Hey there average NZer – angry about a prisoner being paid $10000 compensation? Here’s a REALLY easy way to not get angry…

By   /   September 12, 2018  /   2 Comments

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Come on sleepy hobbits, even we can get this one! 

Hey there average NZer – angry about a prisoner being paid $10 000 in compensation?

Convicted murderer awarded $10k for human rights breach
A convicted murderer has received a $10,000 government payout after he was held too long in solitary confinement at an Auckland prison.

…want to know how you can not get angry about paying prisoners compensation? Why how about ensuring that our corrections industry don’t torture NZ prisoners?

John Vogel has been awarded the payout after the UN Committee Against Torture ruled his rights were breached after he was confined to a cell for 21 days – six days longer than legally allowed.

…I love how this had to go to the UN to get paid out because the NZ Prison Industry was too embarrassed by their torture of this prisoner to do the right thing and just compensate him.

Don’t be the kind of fuckwit who now screams ‘what about his victims’, that’s the sort of counter claim an unthinking dickhead who has been caught out being an unthinking dickhead  would scramble to attempt.

You can’t torture prisoners, and if you do torture prisoners, you have to compensate them. I appreciate this is a difficult thing for NZers who have been brainwashed by mainstream media crime porn which is framed in a way to always make you angry, but it’s real simple folks.

No torture = no compensation.

Come on sleepy hobbits, even we can get this one!

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  1. Tom Gardner says:

    OK, no comments after a couple of days, so let me put one:

    (1) I admit to being the “kind of fuckwit who now screams ‘what about his victims’ “.

    (2) If the UN now defines an extra week in solitary as “torture”, then the UN needs to redefine itself.

    (3) I support the person interviewed who hoped that he will not see $1 of the $10,000

    (4) If I can’t “get this one”, I suppose I must accept the label of “sleepy hobbit”.

  2. Rosemary McDonald says:

    Well done, Tom.

    I’d add,

    5. Mr. Ellis makes (another) specious argument when he compares a request by a criminal to an extended period of solitary confinement to deal with addiction issues to a request from a similar person for the death penalty. The real shock is that this argument was accepted.

    Violent murderer gets what he asks for then claims to have been tortured?

    Martyn will be preparing his post for when the serial rapists get their compensation.

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