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Dr Liz Gordon – The witch trials

By   /  October 4, 2018  /  30 Comments

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I feel sorry for Trumps, junior and senior.  Don’t laugh.  I really do.  For them, the world is now populated by #MeToo unleashed.  Unpredictable and venal women who, at the drop of a hat, will claim sexual assault in order to get what they want.  Poor Don Jr fears for his sons, in a world where women have power.

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I feel sorry for Trumps, junior and senior.  Don’t laugh.  I really do.  For them, the world is now populated by #MeToo unleashed.  Unpredictable and venal women who, at the drop of a hat, will claim sexual assault in order to get what they want.  Poor Don Jr fears for his sons, in a world where women have power.

This kind of #Backlash is common whenever women seek to gain a bit of power in the world by recounting their experiences.  Men, used to holding nearly all the power in the world, will fight on every corner to keep that.

We are only a few hundred years from a time when women were burned alive as ‘witches’, seen to have a secret power over men.  Oh bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, that witchy thing has appeared again.  And the Trumps are shaking in their boots with superstitious fear. Good grief!

But ole Don Sr has overstepped the mark by attacking Dr Ford, the person who made those allegations against Kavanaugh.  Because, while it may have played out well in the sticks, in Washington he is likely to lose some of the precious votes he needs to confirm his new Supreme Court justice.  And he may well have lost the mid-terms for the Republicans too.  He needed to keep his mouth shut and couldn’t.  Poor Don Sr.

And don’t get me started on junior, he who pays a fortune to kill large and rare animals in Africa.  He is disgusting.  If I could boil up a spell to give him warts, I would.


Dr Liz Gordon began her working life as a university lecturer at Massey and the Canterbury universities. She spent six years as an Alliance MP, before starting her own research company, Pukeko Research.  Her work is in the fields of justice, law, education and sociology (poverty and inequality). She is the president of Pillars, a charity that works for the children of prisoners, a prison volunteer, and is on the board of several other organisations. Her mission is to see New Zealand freed from the shackles of neo-liberalism before she dies (hopefully well before!).

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Spot on Liz.

    The global financial corruption fleeing ‘US federal agency charged criminal’ George Soros has been funding with over ($250 million US) “The Me too” campaign against President Trump and now against the Cavanaugh nomination in attempting to indict Donald trump and overturn his presidency.

    Funny that the ‘Washington swamp media’ Washington post and NY Times’ are not criticizing his foreign meddling in the US election campaign as actively they were over ‘Russia’s alleged meddling’ isn’t it???

    “Dirty politics” is well and alive in the US now as we saw here in NZ during our 2017 election.


  2. countryboy says:

    ” If I could boil up a spell to give him warts, I would.”

    Why would you want to do that to a poor wart?

    What many people can’t grasp, or cope with if they do, is that we’re seeing, in the Trumps, unrestrained narcissism.
    It’s that narcissism that is the corner stone of capitalism. And we all, literally and figuratively, buy into it. And if we try not to, we have the face of narcissism rammed down our throats by an all-bought-and-paid-for media.
    I got into a slanging match with a fellow working for RNZ. I wrote and told him I was aghast that what I think is a creepy, U$A multinational finance and insurance company, AIG, has their logo slap dab in the middle of the All Black’s jersey’s. I have no interest in sport per se and less than no interest in rugby but I thought that, that was an efficient way for a multi-national money fetishist company to get advertising into the amygdala’s of the unsuspecting Kiwi tax payer who pays taxes to ensure they have free to air, ad free media they rely upon to be unbiased.
    Trump, is a part of that Machine. And to expect anything else other than what he gives us from a fellow with a profound psychological disorder, that being Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD, is to expect to hear kindness, wisdom and empathy come out of paula bennett towards our most vulnerable Kiwi’s. Those same Kiwi’s who were rendered powerless and vulnerable by Trump-esque types here.
    John Minto’s Post is worth a mention at this point.
    Billy Connelly once said and I’m trying to quote:
    “ Anybody who wants to become a politician should never fuckin’ be allowed to become one. “
    There’s a crude wisdom in there. The kind I like. “There’s great beauty in simplicity”.
    Trump’s sick. Those who voted for Trump contracted his illness through the MSM who turned Trump swing voters in to ‘flying monkey’s’ to do his bidding. He openly ‘gaslights’ as well. He sneers and scoffs at anyone daring to contradict him and uses certain language defensively like ‘mad’ and ‘insane’ to cast doubt in the minds of those who have no real idea of what he’s up to and in return he demands, from them unquestioning compliance, or they’re insane, mad etc.
    His power is terrible because we have no idea what he’s up to, why he’s up to it or what he’ll do next. He’d be a very scary enemy.
    And he’s not alone on the Global political stage.
    Trump-esque types are here and now.
    Kiwi NPD types have destroyed our NZ/AO.
    Study NPD then look back over the last nine years of National party stratedgy.
    Remember jonky’s hair-tugging, for example.
    And Labour’s no different.
    What is it about Jacinda Adern and her husband parading thier baby about? Does their baby have a choice? The answer’s clearly no. Why does that make my skin crawl?
    It could just be me being sensitive.
    If I had a new born baby I’d never let the sinister masses eyeball it. God only knows what they’d be invisibly projecting into the wee beastie.

