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  1. Seriously this is the caliber of government thinking.

    “A convicted drug smuggler has been handed an unprecedented get-out-of-jail card: instead of being deported after serving his prison sentence, the Government has granted him New Zealand residency.

    Minister of Immigration Ian Lees-Galloway has made a special decision to grant the 37-year-old Czech national residency, even though he came to New Zealand on a false passport and is now serving time in Auckland South prison for importing drugs with a street value of $375,000.”

    Thanks NZ government, I really LOVE (sarcasm) my taxes going towards police, jails, drug rehab etc as they let, yet another criminal and person of poor moral means, get residency in NZ.

    No wonder all the locals in particular Maori are getting on drugs , when our government is welcoming in drug dealersand spending our taxes on the services to apprehend and prosecute their crimes instead of hospitals and schools for our own kids.

  2. One thing I would like to know is whether the Catholic Church gave any donations to any political parties before the last General Election…in particular the Labour Party

    I am concerned that the Commission of Inquiry into sexual abuse of children in New Zealand is going to exclude abuse committed against children in the Catholic Church institutions and other religious institutions

    Given the record of sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church it seems to be incomprehensible and a corruption that they will be exempt from this Commission of Inquiry into sexual abuse of New Zealand children

    At least the Australian Commission of Inquiry into sexual abuse of children has investigated the Catholic Church, but the Catholic Church is still reluctant to accept changes to prevent abuse of children

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