Nothing will derail Justice reform like the Woke Left



Mother of murdered Christchurch 3-year-old slams Government’s criminal justice summit
The mother of a murdered three-year-old girl said she could not hold back the tears after hearing about a Māori woman saying Europeans could not know what it was like to be victims of crime at the Government’s criminal justice summit.

In 1997 Luke Frederick Sibley – then 18 – suffocated and strangled Brittany Crothall, 3, while she slept at her home in New Brighton, Christchurch.

He then entered the bedroom of the toddler’s mother, Jayne Crothall, and attacked her with a hammer and a knife.

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Crothall said Brittany, who was part Māori, would have turned 25 on Wednesday making the underlying prejudice all the more painful to hear.

She said another victim – whose sister was murdered – was told she was “white and privileged” – both messages leaving Crothall in tears and her blood boiling on day one of the summit in Porirua on Tuesday.

Fresh from mutilating the free speech debate, martyring Don Brash and promoting crypto-fascists, the Woke Left descended upon the recent Justice Summit with all the nuance of a grenade going off in a kindergarten.

Telling the mother of her murdered child that she couldn’t understand being a victim of crime because she’s European and shitting all over their grief by claiming they are white and privileged is as inane as dancing around proclaiming all prisons will be closed by 2040.

This chap who enjoys raping old woman will need to go to prison in 2040 as much as he needs to go to prison now…

Rapist sentenced to preventive detention for attacks on elderly woman
A Foxton man who robbed and raped an elderly woman the second time he invaded her home will serve at least a decade behind bars.

For the 71-year-old victim it was her “worst nightmare” to see her attacker had returned and was standing at the foot of her bed.

“I told you I would come back,” Kally Joseph Taylor had said before he raped her.

…the Woke Left’s smug intellectual superiority is not how we are going to win true reform of justice. Telling mothers of dead children they are too white and privileged to be victims of crime and putting up farcical claims of closing down prisons is going to come across to middle NZ like a cup of cold vomit.

As I pointed out yesterday…

While pushing for corrections reform also look at supporting those who have been hurt by criminals.  Better compensation avenues, free counselling and paid time off work for the victims of crime are all musts because those damaged by crime need our assistance, compassion and help just as much as those who become trapped by their own cycle of violence. To ignore the suffering of those who have been burnt by crime while championing the rights of prisoners makes our empathy seem intellectually stunted.

Most people are good people, the media and get-tough-on-crime politicians exploit the righteous anger we feel towards the victim when something awful happens to them, we need to acknowledge that basic human knee jerk without blaming people for that knee jerk.

My fear about the Wellington conference is that groups with almost ridiculously absurd beliefs had platform.

To think prisons can be abolished altogether isn’t possible in a complex society – there will always be genuine sadists and professional criminals who need to be removed from society for the sake of society so there must always be some type of prison. But reforming and rebuilding prisons as rehabilitation centres that can heal those broken men and women who are desperate for redemption is something we can do, but to win the middle over to such a compassionate and loving perspective when violence, anger and fear dominate the debate is not helped by claims of abolishing prisons or by identity politics activists telling the families of the victims of crime that because they are European they can’t be real victims of crime.

Telling someone who has had a loved one murdered that they are too white and privileged to be considered a victim of crime is the exact sort of spite that has helped build this prison industrial complex in the first place.

The message from the summit must ask us to engage our collective intellect into what punishment in the 21st century should be, and by arguing that the loss of liberty and not suffering is the only intelligent step forward, we can use that to genuinely reform the environment so they can be rehabilitative.

But this can only be won by reaching out to the frightened middle. You do that by being honest about why we are here in the first place and courageously acknowledge this requires love and empathy to fix.

You sure as Christ don’t do it by allowing the Woke Left to alienate 70% of the voting population.


  1. Great post.

    Sadly many members of the woke left have as much empathy as an ACT supporter and as much practicality as John Key nailing up a bill board.

    They kill the effectiveness of the left discourse like some sort of anti anti-vaccer, trying to make everything some sort of dichotomy (just like the right does) instead of taking time to understand the complexity, and individuality within the trends like Justice.

    The neoliberal trend of siloing everything off into individual threads for individual parts of the puzzle is part of the problem as is, thinking everything is about profit and loss and people and results respond only to financial stimulation (therefore skewing issues into raising money or getting capital to “their idea” or large amounts of money are needed when it could just be better use of money).