  3. Christine says:

    Seriously Liz, it was an early 20thC black American feminist – maybe Sojourner Truth – who wrote that if very woman were to tell her life story, the whole world would weep.

    True, but in today’s world and in many times passed,there are and have been people of all genders living lives of quiet desperation, when it doesn’t have to be this way. But it is.

    I have long thought that the days of white men running the world are drawing to an end, but we may be taking the whole earth down with us, when it didn’t have to be this way.But it is.

  4. Mjolnir says:

    Good analysis, Dr Gordon. Why is it that there always seems to be an outburst of defensiveness whenever women disclose sexual abuse against a prominrnt figure? And often those outbursts come from men who also rail against the sexist treatment of women in Islamic countries. It is striking that such men can’t see the contradictions in their statements.

  5. Marc says:

    Trump, finally a leader who stands up against the “victimisation of men”.

  6. Siobhan says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather stick to due process and a robust legal system before I call a man guilty. No matter how much I personally dislike the guy.
    Surely you can be a creep, and a drunk and even a ‘jock’ without necessarily being guilty of rape. Just like you can be a flirt and wear a short skirt and drink too much without being condemned as ‘asking for it’.

    Getting burnt alive on the basis of unverified testimony was wrong for ‘witches’ and it’s wrong for ‘rapists’.

    • mpledger says:

      And it will be great when there is due process and a robust legal system to deal with rape complaints. It may happen some time.

    • Snow White says:

      Any idea how many rape cases get to be reported, let alone get to court ?

      Any idea how many men know that being white, or rich, or of high status, or of privileged background, know that “due process” will likely serve them much better than their powerless victims ?

      If due process and a robust legal system worked the way you may think that they do, then I suggest that NZ would not lead the OECD in partner abuse and murder, and indeed these crimes would be a rarity in so-called civilised societies which accept the rule of law, but they are not.

    • Snow White says:

      Bit of a quantum leap here Siobhan, from witches being burnt alive to suspected rapists being burnt alive isn’t it ?

      My impression was that for some strange reason, there are US citizens who believe that where poss, the judiciary should be of high moral fibre, if poss. A bit like Caesar’s wife – or perhaps Cordelia.

      But if, as you may be suggesting, there are those who advocate suspected rapists being burnt alive, then yes, they may be guilty of a very nasty criminal offence themselves, not just of a suspected offence, and this is what can happen when the rule of law breaks down, and that can happen when presidents, and politicians, and officers of the court, become careless of due process. Things can mushroom. People can get burnt.

  7. Jays says:

    The me too movement has put paid to the long promoted idea that somehow women are more responsible with power than men.
    They clearly can be just as vindictive and manipulative as men can be given the opportunity.

    • mpledger says:

      Provide an example?

