The Woke are good at hating Winston, not so good at counting

By   /   September 14, 2018  /   22 Comments

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Brothers and sisters, we may feel pissed that we aren’t getting some progressive ideas past, but not nearly as pissed as NZ First are at the utter lack of effort to roll back neoliberalism by the Greens and Labour.

The Woke be angry at Winston…

…and over at the Millennial Blog that avocados built, Captain Woke of Wellington, Danyl Mclauchlan is not happy with Winston either.

The Woke be angry at Winnie, but the Woke aren’t very good at counting.

NZ First, after the total meltdown of the Greens, was the price of getting rid of National and without NZ First, we were staring down the barrel of a fourth term of those arseholes.

Exactly what are the Woke suggesting? Where exactly are we going to pick up the extra votes to get to the 51% democratic majority? Action Station and Spinoff TV launching their own political party? If it rates as well as their TV show, we would be handing votes back to ACT!

The Woke who spend their energy screaming ‘We’re different and you’re wrong’ aren’t exactly the best recruiters and in fact it could be argued that the Woke are alienating more voters than they are winning over.

Marama’s crusade to reclaim the ‘C’ word had me rolling my eyes so far back into my head I ended up staring at the back arse of my own brain.

Brothers and sisters, we may feel pissed that we aren’t getting some progressive ideas past, but not nearly as pissed as NZ First are at the utter lack of effort to roll back neoliberalism by the Greens and Labour.

Here is fucking Chippy shepherding in the next attack by neoliberalism…

A public business, not a public service
Yet again, the neoliberal wrecking ball is swinging through New Zealand’s public service, fronted, alas, by Chris Hipkins whose laudable attempt (launched last February) to clean up the mess created by the State Sector Act 1988 has been captured by the high-paid top brass of the 1988-model state sector.

The result, released as a “consultation document” (available online here), boils down to a recipe for making matters worse.

Stripped of the glossy photos and spin-doctored rhetoric, the big central idea is to mount yet another attack on the venerable model of a stable career public service, organised into departments of state which took ownership of vital areas of policy and service to the public, and reported each year on their stewardship of that role to the people in plain-English narratives.

as Chris Trotter points out in his brilliant blog today, NZ First will give on progressive issues if they see Labour and the Greens rolling back neoliberalism, and to date the Greens are too market worshipping and Labour too ideologically  frightened to engage in that economic debate.

There certainly are communication issues inside Labour and NZ First, and Labour could iron those out if they utilised Willie Jackson more and put him in charge of communicating Labour’s needs directly  to Winston and Winston would find a far better ally in getting Labour to walk away from neoliberalism, but we must not allow the Woke’s perfect defeat the good as it is their Pure Temple approach to politics as opposed to Labour’s Broad Church that is eroding the democratic majority vote share, not building it.


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  1. Castro says:

    1. The “Woke” are not actually “Woke” at all. 2. The “Woke” are thick as pig shit (pardon my French).

  2. RED BUZZARD says:

    Whatever their neolib failings it is still better than the devastating nine years of Nactional Government under Jonkey

    However as a former Green I would vote NZF on the 1080 issue only . NZF would ban 1080. 1080 is a neolib disaster . Poisoning our land and invertebrates and birds and people , instead of providing work for our young people trapping possums. Eventually 1080 will destroy our ecotourism industry.

    NZF is the only real environmentalist green party supported by the real green New Zealanders on the ground…the outdoors environmentalists, hunters, fishers , farmers with multiple empirical evidence of the poisoning and death of New Zealand.

    The Green Party is an effete group of ambitious w..kers

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% correct RB

      NZ First are the ‘environmental party’.

      Winston advocated during the election to use rail and to use wool carpeting in all Government buildings toi support farmers as they reduce Cows.

      Greens have never mentioned increasing wool use????

      Wool is the global gold standard for insulation against the “cold damp homes” and Greens only ever encouraged using fibre bat, or polystyrene insulation and these are all made from petroleum products!!!!!!!!!

      Green Party; – please learn ‘chemistry’ and ‘chemical composition’ firstly please.

    • Johnnybg says:

      Hence radical green + radical nationalism = a radical green nationalist movement which aims to bring about the establishment of a broad based National unity/salvation government.

    • Debsisdead says:

      lesser evilism never delivers anything but evil.
      I still have to fly to Auckland a few times a year and it sickens me to see so many decent human beings forced to live on the streets; right in front of chinless wankers driving a soon to be obscelent motor vehicle that cost more than a couple of comfortable homes. In my home country.
      I know that even my worthless father who considered himself a conservative would baulk at such sights in Aotearoa if he were still alive to witness the inevitable result Holyoakism and Muldoonism.

      So many kiwis seem to be totally unaware how low Aotearoa has sunk.
      If I mention the awful sight of people on queen st begging, many Aucklanders who I had always considered to be fairly decent humans, immediately retort with some tale about how their friend’s brother-in-law had a sister who met a bloke once and he lived next door to one of these beggars who had a nice house out in Mt Roskill (or somewhere equally apocryphal) and he drove into town at sparrow fart, parked his car in his peronal space, then got down to his begging beat.

