Evidence that Methcon advised Housing NZ on their deeply flawed meth hysteria


The horror of the meth hysteria is still being uncovered.

The $120 million wasted on decontamination.

The 2400 state tenants thrown onto the streets at the height of a housing and homelessness crisis.

The demonisation of state tenants by National to sell state housing privatisation.

The mainstream media gleefully bashing dirty filthy beneficiaries to sell newspapers.

The fact state tenants had to have all their possessions destroyed because of the so called ‘contamination’.

The tens of thousands of dollars in debt HNZ forced upon state tenants in the flawed Tenancy Tribunal and the open question of how many children were stolen from state tenants by state services because of meth hysteria.

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What we don’t know however is how much influence Mike Sabin’s Methcon had over setting the failed standards Housing NZ used.

Mike Sabin was the ex cop National Party MP who had to suddenly and magically resign, he set up  Methcon, the company who helped fuel the meth hysteria scam.

To date Housing NZ have refused to tell the public if Methcon had any hand in setting the flawed standards, and they are currently subject to a dozen OIAs from various groups trying to get to the bottom of this, what we have found out however is a 2010 news story where Methcon boasted about having Housing NZ as a client…

MethCon runs sessions on how to identify P labs for a range of people including Housing New Zealand tenancy managers, midwives, Plunket nurses and rural GPs. The group has educated thousands since it was established four years ago.

…Housing NZ are desperately trying to hide how much influence Methcon had over their policy, with OIAs lodged, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, Phil Twyford should front foot this before it becomes made public.



  1. Where is HNZs paper trail? its seems some one has feathered their own nests at the expense of too many people being evicted and homeless and we have no accountability once again.

  2. well done Martyn, this is a story to excavate for sure…

    the public service is a rats nest of neo lib holdouts, and not just the top echelons either, happy to milk the salaries while undermining public services and infrastructure behind the scenes, and enabled to the hilt unfortunately by the PSA!

  3. please, please, please let heads roll over this one.
    So many lives disrupted to line the pockets of a few.
    Any justice left in this land?

  4. Keep up this important work. Deconstructing the myths is an important step in making media more truthful and accountable. You’re work is more important than you know.

  5. RNZ is pathetic compared with this investigative journalism…little poodles of the Nactional jonkey government

    …how much money did MethCon make out of this misery?

    (btw MetCon is aptly named …a pack of cons that made millions out of the NZ taxpayer and NZs most vulnerable and homeless)

  6. There is a truckload of shit to come out on this. If Sabin was running Methcon while he was a MP, thats a clear, undeclared conflict of interest.

    But, that’s not why he resigned as a MP or so I heard.

    [On this point, please do not be posting hearsay and innendo as to why Sabin resigned from Parliament. As well as being actionable it is gutter-level rumour-mongering which TDB will not tolerate. Anyone breaking this restriction will earn a very long vacation from this Forum. – Scarletmod]

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