Distinguished Services Award for Dame Susan Devoy – Multicultural New Zealand



Multicultural New Zealand recognises Dame Susan Devoy with Distinguished Services Award

Multicultural New Zealand has recognised Dame Susan Devoy for her efforts to improve inclusion and diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand with a Distinguished Services Award.

The award was present to Dame Susan last weekend during a Multicultural New Zealand annual conference exploring pathways towards a Treaty-based Multicultural New Zealand.

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“Dame Susan Devoy is a champion for inclusion and diversity in New Zealand Aotearoa and we wanted to recognise her efforts” said Mr Pancha Narayanan, National President of Multicultural New Zealand.

Appointed Race Relations Commissioner in 2013, Dame Susan Devoy has been a vocal advocate for raising New Zealand’s annual refugee quota and urging politicians, decision makers and everyday Kiwis to treat all people with respect, humanity and mana.

“Dame Susan has worked alongside us at Multicultural New Zealand to celebrate over 35 regional race Relations day events annually and help foster youth and community leadership through dozens of regional engagements including the highly successful national Diversity Forums.” Said Mr Narayanan.

In 2016 she launched New Zealand’s first nationwide anti-racism digital campaign That’s Us followed by the award winning Give Nothing to Racism campaign. This campaign has reached more than 5 million people in over 150 countries.

“She has been the voice for some of our most vulnerable and through her direct advocacy the government in 2018 committed to a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historic State Abuse. Her efforts will contribute to generations of New Zealanders having their voice finally heard” said Mr Narayanan.

Her leadership resulted in the International Education Industry reviewing their practices and this has resulted in tens of thousands of students being better looked after. Through her efforts the international student industry has a new international student wellbeing strategy, a contestable fund of $750 0000 to support students wellbeing.

“Dame Susan has never taken a back ward step when calling out racism and discrimination. She has stood alongside our communities in their greatest moments of need and at times when no one else would” Said Mr Narayanan.

“It is easy to forget through all of these accomplishments that she was also a highly successfully world squash champion who ruled the world for over a decade.” Said Mr Narayanan

Dame Susan Devoy’s term as Race Relations Commissioner expired in March 2018 and she will leave the Human Rights Commission at the end of June.