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  1. Our open letter to Jacinda.

    9th October 2018.
    TO all rail stakeholders,
    Subject; New Zealand’s challenge to achieve climate resilient development
    This am we watched PM Jacinda Ardern struggle with the questions asked of her during the AM show as Duncan Garner asked Jacinda “what is the time line has the Government set for changes to our carbon emissions to save our future” and Jacinda you were definitely struggling with an answer.
    Here is a simple method to counter that question. The answer was given by the other guest on the AM show after you PM by Bronwyn Hayward is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Canterbury Hayward was New Zealand lead author serving on UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
    Professor Bronwyn Haywood said that we need to now to “change the way we move our freight and ourselves around our country”.
    Phil Twyford was also on the news on the AM show this morning 9/10/18 announcing that millions will be put into the upgrading of the Wairarapa rail line service for freight and passenger services, – so hurray to Phil for this, our committee applauds you for restoring regional rail policy finally, – so HB/Gisborne requires the same level of funding at least to adequately restore our ‘rundown rail services too, and we need passenger rail returned to Gisborne Napier regions as the elders and young can travel safely again by rail as our roads are unsafe with a very high ‘truck freight industrial activity’.
    Quote; “Wairarapa rail tracks are getting a major funding boost and upgrade.”
    This morning Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced a $96 million investment, which includes $50m for track infrastructure and the rest for double-tracking between Trentham and Upper Hutt.
    He said it would help grow the region’s economy and tourism.
    Without the investment, the line would deteriorate and cause delays and disruptions for commuters, Mr Twyford said.
    “Passengers have a right to expect a safe and reliable service, and this investment will ensure the long-term future of this route.”
    Mr Twyford said the investment could have spinoffs into other investments.
    It would give the Greater Wellington Regional Council more confidence to invest in upgrading and improving the line’s rolling stock, he said.
    Work on the Wairarapa rail line was expected to start in April next year.
    “They would have the versatility to support the regional routes, as well as providing extra capacity on the Wellington services.”
    Transport Minister Phil Twyford said “the Labour-led Government was committed to developing a transport system that embraced all modes of transport. – “This includes looking at increasing investment in public transport.”
    Our Regional request; to NZ Government;
    We in HB/Gisborne also now require the same “freight and passenger services” be restored to Gisborne Napier line, so our freight and passenger services once again can be connected to “the capital connection” and all other export ports for our own “economic and wellbeing health & security” is assured for the future please.
    Below are the coverage of Bronwyn Haywood’s speech that was covered by the media to support transport changes we are supporting now with a plan to return to cleaner less carbon emitting rail freight and passenger services model.
    CEAC answer to transport emissions reductions.
    Use steel wheels with trains, and not use tyres, as one truck tyre uses 30 litres of oil to produce the tyre and a truck has from 18 to 32 tyres each truck.
    Steel wheels don’t pollute or leave black tyre dust on our ice shelves and will cause rapid melting of the ice caps.
    When black carbon tyre particles reach the ice caps this is what happens.

    Our open letter to Jacinda and her government.

  2. This is how the motor industry continues to fight change, and tries to keep diesel powered cars on the roads:

    German cities not so clean after all.

    We get IPCC reports warning us about climate change, and what needs to be done, but the reality looks ever more gloomy.

    Reluctance to change is everywhere, words are spoken, actions do not happen soon enough, and people carry on in very deluded fashion, in all developed countries, including NZ Inc..

  3. This is shocking – maybe something Mike Treen could do a post about?


    This is a huge issue for the country. Under the Natz a staggering amount of employment and immigration breaches have been tolerated or indeed encouraged.

    The poor broadband roll out alone is costing the country in lost productivity. It is very difficult to get a decent Internet service around Auckland and a lot of it is the contractors who have now shown the 97% investigated were breaching minimum employment standards!

    If the government bother to investigate further I have no doubt that there will be massive immigration scams involved and about time the government did something about it, aka sue the people involved, give the money back to victims, cancel the illegally bought about immigration visas and residencies (while making the employers give them their money back) and test workers for competence in the job instead of allowing unqualified and incompetent people to do the work and then make consumers and business pay again and again to fix it up.

    “An MBIE investigation into the industry found that 73 of the 75 Auckland-based sub-contractors investigated had breached minimum employment standards. Breaches included employers failing to maintain employment records, pay employees’ minimum wage, pay holiday entitlements, and provide employment agreements.

    E tū Communications Industry Coordinator Joe Gallagher says this is alarming, but not surprising.

    “We have known about the effect of this contracting model since they started it,” says Joe.

    “This model of contracting and sub-contracting has allowed Chorus to pass the buck, resulting in contractors exploiting their workforce to keep to budgets and schedules.

    “It has resulted in terrible outcomes for the affected workers, as well as poor delivery of services in many areas.”

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