So when will the NZ Herald call for Simon Bridges to stand down?


Remember when the NZ Herald called for David Cunliffe to stand down over an allegation of a $100000 donation that never existed…

John Armstrong: Cunliffe’s resignation may be in order

…in Cunliffe’s case the $100 000 bottle on wine never existed, however in Simon’s case he had dinner at the donors house, claimed he never met the donor (here is a photo of him with the donor)…

…and Jami-Lee Ross is claiming the donation was falsely filed.

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So when will the NZ Herald be calling for  Simon Bridges to resign? Or does it only play that way when it’s Labour?


  1. Slimy Simon will slither off on a dark night when Judith Collins finally steps on his tail maybe next year.

  2. So when will the NZ Herald call for Simon Bridges to stand down?

    At 7.49pm apparently… Thank you for your input Heather du Plessis-Allen

    • Judging by watching Paula Bennett being grilled by Duncan Garner I truly believe Paula is a partner in the ‘cover up’ of the whole Chinese donation cover-up now.

      nothing to see here was done on any evidence of the whole $100 000 donation.

        • Indeed, Steve. In fact, her slipped admission was like more fuel on the fire;

          “[Mr Bridges] said he certainly had conversations with [Mr Zhang] and with others that have wanted to support the National Party.

          He certainly had dinner with him, he’s trying to recall that dinner and all of the conversations, and then I think he’s seen him at other functions, which Jami-Lee Ross has put photos out. He certainly thinks that it may have come up that he had said I want to support the National Party, Simon knowing I think that Jami-Lee knows him probably did put him on to it.”


          Her ducking of Espiner’s follow up questioning on that point did her or Bridges no favours and raised further suspicions that they were hiding something.

  3. Why would the New China Herald do that? I don’t recall the British colonial media ever taking the side of figures like Hone Heke… did it?

  4. Good question, but remember who was leader of National when this happened?
    It was the great Shonkey and the Herald absolutely adored the great Shonkey; in the Herald’s eyes Shonkey was the messiah and the National government was the celestial council.
    Now that Key is away, National are copping a barrage of intense scrutiny and criticism that they haven’t had for over a decade and from commentators that have previously overlooked their shadiness and corruption. It was an open secret in NZ journalism that if you went after John Key’s National then you could kiss your career goodbye sunshine! Now the restraints are off and National look like frightened rabbits in a car’s headlights.
    The Herald might be National’s last refuge but I expect that refuge to become increasingly bombarded as the days go on.

    • But by Ross’s own admission, there are clearly journalist’s on the inside of the National party they call “friends”.

    • I did chuckle at journalist’s questioning Bridges on T.V last night,

      Bridges: ” I think I’ve answered your question”

      Journalist: No, No you haven’t!

      • He should have studied old Muldoon interviews.
        Rob used to roll his eyes and drawl “I really can’t recall…..” and that was the sign for the journalist not to pursue this line of argument if they wanted the interview to continue.

  5. Key was brutal on his detractors like John Campbell.

    Slimey Wedges does not have the hit men and influence Key had at his disposal.

  6. It truly is a thing of great beauty , isn’t it,… to be alive and to witness the self dismantling of the treacherous , anti- New Zealand National parity.

    Ah yes, … this is no longer 1991, Bolger isn’t in power nor the bloodless coup leader Jenny Shipley a little later, Brash has been outed ages ago with dodgy dealings with Exclusive Brethren , Operation Burnham occurred and voila!- exit stage left for one John Key… which left English,.. and Joyce’s 11 Billion dollar hole…

    Lie after lie after lie.

    Such a sleazy bunch of degenerate globalists. This country has endured much harm due to these borderless , treasonous globalists, – both to its economy and its social fabric. And aided by the deliberate withholding of the truth from such journalistic bodies as the NZ Herald.

    What a disgrace they all are.

    Let this latest between Bridges and Jamie Lee Ross be an expose of the total devious , ruthless ineptitude of the people that populate this party. And the aligned media who support them.

    • The New Zealand Herald needed Armstrong to guide there feckless readers but nah, all of a sudden writers block. Armstrong should just give up journalism.