    Criminality is also to do with social welfare, education, health and so forth. It takes a village to raise a child and far too many children we are raising here in NZ are entering into a precariat life and that should be the starting point.

    Pretending middle NZ is the problem is not the problem. At the end of the day it can be up to the leadership and Sue Bradford managed to get through the unpopular anti smacking bill, and so can Andrew Little for Justice to reform back to reducing prison numbers.

    The system is broken but probably not as bad as people think it is. If the Natz can increase the prison population by 30% in 5 years, surely Andrew Little can decrease it, in the same timeframe?

    • +100 …great post Martyn Bradley….and well said SAVENZ…although I have to say that I dont agree with the smacking bill…( many older generation were given smacks and it didnt make them go to prison)

  2. The Woke Left encourages violence, racism and social division…it encourages a rationale to support violence

      • imo it is a new form of trendy Hollywood /Soros /Democratic Party promoted ultra-left authoritarianism ( by those ignorant of and without roots and understanding of the historic class and economic reasons for inequality)

        …it is characterised by an intolerance and denial of free speech ( it calls anything it disagrees with ‘hate speech’ or ‘fascism’ or fascists…it does not understand what real Fascism is…as in Nazi Germany)

        …it is characterised by a lack of understanding about dialectic and democracy ( hard won freedoms fought for against oppression and totalitarianism)

        ….it characterised by ‘identity politics’ (pits race against race , pits gender against gender and transexuals against everyone…’virtue signaling’ as to who is the most oppressed )

        ….it is characterised by an intolerant , self righteous ‘political correctness’

        …it is characterised by calls for gender neutrality in everything ,to the point of ridiculousness (eg liberation of the word ‘Cunt’… but lately that has been superceded by the more politically correct ‘front hole’ )

        ….it is characterised by a lack of understanding of and intolerance for the importance of history and culture (note Mao’s cultural revolution and Pol Pots cultural revolution)

        …it is characterised by sexism and ageism…especially an undiscriminating intolerance of white males and in particular older white males…based on gender(sexism) and age( ageism)

        ( imo it is regressive, fails to focus on who the real economic enemy is and plays into the hands of the wealthiest elite oligarchy which has a vested interest in seeing the working class and most peoples in societies divided …and democracy and nation states destroyed)

        • RED BUZZARD;

          Your well thought points are spot on and of course all cultivated.

          Achieved with skillful indoctrination. Some covered below.

          One in particular for many. The shocking irony.

          “…it is characterised by an intolerance and denial of free speech
          ( it calls anything it disagrees with ‘hate speech’ or ‘fascism’ or fascists…it does not understand what real Fascism is…as in Nazi Germany)

          “Fascism and Racism really comes from the Left.!!”

          “Dinesh D’Souza delivers an Amazing speech, Gets Standing Ovation”

          “All powerful centralized State Run Capitalism is the clinical economic definition of Fascism”


          • Another important insight is the power influence of the New Left / Democrats in Saul Alinsky.
            You can see some of the tactics today.

            Tomorrow you will recognize more.

            Debate with Saul Alinsky’s son. D’Souza 1st 15mins.
            Don’t miss his reply @ 33 min. (6min.) 342,597 views.

            All of your other points about the “woke left” brilliantly
            explained below by;
            “Jordan Peterson’s Most Shocking Message!”

            Peterson says he stumbles with two remarks by Christ to his disciples.
            “Why was it said?”

            1. “The poor will be with us always.” and

            2. “To those that have everything, more will be given and
            from those that have nothing, everything will be taken.”



            “Jordan Peterson: The Science of Female Aggression”

            He is coming to NZ to speak in the near future.

            You can bet the “woke left” will be “triggered” out in droves.


  3. The real Old Left and socialist and union movement had a fine tradition of respect for all races and workers and unemployed …and was ahead of its time in promoting equality for women

    ….the ‘Woke Left’ imo could be a tool used by the vested economic interest oligarchy to fuel a divide and conquer strategy

    …and take peoples eyes off the real sources of economic inequality

  4. What qualifications do you possess to assert all this Martyn? Have you ever rehabilitated a single criminal prisoner? What you want to do, a cut and paste of the Norwegian system? Our context isn’t the same. You’re asking for radical change with no template and no evidence to go on except your own intellectual vanity. Just as bad as Chris’ abject pessimism but different. I conclude that this justice sector hype is fake news, people. Fugazi.