      • Jays says:

        The fact that the likes of Kevin Spacey have lost lucrative work opportunities without any semblance of charges let alone conviction.
        The women involved in me too have pecked away at any man deemed to have committed a sexual of fence like chickens at blood

        • Snow White says:

          Well Jays, it was Golda Meir who suggested protecting women by putting a curfew on men. By your reasoning, putting a curfew on men, could protect men from women.Let’s protect the poor little sausages then by putting a curfew on them, so that bad women can’t say bad things about them.Straight home from work. Microchip the lot of them so that they can feel safe and secure.Don’t forget that men just don’t rape women, they rape other men, and they rape children too.

          The only women I know attacking the Me Too movement have lead very narrow sheltered lives, or have a major psychological need for affirmation by men, and know little about what can and does happen in the real everyday world.

          I know little about Spacey, but it seems to me that he’s a big boy with the resources to take care of himself and address any injustices perpetrated against him- and to provide buffers against life’s bruises.

          Rape as a weapon of war is doubtless women’s fault too – for being born women.That’s how it is, right now.

  8. Andrew says:

    Those proven to be guilty of assault and rape of women in the USA, and here we’re talking Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and a cast of Hollywoods stars all have one thing in common:

    They’re Democrats. 😉

    Makes you think eh?

    • Snow White says:

      Sure makes me think, Andrew. I’m thinking is it easier for Republicans to get off, or not get caught ?

      Could be though that persons of particular political persuasion are more inclined to follow certain behaviour patterns, and that is interesting – and scary.

      What happens if they waka jump then ?

    • Marc says:

      What a load of BS, Andrew.

      Donating money to a party does not necessarily make you a member or convinced political supporter. We know that donations to parties are often linked to silent expectations that a government formed by a party and/or leader of a party may look favorably upon the donor, and assist their interests.

      It is a bit like bribery, perhaps, and as the Democrats had a good run for a while, some business people thought, hey, I give them some money for their campaign, that may pay off for me later.

      Such donors may do the same for the Republicans.


  9. Nick J says:

    First up Dr Liz, are there really educational standards in academia? Is not bubble bubble toil and trouble, it’s double double.

    Second, don’t feel for the Trumps, feel for your own deluded sense of outrage and injustice. Like pretty much everybody on this blog you are prepared to overlook a basic principle that keeps the individual safe from the Gestapo or NKVD types. It’s called the rule of law, innocence until proven guilty.

    Witches got burnt by the outraged mob, no fair trial. Do you really want to recreate that? Burn a judge because he is a male, regardless of any absent proof attaching to accusations? He may be a sex offender, who knows. Until proven he remains innocent.

    Victims of sexual assault need redress, urgently. I don’t know how, but the current method of demanding guilt without proof creates a backlash. It’s so self defeating as to be pointless.

  10. historian pete says:

    This reminds me of “Scum,-Society for cutting up men”.
    I was lucky enough to attend a Womens Lib meeting at the Arts Festival at Massey University in the early 1970s, with my future wife to be. I had hoped to encourage my future partner to embrace the Womens Liberation movement of which I was a member.We were regaled with the ideas of a radical feminist of the time on the theme of “cutting up men”ie Women reaching equality by destroying men. The meeting was all agog about this pathway to womens liberation.
    The result: My wife to be left the meeting with complete contempt for the movement.When I attended my next Womens Liberation meeting and attempted to suggest that this approach was counterproductive , I was closed down by shouts of “Male Chauvinist Pig”.
    There have always been women pushing hysterical counterproductive ideas about feminism. Just as there have always been men [like Trump] pushing macho aggression/militarism/patriarchy/ misogeny and greed.
    History teaches us that there is nothing new on the face of the earth!!!

  11. Iain McLean says:


    “And he may well have lost the mid-terms for the Republicans too.”

    I think you are wrong on this point and Martyn seems to agree.


    “Christine Blasey Ford is by no means how she presented herself to be.”

    Yes, Blasey-Ford is no doctor and is of the CIA.

    And this should have been headline news.!

    EPIC SLAM: Graham lambastes the Democrats during Kavanaugh hearing (Video)


    “It’s becoming clear that the Democrat Deep State (Fyi, there’s an equally powerful Republican Deep State) will not let go of this nomination until Kavanaugh is somehow prevented from ascending to the SCOTUS.”

