Oh how I hate the NZ Herald website

By   /   June 28, 2018  /   8 Comments

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Every time I use Herald website, I have to…

Every time I use Herald website, I have to…

  • immediately click to bypass some bullshit cover advert,
  • then have to immediately click to say fuck off to locating me,
  • then have to immediately press don’t play to whatever annoying fucking video they think I want to watch

Every. Time.

Still, it’s better than going to Scoop. I mean that’s just ugly.

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  1. cleangreen says:

    Yes the media is slipping to the sewer now as they claim they are journalists!!!!!!!

    Give me a break, they do not investigater anything they report on and are just lazy sods everyone of them.
    Can we begin a ‘fundraiser’ “give a little” for starting your next round of ‘5th estate’ martyn??

    We need to counter the crappy media now more than ever.

  2. esoteric pineapples says:

    I regularly go to Scoop. Sure it’s nearly all just press releases but you do get stuff on it that otherwise would never see the light of day. Also, no adverts and very few comments, instead huge screeds of unmoderated comments

  3. Christine says:

    Ugly’s ok. Used to be a gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, who many thought the ugliest face alive until she opened her mouth and began to sing and her face became pure beauty.

  4. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    So why do you go there again?

  5. Andy K says:

    Hardly visit that webshite due to many of the non-news stories, could swear children are employed there. Had enough after seeing a story about an airline passenger who wouldn’t stop farting, couldn’t get more juvenile than that.

  6. nukefacts says:

    Martyn, just use an ad blocker like Ghostery – it’ll kill all their crap stone dead and vastly reduce their ability to track you.

  7. mary_a says:

    The NZH website, plus its pathetic content is pretty bad for a leading news publication.

    For instance if you want to read last week’s or even last month’s news (without doing a search), read the NZH today and it will be there in your face, while the latest news will either be hidden away, or more than likely non existent! It’s like bad TV .. repeat, repeat, repeat nothing new or interesting … !


  8. sumsuch says:

    You didn’t mention their dire friendship of the rich since I used to carry the heavy mass home to my father from the local dairy in the 70s. Isn’t that more than enough. Like passing your linen through urine ‘knowingly’ to bleach it for public eyes.

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