Look I don’t like Simon Bridges either, but….


Look, I don’t like Simon Bridges either but this hyper woke micro aggression policing of a misplaced word to insinuate an uncaring attitude towards mental health is just the most inane minutia – y’all appreciate the planet is melting & civilisation as we know it could end right?

The pettiness of what focuses the news media is the reason why we can’t have any actual debate on the real issues.

Look at the bullshit the media have salivated over in their sad and tedious attempt at a ‘Gower Gotcha’ cheap shot journalism…

The PM hired a photographer to take photos of her at the UN

Anything to do with Don Bloody Brash

Endless inquiries into something Wally Haunaha said in private 16 years ago.

A dispute between a former Minister and her incompetent press secretary that no one else witnessed.

Jacinda and her extra flight to Nauru for her baby blah blah blah.

This is my personal favourite (despite being an overseas story)…

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…all of this is bullshit – we have a suicide rate out of control, homelessness still peaking, poverty is still a plague, the housing crisis is going no where and an existential threat to the entire species from climate change that will make all of this pale into insignificance.

This is bread and circuses with no dough and too many clowns.


  1. Yeah… that clapping thing. Terrifying shit. I can’t be in the same room as a round of applause for fear of soiling myself and lapsing into a coma.

    Face it. The human race is doomed to asphyxiate beneath the weight of its own stupidity.

  2. Sure – I mean we’ve all been at concerts where people clap, or spontaneous applause breaks out at something brilliant, whereupon the
    audience panics and runs amok hyperventilating, and what about those dramatic plane landings where everyone claps the captain – it could make him crash- make him anxious instead of feel good as he should.

    A glorious opera followed by the sound of silence ? This is quite controlling social manipulation- anyone with half a brain knows to avoid anxiety-inducing situations – implying that all Manchester Univ students are mentally vulnerable is plain nuts, but maybe this is how society unravels – whimper whimper – not with a bang – with little whimpers.

  3. Sorry but I don’t think to clap have such a bad effect on anyone. There are many other kinds of sound pollutions and we are focusing on claps….sorry but I do not agree with you.

    • There are massive sound pollutions,Kent. I have industrial headphones which I wear indoors to block neighbor’s noises, but they don’t work for all noise, unfortunately.

      Clapping, in our culture, is often a joyous response to something happifying, an emotional outlet which we may actually need to have.Children do it spontaneously, and clapping can elevate mood as an inter-active process with the clapped.

      There are peculiar goings-on in universities.Manchester bans clapping. Massey stops its politics club hearing speakers whose views differ from the comptrollers. Otago’s proctor illegally enters student flats and illegally removes their smoking gear. The vice-chancellor of Victoria Univ wants it’s foundation name changed to a trite alternative when it may be simpler just to change the vice-chancellor. Auckland, I think, docked academics pay for holding a strike-type meeting during their lunch break.

      Chesterton clapped and interjected during sermons at the Brompton Oratory, but I daresay he would now be banned at Manchester University.

      What next ?

    • Looks like another film where I might have to keep closing my eyes Wild Katipo, while I ask myself, What is the sound of one of hand clapping ?

      Sometimes I clap in any empty room at a You Tube treat. Both hands. Anxious now about what anxiety I am inflicting on myself or on the room or on my second hand. This is all Manchester University’s fault – and in another year’s time our little ones may be coming home from pre-school informing their parents that clapping is bad – as the world goes slightly mad.

      Absence of the clap may make it onto NZ First’s list of NZ values…

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