  7. Jesus! NZ/AO’s really just an up scaled version of Lord of The Flies.
    And the flies are winning.
    This is what you get when you have huge wealth creation but the creators of the wealth are oblivious to that wealth they create yet never see. Unless they buy a pure wool fashion garment from the wool they farmed and see how their few dollars per kilo of wool magically turns into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per a few grams.
    Once produce leaves the paddocks? It becomes two things. Priceless, and no longer the product belonging to the farmer.
    Once that happens, a whole new dynamic picks up speed.
    What to do with all that lovely money?
    Well, a most recently profitable way to embezzle some of it is to sell off those things and that stuff that, that money was used to build right here in NZ/AO.
    This creep knows alllll about that. A shade shy of a $-billion, so I read.
    Tricky Micky Fay. Little Mr BNZ. I particularly liked the last paragraph written by Eric Frykberg for RNZ.
    “ He was intimately involved in large scale transactions involving the privatisation of state assets in the 1980s and 1990s.”
    What we see today, as the little flies scrap it out over piles of dirty money, is a desperate attempt to steady the leaking dung barge as the rats become restless, and due, in no small part, to the light being shone into their dark little nests by the likes of us
    I don’t believe in the metaphorical concept of the ‘ echo chamber’ as was suggested we are here by the author of TDB.
    I believe that every word said and written gets out. It gets out and about for eyes and ears, and one day, those words will make a difference.
    The thing that the National Party fear the utmost is being dragged out into the glare of a traumatised public living on the bones of their arses in a filthy rich country as our farmers work day and night seven days a week just to keep ahead of foreign debt the National Party sold them out to.
    You ask @ MB ? ” So when will the NZ Herald call for Simon Bridges to stand down?”
    Never. Would be my answer.

    • Well written and esp about Little Mr BNZ,….. Michael Fay. And his other little mate Richewhite.

      With Little Mr BNZ tootling off to Ireland after being ” intimately involved in large scale transactions involving the privatisation of state assets in the 1980s and 1990s ” in New Zealand , – he escaped any potential wrath and yet could bleed dry the I T boom that was occurring in Ireland until Ireland also , went bust.

      Little Mr BNZ , – good mate of the Business Roundtable ,… now calling themselves the ‘New Zealand Initiative ‘… the very ones who backed Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson in gutting the wealth out of this country and re-appropriating that wealth into their own offshore bank accounts.

      In the late 1960’s NZ was the 6th wealthiest country on the planet behind Denmark . Post 1984 and around the middle to late 1990’s we were ranked 32nd, – behind Mexico,- hence the saying later on that New Zealanders are like ‘Mexicans with cell phones’… meaning we are poor peasants.

      Oh yes, … the 4th Labour govt and its Finance Minister Roger Douglas, and his ruthless anti democratic implementation of neo liberal ideology’s into NZ law. Backed by characters like Mike Moore and Richard Prebble ( who went on to be a leader of ACT ).

      And more importantly the Business Roundtable. Who changed their name and is now the NZ Initiative. Remember that name. And all you political students remember that name. If any want to know the origins of the large amounts of poverty in NZ , start your search today with them. Then broaden it to include Roger Douglas and the 4th Labour govt.

      After that , include the govt of Jim Bolger that succeeded them. And most importantly , – include Ruth Richardson. Ruth Richardson of the 1991 Employment Contracts Act – along with her deliberate slashing of welfare to below the poverty /subsistence line.

      Then read about the Mont Pelerin Society. Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson were both board members of the Mont Pelerin Society. And take into account that the Business Roundtable were the NZ branch of the Mont Pelerin Society.

      And if you fine that too daunting and a lot of research to undertake, – I have included a gold mine of information that will condense all you ever need to know by finding a brilliant site written by none other than the late Hugh Price of Hugh Price Publishers. The man was an authority on and contemporary to all the events leading up to John Key.

      And there you will see the impoverishment of NZ since 1984 , its origins and the people responsible for it.

      Read it .

      Just do it.

      Get armed with some easy to read historical facts about your own country so that you understand why we are in the position we are today. Do it for yourself, do it for your family, and do it for your friends.

      So here it is:

      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

  8. Thanks Bomber for highlighting that attack on Cunliffe by the hideous Herald.
    They are only interested in destroying anybody from the left that might threaten them or their constituency.
    Their position has always been to support a ” one party state ” as long as that is National – ACT and by any means necessary.
    Watching Roger Douglas on Tom Scotts documentary The reluctant revolutionary he talked about the neo liberal reforms describing them as dismantling privilege.
    Yet in doing so he simply moved that privilege to the wealthy elite while leaving nothing but desperation and slave labour for thousands of Kiwis.

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