. Provide vital nurseries for various species. Absorb excess rainfall and let it seep into surrounding land over the dry times. Make a green haven in case of fire.

    They do best without drainage and stream piping/straightening, conversion, peat harvesting, log mining, being turned into vanities such as places for hoons with 4X4s to curn up mud and wreck habitats.

    They’re not cute and adorable like splendid mountains, ferny bushland, yummy beaches but they are totally, utterly vital and their well-being, plus protection has to come ahead of housing, short or long term employment, farming, mining or other extractive ‘industries’ or any other human whims of the moment.

    Keep your nasty little digits off wetlands, Judith Collins. Your messages and ways are dangerous for the long term wellbeing of our lands, waters and diversity.

    • Yes, Andrea, well said. My sinking heart sank further at Collin’s dumb comments about swamps and the philistines who we have in Parliament.

      In classical literature swamps have also figured prominently as intriguing, or mystic or mystifying or symbolic or sinister, but always there.How does she not know all this ?

      Collins plunged me back to reading ‘Girl of the Limberlost’, in about standard four – set in the swamps of Louisiana; I think a shadowy protagonist in ‘Great Expectations’ hides in swamps; I lived a while near Romney Marsh- an area rich in history and folk lore, where our Romney sheep come from, but no all this is just another vacuum in the boring mind of Judith Collins, MP.

    • Crusher is RWNJ who will stop at nothing with her Asian Brothers to strip resources out of this country, I am guessing the land owners were paid a pittance for the Swamp Kauri recovered out of the swamps in Northland. I am guessing Shane Jones may have a good idea as the kauri was probably being removed from his ancestral lands where his Dalmatian forebears had recovered kauri gum ?

  14. ..and STILL no accountability.
    These conflict of interests within the government at the time, need to seriously be addressed… but, oh look there’s Megan and Harry… now what was I saying…?

  15. Crusher is RWNJ who will stop at nothing with her Asian Brothers to strip resources out of this country, I am guessing the land owners were paid a pittance for the Swamp Kauri recovered out of the swamps in Northland. I am guessing Shane Jones may have a good idea as the kauri was probably being removed from his ancestral lands where his Dalmatian forebears had recovered kauri gum ?

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