The IDFs weird little anti-gay slur against Mike Treen

By   /   August 3, 2018  /   23 Comments

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Just when you didn’t think you could detest the IDF anymore than you currently do.

After the IDF illegally boarded a ship in International waters, beating Mike treen and tasering him in the face, they took his phone and did this…

…what kind of arseholes specifically take time out to post anti-gay slurs against those they beat up and illegally arrest?

Just when you didn’t think you could detest the IDF anymore than you currently do.

News that a NZ diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs actually sided with the Israeli’s during Mike’s arrest needs to be investigated and that arsehole needs to be sacked.

Welcome home Mike.

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  1. RED BUZZARD says:

    Mike Treen is a hero …and the slurs are just that!

  2. Lone comet says:

    So dumb and not so much weird as totally creepy they did that to. Complete wankers and agree that the NZ Dipshit who did not support Teen should be named, shamed and dismissed.

  3. Historian Pete says:

    No kind of slimy vile behaviour is beyond the Nazi Zionist Israeli state. Just when you think their behaviour has reached the bottom of their fanatically evil toxic barrel they double up with further obnoxious deeds. “God’s Chosen people!!!”

  4. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck what sexual proclivities our Mike has. Even if he was into goldfish I would still love him FOR WHAT HE DID. The banjo playing country boys that did this just don’t get how completely irrelevant and non-insulting such comments are.

    These schmucks are well on the way to peace, oy vay…

    • I newton says:

      Please leave us banjo players out of this. We are not evil toxic zionazis.

    • Bobkins says:

      Before you make an Semitic slur you should probably note that Treen is Jewish.

      Not all Jews are IDF lovers, not at all, as Treen’s example shows.

      Let’s not use this incident as an excuse to be racially abusive or make racial slurs.

    • Rickoshay says:

      Oi Oi fukker us banjo playin cuntry boys are not on the side of these facist jew fuks or the pencil dicked Foreign Affairs clowns that are STILL cowtowing to there US masters

  5. RED BUZZARD says:

    @ANDY …Mike Treen certainly is NOT gay ( no slur on great gays)

    ….and he certainly was NOT supporting the Judaic Zionist Bible , the Old Testament racist, sexist , homophobic doctrines…which fundamentalist Christians also support ie the Old Testament of self -proclaimed ‘Gods Chosen’

    …nor was he supporting the cunning Zionist Israeli oppressors of Palestinians

    …He supports the Palestinians’ rights to their homeland Palestine

  6. stephen says:

    The IDF roots come from the terrorist organisation called Haganah or Irgun trained by a British officer in the late 1930s called Orde Wingate. The British arm forces also had a Jewish battalion that took the city of Jerusalem in 1917 and the first PM of Israel David Ben Gurion was a soldier that was part of that battalion. The Brits are experts in terrorism.

  7. Aaron says:

    I think a PR expert would call that a loss for the state of Israel really. Long may they continue to show their true colours

  8. simonm says:

    Doesn’t say a lot for the IDF’s claim that it’s the “most moral army in the World” does it? Still, I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from the “only democracy in the Middle East” or its self-proclaimed status as a shining beacon of gay rights.

    • Lucy says:

      The fantasy planet where the IDF is the most moral army in the world is the one where I am a super model and 22 every year!

      • Or my fantasy that I am a superpowered being in bright-coloured tights and cape… (warning: I do not look good in tights! The cape is rather cool, though.)

        As for the IDF mis-using someone elses’ smartphone and social media – it makes them look more irresponsible to ordinary people who might not be into politics, but certainly understand the value of personal electronic devices and social media accounts.

  9. Wanman says:

    Did he achieve anything – probably not as the publicity was minimal

    • Ike says:

      He achieved a huge amount . The poor publicity is the result of our craven arse licking media. Mike Treen is a hero in my book.

    • Priss says:

      Standing up to aggressioon and injustice ALWAYS achieves something, Wanman. The only people who dare suggest that resistance to injustice achieves “nothing” are the perpetrators of that injustice. The age old command from autocratic rulers and the Deep State; OBEY OR DIE! We choose to resist. You may choose to obey. Your choice.

  10. remo says:

    Interesting ‘coincidence theory’ the IDF post above has 911 so prominent.

    Given Israel’s part in orchestrating and covering up the WTC FalseFlag bombings that generated the post 911 holocaust in the Middle East [GWOT]

    One could seriously take it as an IDF brown shirt smarty pants ‘fuck-you’ game play.

  11. mpledger says:

    I wouldn’t use that phone again if he ever gets it back. You don’t know what has been uploaded onto it.

  12. Helena says:

    It’s all in the water you know … best give up drinking water laced with atrazine.
    Back to the remnants of the Flotilla, Israel has now hijacked a second ship:
    Poof…who cares and who dares to challenge when it’s the Devil’s banker who finances them.

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