    • What qualifications do you possess… ummm all you need is basic mathematics and ability to read statistics which are alarming and showing that present system is not working with too many people in prison who will go on and reoffend and skewed to a particular nationality.

      Also from a neoliberal point of view we are spending more on locking people up at $100,000 pa a pop to multinational private prisons and construction than actually putting the money into programs to stop in particular young people going into crime or schools and educate young people to a standard to be successful and have health outcomes that support healthy drug free and mentally well people in NZ and support systems to families and kids in need outside of giving money and complaining it is not used well enough, but working out what is the over riding issues effecting people in poverty and what can help.

      The growing precariat lifestyle in NZ is probably going hand and hand with growing mental health and drug issues, low wages and high living costs.

    • I think the only qualification you need to have to say there will always be criminals is having read a book. Likewise you don’t need to be Jarrod Gilbert to work out telling the parent of a murdered child they’re not a victim is entirely counterproductive to whatever agenda you’re promoting.

      I’d love to know what the advocates of no prisons have in mind for white collar fraudsters- did they just need more civics lessons at Scots and Kings Colleges?

      • I’d prefer doing as the French do and treat white collar crime the same as pedophiles, same jail terms, fines, compensation. Right now it’s just way to cheap to commit fraud.

  5. Well said Red, The Woke left babies are tools of the oppressors and dont even know it, they have the will for change but nill direction, the iphone brigade

    • The term “woke” is really a 2018 internet word that means just that: being awake for some movement or agenda. Ironically for TDB, it’s mostly used by the right to attack the “woke” left in the delusional madness that is most of their incessant social justice warriors (aka SJWs), identity politics and virtue signalling posts.

  6. Things are bound to go sideways when you put the Sensible Sentencing Trust spokespeople and a few embittered Maori Nationalists in the same room.

    I suspect anyone in there from the ‘woke left’ is about to get wolloped from both sides.

  7. To expect everyone on the left to adhere to a higher standard of intellectual debate than the right might be unrealistic. Both the left and the right have pyramids of intellectual nous. The great mass of any population aren’t extremely bright (without trying to sound too arrogant). Those on the left are going to say dumb things just like those on the right.

  8. I think the only qualification you need to have to say there will always be criminals is having read a book. Likewise you don’t need to be Jarrod Gilbert to work out telling the parent of a murdered child they’re not a victim is entirely counterproductive to whatever agenda you’re promoting.

    I’d love to know what the advocates of no prisons have in mind for white collar fraudsters- did they just need more civics lessons at Scots and Kings Colleges?

  9. The people that the Sensible sentencing people trot up when there is a discussion to be had are people who to a large extent have cuddled their victimhood like a teddy bear. They are offered counselling and prefer to keep their pain and anger as raw as it was on day one. These people need to have therapy instead they are provided with a way to keep their anger burning bright. When you crash two of these together they will attempt to work out who had it worst (as happened)! This was not woke left this was three women who had personal tragedies being used by media – including Martyn to push agenda’s. In which planet does a woman who had her sister murdered a woke left person. They are right we need to help victims way more than we do, we need to make them as whole as we can and we need to keep them out of the hands of people who will use their pain for political ends (left and right)

    • Maybe I didn’t spell my contempt out clearly enough Lucy.

      The women taking about their grief and anger weren’t the woke left, those telling these women that they couldn’t understand pain because they were white and privileged were the woke left.

      Those who were championing no prisons in 2040 were the woke left.

      Prison reform is desperately necessary but I fear the woke left’s smug self-righoues militancy will derail this necessary reform.

    • Hi Lucy, Jayne Crothall here, Sensible Sentencing Group Trust and mother of Brittany Crothall. Actually I have had therapy and fight for the people I Advocate for to have as much as they need. Believe it or not counseling/therapy is not something that is just handed out! ACC and Victim Support are government departments. I have advocated and supported survivors of serious violent crime for 8 years on a voluntary basis and I would appreciate it if you didn’t base your comments on your assumptions. I’m happy to have an actual conversation with you and can be contacted at

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