Jacinda, MFAT and the Nauru omnishambles highlights the terror China has caused

By   /   September 6, 2018  /   9 Comments

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MFAT played this new Government over the TPPA and they played them at Nauru, Jacinda and Winston should demand explanations as to how and why this became a fiasco.

An $80 000 lullaby 

What a fucking omnishambles.

If you needed a better example of how utterly captured this new Government is at the hands of MFAT, look no further than this colossal turd of an event.

The ridiculous tantrum over Jacinda’s extra flight, the quarrelling over refugees between Winston and Jacinda, the gutless and spineless capitulation to authoritarian Nauru and brutal Australia over their immoral detention camps, the impotence over Barbara Dreaver’s arrest – on and on it bloody went.

What happened?

Bloody MFAT happened.

Crossed wires, deliberate repression of genuine dissent and officials running their own agendas, the real motive behind the scenes was the concerted effort to counter the Chinese and the agreement of cyber surveillance was the goal.

Everything else was forced to one side so that unity against China was the real achievement. No criticism of Australia’s disgusting refugee policy, no criticism of Nauru’s authoritarianism, no embarrassing Australia by announcing an increase in refugees – all unity, all smiles.

All to push a private anti-China security line.

MFAT played this new Government over the TPPA and they played them at Nauru, Jacinda and Winston should demand explanations as to how and why this became a fiasco.

Who is actually leading the agenda here? MFAT, the GCSB or Canberra because it sure as hell wasn’t the NZ Government.

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  1. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    is the world going to end tomorrow?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Depends who you ask. Tokelau people would say yeah. There’s probably scores of out of the way atolls that imperial powers have just shat on and we just lick it all up like a good little puppy dog.

  2. mikie says:

    Good . China is the main threat so it is good that these”leaders” are finally waking up

  3. XRAY says:

    Not the most organised of coalitions, is it?

    Why can Winston and Jacinda not just sit down and discuss what is agreed to and what is not? No, far better to blindside each other in public, great look team! The refugee quota debacle is clear evidence no one is talking to each other.

    Same with the 3 Strikes fiasco, no one knew what NZ First was thinking! Or was there cold feet, who knows?

    Shane Jones firing off lazy, almost meaningless snipes to all and sundry, no plan to do anything about his latest target, just lazy as quips, fuck, what a joke, a bad joke. He’s as useless as he is non productive.

    And with Claire Curran self imploding and her boss a spectator like the rest of us rather than putting her out of her misery, it’s hard to be inspired, much less hopeful!

    And who could possibly predict what idiotic thing the Greens WILL come out with next?

    Review time Labour, seriously!

  4. LOLBAGZ says:

    Very nice Martyn. You’re looking the thing in the eye now, it’s that spectral octopus I was describing, it’s coiled up under that thalassocratic pentarchy. I also call it The Usurper. It has naughty tendencies

  5. Win says:

    All 3 entities are the threat. Along with the CIA sponsored NZ news media. The public service and their CEOs have always worked to support neo-liberalism/conservatism. Pacific countries, including NZ, are captured because of their vassal state status to the US. None of their govts will not do anything to upset the Western masters, whoops I mean allies. We’re ‘highly likely’ to do or say whatever we are told based on Ardern’s ‘leadership.’ Hopefully Baby Neve’s public endearment will soon run out and we’ll all wake up.

  6. Tiger Mountain says:

    the problem with a government that is “feel good” on some levels, bringing much needed reforms for anything that moves really, is the structural elements of Neo Liberalism remain–Reserve Bank Act, SOEs, free in and out flow of capital, support for CPTPP etc.

    and if there is anyone in the govt caucus with a vaguely class analysis, let alone a marxist one, it would be news for the ages! so activists and unionists need to pay more attention to people they know in and around the govt. every little helps push back against the “coots in suits” that Martyn has well fingered

  7. saveNZ says:

    Not the only thing the government has been played on.

    Wasn’t foreign ownership one of the non negotiable’s for the TPPA for Labour aka no foreigner’s buying up property here… oops

    “On 14 August, the Government passed the Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 which bans the sale of existing homes to non-residents as a means of easing the housing shortage in New Zealand. Australians and Singaporean nationals were made exempt from this ban due to free trade rules. The Bill was supported by Labour and its coalition partners New Zealand First and the Greens but was opposed by the opposition National and ACT parties. It passed its third reading on 14 August by 63 votes to 57 votes.[56][57][58][59]”


    btw, it’s the apartments that are supposed to be the ‘affordable’ options for low income Kiwis. Weird there are so many apartments cost nearly 1 million now??? Go figure… Our tax money is spent on helping the corporations building the luxury apartments on paying for their infrastructure while then spending more money on so called affordable apartments miles out of the city, with 2/3 of state house land sold off.

    Also one of the reasons we have all our property being bought up by Chinese is because in the free Chinese trade deal the Chinese are allowed to buy NZ land but Kiwis and Chinese are not allowed to buy Chinese land. The government could have challenged it, but too gutless to get a fair deal for it’s citizens born here. So guess what 1.42 billion Chinese people can buy land/assets/farms/new builds here… we have 3.5 million people who live here… not only that the new interest of 1.42 billion people from India settling here but often on wages so low that they are virtually supported by Kiwi taxpayers… helps those corps who want cheaper labour though

    the result will NZ will be totally owned by overseas interests because our government does not see the future.. nearly 6 million people in Singapore… in OZ they can buy their own land so free trade has not been so much of an issue, but Chinese can’t buy their own land and Singapore has little to zero land to buy… so NZ is a way to diversify

    Our government and other’s don’t need worry about Chinese control in Pacific in a few years the population demographics by our lax permanent residency laws and financial power will be so much in Chinese/Asian hands that we really will be Asia in the Pacific.

    That’s not the fault of the migrants coming here, but our government that is allowing the power transfer to happen because they are too gutless and lazy to do anything else and happy to be sung lullabies by MFAT and other neoliberals that ‘it’ll be ok”…

  8. Andrew says:

    Sure it was Martyn!

    This was totally an own-goal by Jacinda because she didn’t even need to attend the meeting.

    This is the beginning of the end of this government and her in particular. It’s all downhill from here.

    Who’d have thought one month of work experience in a fish & chip shop wouldn’t prepare her for the PM role? 😉

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