Winston hysteria is the new meth hysteria: Never before have so many right wing journalists believed Winston Peters is about to end Western Civilisation

By   /   June 18, 2018  /   23 Comments

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The most wonderful irony in the world would be the economic crash hitting while the great critic of free market neoliberalism is sitting on the throne.

That’s almost worth wishing for.


The right wing troll farm that is the NZ mainstream corporate media have replaced meth hysteria with Winston hysteria.

Apparently Winston becoming the caretaker PM for 6 weeks is leading to birth defects in livestock, spoiled milk and random eclipses.

What the pundits can’t explain is what exactly Winston is going to do in 6 weeks which will end Western Civilisation as we know it.

The most wonderful irony in the world would be the economic crash hitting while the great critic of free market neoliberalism is sitting on the throne.

That’s almost worth wishing for.

Winston being the PM won’t change a thing other than remind us all why we love Uncle Winston.

Shane attacking Fonterra is calculated, not evidence of a rogue unit.

NZ First nixing the 3 strikes legislation but supporting the reform was just as calculated.

And Winston taking public servants to court is a fierce reminder that NZ First sees much of the public service as part of the neoliberal problem.

Those 3 examples have all been held up by mainstream media pundits as some evidence of a huge disruption about to envelope Parliament once Jacinda goes into labour (despite her already being in Labour – oh the lols).

Winston will be Winston, and if the economy crashes on his watch, we may all thank our stars he’s on deck.

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  1. grant936 says:

    Winston Peters is our Acting Prime Minister – this is an individual who targeted Asian immigration many years ago and as recently as last election, went in with a policy to no longer have Maori seats.

    So our current Prime Minister is an individual who is happy to target/play the race card – if it was a National Party PM who promoted these issues – you would be outraged and calling out the policies.

    Personally I’m embarrassed that this type of individual with his long history of playing race based politics is our PM.

    • Billie Sweet says:

      I don’t think using the term ‘targeted Asian immigration’ is reference enough to suggest Winston ‘target/play the race card’, for votes. I think the concerns he had on this issue were genuine (and his concerns seem to be playing out in certain areas) and not racist or manipulative, and his was an attempt to find balance in immigration regulations. After all the epidemic of Homeless, and unlocking the nz doorway making the doorway bigger for international drug smuggling coming into the city.

      Him wanting to drop the Maori seats, is his attempt to bring equality into NZ and maybe a profound insight into bringing NZ all together in a cultural collective oneness for a positive move into the future.

    • Henk Kruize says:

      It’s a sad day when anyone even commenting on immigration is seen as a racist. That means no politician can ever announce or implement that policy on immigration lest they are called a racist… or that they are playing the race card… UNLESS its a party leader they actually support… in which case, its just policy.

  2. Billie Sweet says:

    “Irony”? How does that work? It would only be ironic if it was Shonkey sitting on the throne at the time of a “financial crash”, cause he’s the one that caused it. And if you had of been attentive in listening to Winstons speech at the time he announced he was going to run with Labour, he said very clearly, Labour would get the blame for what the capitalist National Government set in place over the last 8 years. Labour has only been in Parliament for a matter of months, and all ready, they are being drawn and quartered. You may find the irony hysterical, but to those of us who aren’t blind slaves to the dollar, and who profoundly love our country and have seen how much its changed for the worst over the period of time National has been at the wheel, (cause Darlin if you can’t see the huge difference…….you must be asleep) NZ will never be the same again). JK stood at the top of Mt Cook, and from a massive height took a huge dump on all of us. And then once he’d sucked our land and our people dry, like a nocturnal animal in the darkest final hour, he abandoned ship (which I’m still convinced a lot more went on that we don’t know about). And good ole NZ didn’t judge or ask questions, he just did the ole ‘Irish Goodbye’ and left out the back door. No loyalties there. Yeah he really loved his country and his people. But not as much as he loved his money. Money comes money goes, but our land and culture will never be the same again. Men like him are skin deep, empty, no essence. No honour. So please Martyn don’t offend us by making the ole sabotage, ‘JK’s cream pie in the face joke. Thats a cheap shot. Not to mention lame American humour, nothing ironic about that at all.

    • Christine says:

      Billie Sweet I really really object to you implying that John Key could or would climb Aorangi Mt Cook. Metaphorically or not.

      Nothing could be less Key-like.

      The mountains are of deep spiritual and symbolic importance to many NZ’ers – including the colonising Pakeha who conquered it, and get blamed for everything wrong in today and tomorrow’s society.

      The Southern Alps are part of the South Island psyche and of our soul. Planting John Key defecating on top of one is, trashing an important symbol, and trashing symbols is never a good idea, and also, maybe offensive.

      Do you really think Bradbury is unaware of what was done to NZ and it’s people under the auspices of Key ? Really ?

      Ride easy, stranger.

  3. Afewknowthetruth says:

    It is highly unlikely the global economy will crash in the next couple of months. Crashes normally occur in October, with trigger events in September.

    On the other hand, the weather has crashed: torrents of rains and thunder storms. Worse to come.

  4. countryboy says:

    Let me go on record, what ever that means, not much probably, by saying that I think winston peters is a Machiavellian confederate and quite a good one at that. I trust him as far as I could throw paula bennett.

    I wrote this comment for a Post by @ Frank Macscasy though I see it’s relavancy everywhere.

