Open Letter to Mediaworks to withdraw Sodastream sponsorship of “Married and First Sight” or face boycott


Palestine Solidarity Network Christchurch

12 October 2018

Michael Anderson

Mediaworks CEO

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Kia ora Michael,

Request to withdraw Sodastream sponsorship of “Married and First Sight”

We are requesting Mediaworks withdraw Sodastream sponsorship of “Married at first sight” currently showing on TV3.

Our request is made as part of the international BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign which was launched in 2005 by Palestinian civil society groups to bring pressure to end Israeli apartheid. Israeli-made products such as Sodastream are one focus of the campaign.

International pressure was a key element in bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa and similar pressure can have the same effect in ending apartheid in the Middle East.

In August this year the Israeli parliament passed legislation which more formally established itself as an apartheid state with separate and unequal rights, enshrined in law, for citizens of Jewish origin and citizens of Palestinian origin.

Maintaining this apartheid state has always meant brutal suppression of Palestinian rights and we saw this in all its murderous reality on our television screens earlier this year.

Meanwhile house building on occupied Palestinian land continues apace in defiance of international law with another 1000 Jewish-only homes approved in August 2018.

Pressuring Israel to end its apartheid policies towards Palestinians, end its occupation of Palestinian land and allow for the return of refugees forced from their homes when Israel was formed is something all of us should support.

It is in this spirit we are requesting Mediaworks to support the Palestinian struggle for justice and human rights and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.


On behalf of the Palestine Solidarity Network Christchurch


John Minto


  1. We will be boycotting “married at first sight”. Its a crap shop anyway. I will switch to tvnz news to watch the 6pm bulletins. (Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s crap to.)

  2. Talking of Israeli organisations, isn’t St John ambulance one of those or did I hear wrong? Had read in the past that plenty of payments from around the world (including NZ) return tax-free to Israel but seems to be kept very quiet.

  3. They should fire all their Israeli employees also – most of them send money back to their families. Why not ask for that also?

  4. John Minto is a racist hypocrite who wouldn’t know historical and archaeological facts if they slapped him in the face. Jews are the true indigenous people of the land of Israel, not the made-up “Palestinian” economic Arab immigrants, who didnt even exist as a “culture” until Yasser Arafat the Egyptian invented them for political expediency, so you should be boycotting the terrorists. Long live Israel. Ps: I vote left, but not the loony left.

    • Ooooh…? I see? You think we give a fuck what you think? That’s funny.
      Talking of thinking, here’s what I think. You’re an apologist for a murderous, racist, occupying force who kill children for throwing stones at your jewish mates who steal their land and who then make money out of firing rockets at them in return.
      At least you’re dumb enough to out yourself instead of the usual tactic of being the rat wriggling around in the woodpile covertly influencing our politics like some Jews do in the U$A
      Now that we can see you? Who cares what you think?
      We NZ/AO’s should boot out the Israeli ambassador here and close their embassy. It’d make a great Mosque for Palestinian refugees.

    • I challenge you to debate with him, You’ll find he knows far more than you do on the history of the area.

      Have you looked at the maps lately see the encroachment on the Palestinians. Do you know how many Jews have marched in what is currently called Israel. It will be in my lifetime one state and one vote per person.

      I don’t know the loony left but the people I mix with are on the left, vote as left as possible and support the Palestinians not the Zionists who are constantly propped up by their mate the USA who need Israel to keep the hordes back! Endless military hardware comes from the US. The US wants to control the area and the Zionist State can help them do that.

      Numerous great citizens of the world support the Palestinians: Noam Chomsky, Archbishop Tutu, Rihanna, Anthony Bourdain, Jon Stewart, Selena Gomez, Christiana Ronaldo, John Cusack, Whoopi Goldberg, Kim Kardashian, Rosie O’Donnell, Mark Ruffallo, Rob Schneider, Dustin Hoffman, Meg Ryan, Dwight Howard, Lupe Fiasco, Guianluigi Buffon, the late Stephen Hawking, Emma Thompson, Amare Stoudamire, Zayn Malick, Penelope Cruz, Morgan Freeman, Roger Waters, the band Coldplay. A number of these people are Jews NOT Zionists.

      • I find it interesting that every time a Brown person whether it be Palastinian or Māori or what ever, every time they wants to do something polically or economically there’s always some one trying to beat the racist drums.

        And the accusers of racism now a days do not seem to be friendly, and they do not seem to want to promote productivity. I could be wrong.

  5. Well I don’t know whether that’s the way to do it.
    It’s the classic argument – does boycotting a product because it is made in a country in which you don’t like the government make any difference to their government’s attitude, or not?
    The same argument existed in pre-Apartheid South Africa.
    The thing is we don’t really know. If Sodastream is a private Israeli owned company then it is hard to see exactly how boycotting it will hurt the Israeli government, and remember it is their government we hate – it shouldn’t be the people themselves, not all Israelis are right-wing Zionists.
    If Sodastream is wholly or partly Israeli government owned then that is different.
    On a whole different level maybe we should encourage Sodastream sponsorship of MAFS. After all, it isn’t like it is promoting anything worthwhile is it?
    If Sodastream want to be associated with such a crock of brainless rubbish then they deserve what they get.

    • If the people of the West Bank and Gaza request a boycott such as the BDS then we should follow, it is not for us to query this. I didn’t muck around prior to 1981 boycotting SA products as requested by the majority who were of course disenfranchised by the white minority.

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