Political Caption Competition


James: Fumble, mumble, fumble.
Jacinda: I fucking told you that you weren’t allowed to speak in front of the adults!
Winston: I don’t even let him make direct eye contact with me. You’re sure Marama is tied up somewhere in the basement & is gagged right?


  1. James: “Help, there be demogorgons!”
    Jacinda: “Hmm, that would be because you banished yourself to the upside-down, James. You chose to play dungeons and dragons. Now live with it, buddy!”
    Winston: “la de da de da! haha! I know nothing (wink, gaffuw)”

  2. One of those three people was in the thick of the wine box inquiry, was photographed having a social moment outside an Auckland cafe with don brash, and is a lawyer.
    Can you spot that person?

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