      So much total nonsense that last time I was there I grabbed one of these fools and made him walk through town at 4.ooam with me. Every doorway, bus shelter niche etc, had some poor bugger huddled up trying to get their 8 hours in.
      If anything the numbers of homeless have gotten bigger since the current shower of shitbags won office.
      They have no universally formulated and supported strategy to deal with anything.

      They may indeed be slightly more well meaning than the natz were but that isn’t exactly a huge achievement, now is it? The thing is though, there is no leadership from cabinet, everyone seems to be heading off in their own direction riding whatever particular hobby-horse suits them.

      Like so many ersatz left administrations before them, the only time they ever unite is when it is time to squash any idea that is to the left of them. THEY are the left everyone who is ‘aleftist’ of whatever ilk must support this worthless coalition otherwise they are sellouts, shills or trolls.

      So the ratchet of poverty enabled by nastiness, tightens its noose around the neck of every Aotearoa citizen who has rated living in a decent world ahead of scrabbling to grab everything possible for me. me, me.

      YUK WTF happened?

  3. RED BUZZARD says:

    the Green MPs were treacherous to their voters and and waka jumpers as a Party by giving their question time to neolib Nactional

    …the Greens at the moment are a neoliberal supporting party…if not neoliberals themselves

    …and how many of them have actually seen a kea or been a tramper ?

  4. Aaron says:

    Neoliberalism will not be removed while Labour stays in it’s current form. End of Story

    Sometimes I wish Don Brash had made it into power, trashed the country really well and in the process also created an uprising that would have thrown every neoliberal party out of parliament. We’d be well on our way out of the mess by now.

    The biggest problem NZ First will face is that it will be them portrayed as running out on the coalition and not Labour.

    This nonsense won’t stop until the people get active.

  5. Rickoshay says:

    Divide and Conquer has worked for 3000 years why stop now

  6. LOLBAGZ says:

    quasi plans by pseudo leadership just treading water

  7. countryboy says:

    Firstly, let me just say I’m no ‘woke left’ what ever the fuck that hokey term means?
    Secondly, and having said that, I personally don’t ‘hate’ winston peters. I just do not trust the bugger one single nano meter. I remember the wine box inquires very well. I can remember the swirling cesspit of greedy grab-all’s that saw neo liberalism excreted onto our hearths and into our homes.

    Finally. I loath the banksters. They are the Problem. They are what exerts terrible pressure on our society and They are why people live in gutters, in cars and get sick because our whanau/brothers and sisters can’t afford to heat their homes and eat well.
    The Banks must go. Immediately. Today. If you’re so inclined? They are who you must wage war against.

    Please read this.
    Any wage increase will eventually go to them.
    Any destructive influence experienced by us within our society will come from The Banks.
    Any bail-outs the banksters will almost certainly enjoy will be at the expense of YOUR standard of living, while THEY run for it even $-better off than they were in the beginning.
    Our enemy is the Banks.

    You have been warned.
    This, from

    “Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the collapse of 2008 and things are much, much worse”

    “Big banks post-2008 could now borrow much more cheaply than smaller ones, because lenders no longer worried about them going out of business. Some studies describe this “implicit guarantee” as a subsidy worth billions a year. ”

    Some of you will be terrified by the spectre of not being able to pay your mortgages. Don’t. Don’t pay the mortgage. And when they turn up to evict you from the debt tomb they sold you out into AFTER they artificially inflated the values of it to turn you into a polite slave to them, meet them with an army. And drive the scum into the ocean.
    They would do that to you in a heart beat. Never forget that as you rage!

  8. Johnnybg says:

    Only little ole sleepy sheepy Kiwiland would tolerate the self serving behaviour of a little emperor like Peters. His sway over the governance of our nation is way out of proportion to the percentage of votes that his party received. This is nothing short of criminal. In France or Italy he wouldn’t last five minutes & in many Asian, African & South American nations he’d be hung, drawn & quartered. My hope is that like Samson before him, he pulls the whole liberal infested temple down around him & never see the light of day again.

    • mikesh says:

      It is not just NZ First that doesn’t support certain Labour proposals, but also the entire National Party. Are we going to call Simon Bridges a “little emperor” because of that.

  9. sumsuch says:

    Yes, that was what Winnie was centrally about, the roll-back of neo-liberalism. Dim of me not to realise.

    I appreciate his flourishes, which Labour has never risen to, but, oh, the diversions, oft hateful to minorities.

    • mikesh says:

      It is not just NZ First that doesn’t support certain Labour proposals, but also the entire National Party. Are going to call Simon Bridges a “little emperor” too.

  10. saveNZ says:

    The sad thing is that the Natz are worse and somehow the centre left block seem to have all the same ideas as the Natz but just a lighter application.

    Greens and NZ First are especially disappointing but only because most people remember Labour betraying the people during Rogernomics.

