Koru Lounge Carnage Vs Climate Change (welcome to NZ)

By   /   October 11, 2018  /   19 Comments

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The fact that the NZ Herald can spend three fucking days on this inane bullshit right after the global scientists of the planet explained to us that our civilisation will be mutilated beyond ability to adapt if we don’t make urgent changes now is the reason why we deserve to perish. 

The scientists of the world came together this week and told us in solemn tones that we have a decade left to made urgent and radical change to the way we live or face catastrophic climate change.

How did the NZ Herald respond?

That’s right folks, the fucking Koru Lounge is full and the NZ Herald has spent the last 3 days focusing on  the white rage that has exploded around it.

I say white rage, because only white people can be this angry over something this petty.

One woman wrote to the Herald today saying she felt “very embarrassed” for the person in front of her who was turned away from the lounge.

“Though, after entering, I wish I had been turned down. People had over-piled plates of food, it was packed, [and I] had to scramble for a seat … I had a glass of water and left,” the woman said.

How can you read that and not be moved? She was ’embarrassed’ a NZ woman (probably white) was ’embarrassed’??? How can this stand? She even wished, my God can you believe the words here, she wished SHE HAD BEEN TURNED DOWN AS WELL because people had food piled on their plates – READ THAT AGAIN!





She even, and I can barely write the words, she even had to ‘scramble’ for a seat.

Where’s her social media hashtag for justice hu?

One woman – and again, I don’t know where I find the strength to write these words, such is the shock and horror I feel for the poor wee butterfly, one woman said, she felt like a second class citizen!!!!

An Air New Zealand Koru Club member says she felt like a ”second-class citizen” after being rejected at the airline’s Auckland International Airport premium lounge.

The woman, who was travelling with a teenage child, was told at the door she couldn’t get in and that she had to go to the airport’s own Strata Lounge.



The fact that the NZ Herald can spend three fucking days on this inane bullshit right after the global scientists of the planet explained to us that our civilisation will be mutilated beyond ability to adapt if we don’t make urgent changes now is the reason why we deserve to perish.

We are a petty, small people.

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  1. XRAY says:

    I was completely unable to work out what the outrage was. God knows Air NZ having 787’s with motors that explode at will is quite concerning, canning flights at random because it ain’t making enough money from that flight and tough shit to its customers, never ever been on time being pretty important and having the lamest safety video clips in the world would have been a bigger concern.

    However, the Heralds annoyance is up there with Kate Hawkesby’s outrage over her children failing their driver licence tests.

    I assumed that her disgust revolved silly bureaucrats failing them for nothings like responding to multiple social media conversations whilst simultaneously entering a motorway, points off for doing one’s makeup and hair using all car mirrors whilst cornering and not being allowed to drive on either side of the road as one sees fit in the Lamborghini (SUV of course).

    There is travesty all around people and we need to feel for these good people!

  2. countryboy says:

    Yeah…? Nah. That’d piss me off too.
    It’s one thing to try to save the hoi polloi ( from themselves, usually ) and quite the other to have to rub shoulders with them as they feed.
    There’s definitely something grotesque about greedy, nouveau riche humans pilling up their feeding troughs as they waddle off looking to bi-ped spread-out to claim grazing rights.
    And are you sure about ‘they’ being exclusively ‘white’? I dunno about that one either.

    Anyone seen ‘The Queen of Versailles’ ? A documentary about some very, very riche ‘Mericans. He’s a time share billionaire and she’s an ornament. But weirdly, I quite liked her. I even felt sorry for her once when she had to explain to her children why there were so many strangers on their plane.
    ( They’d previously only flown on the private Gulf Stream but times got tough so it was business class for her and the family on a commercial flight which she had to explain etc.)
    Check it out. You’ll identify with it.

  3. Tiger Mountain says:

    yep, this country has been a neo lib based “tale of two Cities” for so long now that too many people have become desensitised to the fact

    half the population seem to know their exact number of Fly Buys points, but little about anything of consequence; as never ending storms lash coastal properties and the sea level rises, they will probably wonder why the ATMs don’t work anymore…

  4. e-clectic says:

    It is longer BAU.
    The Prime Minister, Cabinet, senior National party members need to get in a room and thrash out their response and action plan.
    The Climate Change Commission is going down this path but it needs way more urgency.
    Local Govt minister needs to be instructing Councils to put CC adaptation and mitigation strategies at the top of their agendas and into their Long Term Plans.
    ALL public body decision-making needs to be made in the context of limiting GHG emissions and adapting to disrupted climate/weather.
    “Normal” isn’t any more.