    Their demise is near.



    Before years end?


    I agree with your article’s sentiment though.


    • Yes, Blasey-Ford is no doctor and is of the CIA.

      Do you have evidence of this, Iain?

      • Iain McLean says:


        Yes; there are many links to wade through and certainly don’t
        blame you for not reading them all.
        ( http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=104876 )

        The original source on the qualifications issue came here:

        And comes from the link:
        Former CIA Case Officer Dissects the Anatomy of the Kavanaugh Character Assassination Conspiracy

        UPDATE 28:
        Testifying under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford identified herself as a ‘psychologist,’ but records indict this is a false statement under California law. Someone at Stanford University also appears to have caught the [long-standing falsehood] and edited Ford’s faculty page.
        Records Show Dr. Ford Is Not A Licensed Psychologist, May Have Committed Perjury

        There are now 52 updates: Origin here:

        The CIA connection is self evident.

        This whole sorry affair is a classic example of why MSM
        is simply not trusted anymore.

        In many cases using the ‘pulling strings’ of emotion in
        spinning half truths, lies and outright propaganda.

        Further; all the Senators would know her background.

        The headline below did not work but URL here:

        EPIC SLAM: Graham lambastes the Democrats during Kavanaugh hearing (Video)


        Now that SHOULD have been headline news.!!



        • I read your “State of the nation” link, Iain. It contains no evidence of Ms Ford being connected to the CIA. If I missed it, please quote it – because I can’t find any.

          What there is are allegations and right-wing hyperbole, such as;

          Hence, the American people can expect to see many more shenanigans from the Left. The political bolsheviks on the ultra-liberal Left have proven that they will do ANYTHING to terminate the Kavanaugh candidacy.

          On another level, there is the exceedingly divisive wedge issue known as abortion. Herein lies the gravest threat to the cultural marxist agenda with regard to the Kavanaugh nomination.

          “When the American people begin to accept abortion so casually,
          it will inevitably inure them to all the other social ills and cultural
          sins. In other words, by socially engineering the populace to
          approve of a mother’s illicit right to outright kill her child, the
          floodgates will be opened for so many other wicked acts. People
          everywhere will be gradually desensitized to accepting many
          other vices as virtues. The human capacity to discern between
          right and wrong will be greatly undermined in the process.”

          It appears that “State of the Nation is a far-right website fixated on anti-abortion.

          If you have actual evidence please quote it. Simply providing links to far-right blogsites/propaganda doesn’t cut it. This is a “hit job” for sure, but not from the CIA. The political far-right in the US is every bit as pernicious as CIA activities throughout the world.

          So far you’ve presented zero evidence on your allegation.

            • Mjolnir says:

              Mk ultra?? Gimme a break, Pete. Thats the favourite call of JFK conspiracy theorists.

              But lets deconstruct what youre trying to say.

              The CIA is evil.

              Blasey Ford is a creature of the CIA.

              Therefore Blasey Ford is an evil creature.

              Therefore anyone who accuses Trump or one of his minions of a crime or misbehaviour is an evil creature of the CIA.

              Which is coded for disbelieving and trashing women who happen to accuse one of your political tribe of sexual abuse.

              Do you accuse Monica Lewinsky if being “of the CIA”. ?No, of course you don’t. Because she accused a DEMOCRAT president. So her testimony is acceptable to you.

              You disgust me for using abuse of women to further your own political agenda.

              • Iain McLean says:


                “You disgust me for using abuse of women to further your own political agenda.”

                It is a usual rule of the Internet not to respond to Trolls.

                I only respond (I shouldn’t) when there is inferred abuse or irrevelant accusations with such convoluted logic that even a child can
                spot it.

                I fact it seems the response of a spoiled brat.

                You haven’t read one word of that link, have you,especially given the short time it took to respond?

                I can spot you guys a mile away.

                Don’t ask me how.

                Educate yourself and do some reading for a change.


                • Iain, considering how Mjolnir phrased his response, I think he was being charitable to you. Your misogyny is readily apparent in your postings. The troubling thing is that you seem oblivious to it.

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