Young Greens highlight Marama’s train wreck AM Show interview was far worse


The Youth wing of the NZ Green movement have inadvertently highlighted that Marama’s train wreck AM Show interview where she looked like the Greens hadn’t costed their welfare announcement was actually worse than you thought.

It turns out the Greens have costed their welfare policy, it’s just Marama ‘forgot’ them

Jesus wept, is there any possible way that the co-leader of the Greens could be properly briefed correctly before she fronts news interviews at all?

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  1. Is it that the Green Party feel that media management is a silly pointless nice to have?

    Or is Davidson simply not listening to her advisers?

    And is Shaw, who watches over these self inflicted floggings on a near monthly basis but does nothing, fit to be leader also?

    How can any organisation, much less a political party be this stupid? They are making Claire Curran look like Winston Churchill!

    The Greens are on a direct trajectory to burn up in the the next election if nothing changes!

    • Agree with you XRAY 100%. Greens seem to be coming across these days as being on a self destructive road.

      I have been an Alliance /Green supporter since the 1990’s, right up to the last election. However I’m having great doubts about the Greens now, particularly after the appalling interview yesterday. Not just that, but the Greens whole performance so far this term has left a lot to be desired.

      For a co leader after yesterday’s very poor interview, Marama proved she is totally unsuitable for any form of leadership, let alone co leader of a political party! James Shaw and/or their adviser should have made sure Marama was well prepared and equipped for this interview, which she obviously was not.

      The party seemed to have lost it’s grunt and purpose for being, since Russel Norman and Metiria Turei left.

      Natz is welcome to the Greens as far as I’m concerned, considering it made overtures to the party prior to the coalition being announced!

  2. Hard work, discipline, tenacity, patience, courage, wisdom, self-awareness, reliability, kindness, focus and honesty are just some of the virtues that can create value.

    There’s too much emphasis on how to create an idea, or how to raise money, or marketing techniques or hiring the right people or expanding your network. That is, the techniques. There’s a place for techniques, but they’re really only useful once you have virtue.

    Too many people want techniques without virtue. They’re the chess player looking to learn more openings while having terrible tactics and endgame. They’re the cricket bowler looking to learn how to throw a spin ball without being able to throw straight.

    Work on your virtues and the rest comes much more naturally. Perhaps you’ll reform welfare, perhaps you won’t. What’s certain is that if you do create value the right way and create upward mobility, that will be a lot more satisfying and fulfilling than doing so another way.

  3. Throwing more money at a broken system is ridiculous. The Greens have a proven track record of being ineffective .. #TimesUp

    Ever since Marama’s flotilla attempt I’ve said she was useless .. very ignorant woman IMO. As for the other Green MPs, they are pretty useless too. At least NZ First is giving us Kiwis value for money.

    Winston Peters, Tracey Martin, Shane Jones and even Ron Mark – love them or hate them, they are ALL reasonably competent. I cannot say the same for the Green MPs. James Shaw is summed up in one word – pathetic!

    TOP are a much better alternative.

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