    The 3rd way Labour meets woke left meets 1% meets the Natz is the crap idea that the world’s businesses harvest all the resources from around the world, shit on the local people to obtain the lowest possible price (even free like water) and then the 1% wealthy class sell those resources, through fat cat executives running organisations and often hiding those behind multinational corporations often in tax friendly locations, under various free trade agreements 1000’s pages long with their own little Kangaroo court for disputes.

    Now the new idea taking over from outsourcing of the 1990’s is to actually move the cheap labour rather than the goods. AKA moving the cheaper workers themselves into the new country to harvest resources and lower wages in the west for the multinational businesses to profit further or to buy up assets like housing as investments while the locals who pay the taxes can’t afford one…. It’s a win win especially when you drive more locals into the ground with higher taxes to pay for the increases needed for more hospitals and schools and roads…

    Then governments ringing hands about the resulting inequality, social disruption and debt that brings to the west. NZ First should never have supported TPPA and if the Greens stopped being so woke left/worried about cunts/WOF in a country where the issue is people don’t actually have a house to live in and they ain’t getting one at $500,000 for a 1 bedroom on wages of $20p/h that they could lose at any time.

    Locals don’t have decent working conditions in NZ because there has been a deliberate campaign to get in hundreds of thousands of cheaper workers through various visas and residency schemes, so no need for NZ business to worry about improving quality or productivity as the government will just keep providing them with the worker Ponzi.

    Neoliberalism is a wonderful idea, if you don’t believe in society, don’t believe in democracy, don’t believe in culture, think a health and welfare system is a waste of time, locals should pick up the tab for offshore families health and education rather than their sponsor, half the population aka women are inferior and culturally treated as second class citizens.

    We have yet to see the woke left championing dissidents for example from China to come to NZ, the same way they lobby for the liquor King and Subway workers here with fake paperwork to get an amnesty, or think using crap educational courses to lure people into NZ with middle men making massive profits is ok, in fact encourage them by not closing the loopholes or putting the middlemen in prison, or it’s fine to come to NZ as a rich prick developer and get concurrent women pregnant as some sort of concubine operation and no doubt use the kids as collateral to help the visa’s along…

    Or not notice the rise of media like Fuckoff TV, I mean Spinoff TV, lobby groups like Gen Z etc whose main function seems to be support of development and immigration to keep housing demand and prices high, while at the same time wringing hands in public about “affordable’ housing. Weird no wringing now the new apartments can be bought by investors from Singapore, (obviously the rest of the world can already buy everything else NZ owns)… no word on the driving up prices from the demand side…

    Or how some of the worlds least production countries have the highest migration levels and the highest house prices leading to unstable housing.

    NZ house prices most overvalued in world, behind only Hong Kong: report

    Work visas for shop managers

    Two improbable outposts

    A lot of issues in NZ could be halted virtually overnight by stopping all the routs in NZ around migration propping up neoliberalism, but will they take it, or will be see Phil Twyfords beaming face as another cheap house gets demolished and a row of gleaming apartments popping up years (possibly decades) later that increasingly the middle class who work in NZ can’t afford (hence the reason for ‘permanent’ residence able to buy them which can be obtained with just 2 years of living in NZ under their belts)… So generous of Kiwis to live in tents miles away and pay the petrol taxes to support this approach.

    • Hernamewasmad says:

      One of the main people at Generation Zero at Victoria University about 5 years ago worked for the Police.

  11. Judy says:

    Funny side fact….

    Interesting that the author of that hate article against Winston in the Washington Post Ben Mack turns out to be a Christian anti-communist funded by and connected to Ally Portee who works for the anti-communist Organization of American States (OAS):


    How the hell did this weird American with a political agenda get such a prominent job in journalism in NZ?

    SO weird.

    • Odd People says:

      Since the fall of communism and before really the OAS has really been an anti-Russia block funded by the US and run out of Washington.

      Mr Peters had his reported Russian connections taken very seriously by the US apparently.

      We should be looking sideways at the Washington Post and this strange character Ben Mack who went from journalism student to running a whole lot of concerns including setting up a mouthpiece for Lizzie Marvelly… it’s all looking rather “odd”, people, in retrospect.

  12. Ngungukai says:

    NZF only Party that wants 1080 looked at, even Eugene Sage and the Greens are pro 1080 ?

    • Mjolnir says:

      Why look at 1080? Shouldn’t you be looking at what is killing our birdlife and stripping our forests? (Clue, rats, stoats, possums. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention.)

  13. Zack Brando says:

    Using the term; “The Woke” once might .. might be ok — but the repeated use of this meaningless, abstract term is disturbing. Grow up and do some real journalism [which I know you can], you’re embarrassing yourself.

  14. Tooth says:

    The woke left and the bro liberal agenda dovetail nicely. Like Hilary Clinton you can be a feminist even while bombing women and children according the woke left.

    The spinoff is a good example of a commercial magazine that pushes a non-threatening (to industry) agenda which also encourages social policing and surveillance under the guise of “safety”.

    PwC funds Influencer Alison Mau’s racket. It’s easy to see how some weird confabulation of a person like Ben Mack, who a poster referred to above, could come about, promoting “leftism” while actually being a reactionary ant-communist (read anti-Russia).

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