What’s important in NZ vs what’s important to the rest of the World right now

By   /   July 6, 2018  /   8 Comments

-Whale vs fireworks
-Vegan burger vs meat
-Dame Bazley: Feminist hero vs Feminist traitor
-Right wing dicks can’t use Council venue

-Global heat wave
-Climate change will be catastrophic
-Global financial meltdown
-Trump trade war with China
-America invading Venezuela


We are a tiny people.

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  1. WILD KATIPO says:

    L00L !

    Well,… it was hardly something we all wanted to have to admit to, but… that’s the reality. The problem comes when we have tiny minds… which…

  2. Lois Griffiths says:

    Who decides “What’s important in NZ”?

    Why does RNZ have the right to declare that NZers are interested in, for example, the death of Michael Jackson’s father but NZers don’t need to be told about the Freedom Flotilla on its way from Copenhagen to Gaza, with 2 Kiwis on board, because NZers aren’t really interested in that sort of story?

    The friends I talk to are very interested in international issues ..and aware of having to look outside mainstream media

  3. Castro says:

    So tiny, that we will be gobbled up and spat out by the largest organ-harvesting, species-extincting dictatorship on the planet, almost as an afterthought. “We” don’t exist.

  4. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    You left out “Aucklanders hate Wellingtonians and vice versa”…

    Oh yeah, and “Mainlanders hate Pig Islanders”…

  5. Rickoshay says:

    too many took the blue pill, only a few took the red one, who cares about global warming,human rights, internet censorship, looming world war 3, long as the beers cold, the horses still run and the rugby clubs dont come out as gay havens.. oh wait damn did i say that out loud, better billy club myself to save the government money… thats all thats really important ah.

  6. cleangreen says:

    Bloody well said there martyn.

    We live in a stupid media world that cooks up folly to pollute our thoughts!!


  7. Lucy says:

    I have always loved the way we are small. Colin James in the 90’s laughed about the fact that in the original crimewatch the police announced that they had recovered a boat and wanted the owner to contact them. He laughed then said he would love to live in a country who’s emphasis on crime was dedicated to returning stolen goods. I like the fact that we understand our affect on the environment so well we are prepared to wait fireworks for a whale to leave (and enjoy having a whale frolicking in our habour).

  8. savenz says:

    I think that is more how tiny our media is. And stupid and so in bed with corporate interests that there is no independent news. It’s paid for content or paid not to be in content.

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