  5. Johnnybg says:

    Really pushing the envelope here! Have you nothing better to do than get outraged over fuckin humans being stupid fuckin humans. Why read this shite in the first place. What do you want from us, perfection? How do you know they’re white, what the fuck has white’s got to do with it anyway?

    • The Daily Blog Martyn says:

      1: The planet faces an existential threat that we have a decade to attempt to prevent.
      2: The NZ Herald is the largest daily newspaper and is instead focusing on first world problem white privilege bullshit and should be called out on that
      3: I don’t want perfection, i want your attention on the things that matter and pure contempt for the hit that doesn’t matter.
      4: I’m guessing they are white because in my experience only white people complain about shit this petty.

  6. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The gap between what the Herald focuses on and reality widens by the week, perhaps by the day.

    We could talk about Hurricane Michael that has just slammed into Florida and caused mayhem, and which will probably drench regions of the Carolinas still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

    However, since the topic is the sense of entitlement some people have and their desire for excessive amounts of rich foods.

    ‘Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown
    Major study also finds huge changes to farming are needed to avoid destroying Earth’s ability to feed its population’


  7. SaveNZ says:

    Rather than waste time enriching Granny by clicking on the link how about submitting for final day to end oil exploration in NZ.

    Submissions here


    Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says
    A relatively small number of fossil fuel producers and their investors could hold the key to tackling climate change


  8. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Methinks many Koru Club members will be getting rather perturbed (shitting in their pants even) if the recent market turmoil continues .

    ‘Dow Jones slides more than 800 points in worst day for eight months
    Sharp declines in tech stocks see Dow fall 831 points
    Amazon loses 6.2% and Netflix gives back 8.4%’


  9. DennyPaoa DennyPaoa says:

    Well all of that yummy microwaved reheated food could be put to better use if the 3000 homeless people in Auckland that Goof recently discovered, turned up at the airport on a bus or a train! Or even better still, they could uber the food to the homeless around Auckland! If they did that, that’d give the intransit transient something to really moan about ffs!

  10. Nitrium Nitrium says:


  11. shona says:

    When I was comfortably off I had a pass to the Koru lounge on an annual basis. If you fly regularly for employment these lounges with their bathroom facilities can be a godsend for the exhausted jet lagged commuter. My partner and two of my offspring were fifo workers with over 30 years flying in and out of NZ between them. The last time I was in a Koru lounge some 3 years ago I was jet lagged and and had an epiphany after being bitched at by Air Nz for being 1.3 kg overweight on my hand luggage after being out of NZ for nearly 10 weeks. I did not give a fuck as my last port of call had been Turkey during the early stage of the Syrian slaughter. Our host was a Kurd in that fascinating and stunning country. We gave him all our warm clothing and discussed the situation with him upon leaving.He kept asking us what country we were from. He said white people don’t usually give a shit in so many words. We were going back to a NZ summer he was facing winter with 18 Syrian refugees in his 2 bedroom apartment. All I could see in the Koru lounge after dealing with child beggars in Istanbul were fat insensitive ignorant pakeha stuffing their ugly mouths with food they didn’t need because like toddlers throwing a tantrum they had paid for it ! and they were gonna stuff them selves anyway and fuck the world it’s mine! I left I have never been back I sit with folks in economy it’s healthier.

  12. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Fuck yeah, this one time my glass of sav blanc was like, half a degree warm. Felt like a second class citizen, you know, the class that doesn’t get in to the koru lounge.

  13. Johnnybg says:

    Existential threat; yes of course, every new day is a bonus or a curse

    NZ herald; toilet paper to me

    Want attention; attention seeking can be effective

    Rich white folk; a bit of white self hatred & support for non-white racism going on here

  14. Cemetery Jones says:

    “I say white rage, because only white people can be this angry over something this petty.”

    You ought to spend more time checking out BLM twitter. Actually don’t…

    • Mack says:

      It’s pretty obvious that the sausage rolls in the Koro lounge can cause global warming and it’s pertinent the Herald drew attention to the ignorant, inconsiderate, fat fucks stuffing their face with meat…it’s a recipe for global Armageddon.

  15. John W says:

    Business NZ avoids recognition of the extent of pollution, climate shift and social fabric breakdown.

    The facts surrounding atmospheric damage done by airlines seriously point to a need to drastically reduce this form of travel, full stop.

    Tourism dollars flow in aboard airlines, and tourists also use fossil fueled transport around NZ as well as put pressure on infrastructure to expand.
    Tourism is a totally unnecessary and wasteful activity and damaging to our biosphere along with our long term economic interests.

    No mention about the damage done by airlines nor moves needed to reduce airline travel.

    Business NZ is totally irresponsible as is our economic model.


Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,