Mark Richardson accidentally criticises NewsHub’s ‘Gower Gotcha’ journalism on The AM Show and it’s glorious


I actually like Mark Richardson, sometimes he will blurt something out that is remarkably stupid and sometimes he mainlines the truth of the Universe, this morning on the The AM Show he accidentally did the latter.

I have always argued with left wing MPs and progressive power players that you avoid The Nation and The AM Show like the plague. Yes, you turn up on The Project because they have all the intellectual rigour of a kids version of 7 Days  and you if can make Jessie cry you lead the news cycle for 24 hours, but you avoid The Nation and The AM Show because both of those political vehicles are governed by the ‘Gower Gotcha’ school of political journalism.

The Nation and The AM Show have pathetic and tiny audiences and both shows are structured to elicit a ‘Gower Gotcha’ which is a string of leading questions aimed specifically at tripping up the poor fool who is stupid enough to appear on them so that the 6pm news (when NewsHub has a reasonable sized audience)  can then manufacture a screamingly hysterical headline for Tova O’Brien to construct and sell.

So what you end up with is appearing on TV3 shows that have no audience to influence while getting trapped in a ‘Gower Gotcha’ (trade marks pending) which then gets hyped on the 6pm news when TV3 has a real audience.  RNZ and TVNZs political show offerings are far more valuable to appear on because while the questions are tough, they are fair and they also have audience numbers far in excess of The Nation and The AM Show.

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This morning Mark Richardson brilliantly attacked the ‘Gower Gotcha’ by acknowledging that was exactly what The AM Show does. He was laughing at Duncan Garner who was attempting to do a ‘GG’ with the ever reasonable and intelligent Allan Johnson from the Salvation Army who was commenting on the disgusting meth hysteria scandal. Richardson blurts out after the news headlines which immediately attempted to take something Allan said and twist it into a screaming top of the hour news headline with something along the lines of, “I hate you media because you always take something someone says and try to make it into a big issue’ – the look of glaring death Duncan Garner gives Richardson after he says this is my top media award nomination for truth in NZ journalism 2018.

It’s very fucking funny.


  1. As and aside, I now watch T.V. One news. Why? Because Tova O’Brien is on Three. What an uncontrolled hysterical right wing gotcha political reporter she is. All we wish for is just an ounce of balance. You come across like you’ve just taken “P”

  2. Very surprised you actually watch this garbage. I tend to disagree with your thinking that our MSN is right wing. I think most of our MSN is as PC as it gets, especially TVNZ, Mediaworks & RNZ.

    Neo-liberalism, which is often described as being as right wing as Attila the Hun, has it’s roots in classical liberalism. It’s difficult to see the wood form the trees in this regard; but liberalism is liberalism & we live in a globalised world which has been created by an unholy alliance between old & new liberals. John Key is a classical example of this liberal elite which was why he survived so long & left at the top of his game; he was comfortable in both the PC progresive social liberal & hard nosed economic liberal worlds, as are the majority of mainstream Kiwis.

    The lines between these worlds is very blurry which partly explains why those on the left are really struggling to find there place in today’s polarising (so called) culture wars.

    The PC advertising industry is a really good example of this unholy alliance at work. The symbols & imagery it uses to sell us stuff promotes all aspects of our socially liberal, multicultural, consume driven society; while at the same time it encourages individualism, greed, envy & competitiveness, which only serve to frustrate by raising personal & materialistic expectations.

    This industry, which keeps the MSM afloat, is really a demoralising, unhealthy & mind numbing propaganda tool used by the liberal elite to further their globalisation agenda.

    If we took steps to ban the negative, soul destroying messaging & developed new messaging that promoted a more visionary, cooperative, sustainable, localised & life affirming world view, then the fundamentals & values that underpin our materialistic, exploitative, unsustainable & globalised way of life would begin to change.

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