    Ah, God. I feel like a worry free criminal returning to the scene of the victimless crime.
    I’m going to spell this out in as simple a terms as possible, so pay attention kiddies.
    I’m going to speak broadly. When I write the word ‘farmer’ I mean all those poor bastards who decided that working the land, in all permutations, was a worthy and noble occupation.
    Here goes ‘sigh’.
    NZ/AO Farmers do what they do and as a consequence of that, they make stuff and things that earn our foreign money. Y’know? By trusting scum bag, down-stream others to export farmer produce to sell, in good faith, to make a reasonable $-return for the good of us all. ( Bahhahaha ahaha aha a ahahahaha ) Sorry about that.
    Here’s how it goes. In my view and please, don’t be shy to try and prove me wrong, and good luck with that.
    Back in the day when men were men and dinosaurs roamed the cities, NZ farmers worked like the dickens to get wool, meat, dairy etc to foreign markets. Which they did alarmingly well. See refrigerated shipping + wealthy, winter bound Northern Hemisphere markets?
    Amongst those farmers were other farmers who knew how to dodge their moral obligations, lets say, and went about to wedge themselves between the righteous farmer and their markets. The rise of the ‘Producer Boards’. Look it up.
    And then… The dreaded National party wove the farmer into their dirty cloak of lies and head fuckery to where most farmers find themselves immeshed in today.
    National. The Farmer Party. What a load of wank.
    Now, here’s where it gets a little more sketchy. Bear with…
    NZ Farmer earns our money from selling their product off-shore, right?
    The National Party, in part comprising of days-gone-past crooked old cockies ran with the farmer and hunted with the banksters, lawyers, accountants, money lenders and sundry narcissistic egomaniacs now ensconced in grand old buildings like our Parliament Buildings, whoring, boozing, swindling, lying and cheating.
    The problem for them, however, is the likes of me.
    So, for everyone of me, they must come up with ever more creative ways to protect the lies, cheating and vast wealth creation they’ve been used to having virtually unimpeded access to for generations.
    That must stop, and they know it.
    National MUST keep the Farmer reigned in. National must maintain psychological control over their farmer serfs and crush any dissent.
    One of the ways they do that is to infiltrate opposition political parties, like Labour.
    It’s my view, that Labour has been infiltrated by confederate National spooks to demonise farmers to make sure farmers cling to National like a Syrian refugee does to a life raft.
    National parasitise farmers so when farmers look elsewhere for support, and who can blame them? They get smacked down by Labour and it’s hangers on parties , like NZ First and the Farmer hating Greens. That means, farmers only have their abusers to go home to.
    To support my theory one only needs to go into the countryside to see for one’s self how isolated, culturally deprived and frankly, ( No pun intended ) simply lonely it is out there. The little farming towns and communities are desolate and deprived yet provide huge wealth down the line. The internet is slow at best, the cops patrol like the Stasi looking for pissed cockies weaving home in the flat deck after trying to socialise at the pub and the costs of rates, electricity and the raft of absurd on-farm restrictions and OSH requirements are simply control mechanisms to protect the lies were told about farming and farmers and all lapped up by you who don’t mind eating and wearing what Farmers produce yet you spit in their faces in your determined ignorance.
    The upshot of ‘all this, is that I don’t trust a soul who drafts farmers out of the social, day to day running of NZ/AO.
    It’s vital that Farmers are somehow welded to the down stream service industry who deliver their products to markets both here and off-shore. When you go to the supermarket it wasn’t bankers, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, landlords, politicians, social workers, Dr’s, nurses or artists who put that food there. It was farmers. 52 thousand of them.

    I became involved in a movement back in the late 1980’s with the help of a fellow farmer and a few others to take direct action to protect ourselves from being bullied and exploited by politicians and banks.
    I spoke to a capacity audience in the Christchurch Town Hall about the above issues I’ve raised here. I told Jim Bolger that he was simply there to further enhance is political career, I told Sir ( Little bit of sick ) Peter Elworthy that he’d achieved nothing for the farmer he was pretending to support and instead made fortunes, by remote control, for his city based cronies.
    I received loud applause with the odd hoot, if I remember correctly. Then? Out came the confederates. One by one and soon those three thousand farmers and their friends and families were lead off down the garden path…
    We had a general meeting out at a farmers property to which we invited a fellow called Collis Blake. A fabulous man, so the media played him up to being. A wealthy, Wellington philanthropist known for buying farmers farms who were doomed with foreclosure from don brash’s 22% interest rates then reselling those farms back at suspended interest rates. He stood up on our make shit stage and began to gust out air like a punctured tyre. He was all for diversification and make-do. I thought “ Fuck this r-unt! He’s one of them!” I stood up and bellowed “ Wait a fuckin’ minute! ? We’re here to talk direct action! We’re here to work up a strategy to strike! We’re here to withhold stock and crops! We’re here to take control of our own industry, not his shit! “
    He changed colour and levelled a look at me and said “No!” That’d be a disastrous mistake and I’ll not have anything to do with it. “
    The dreaded confederate stole the show.
    And now? We’re fucked. Our country’s in financial tatters, our farming ‘ industry ‘ equally so, and you city people have been head fucked into hating on us and The Green Party and The Labour Party, in reality, the farmers best friends are writhing with Spooks who push the farmer back into the abusive arms of the Natzo’s
    Job done.

    • Archonblatter says:

      I don’t think infiltrating moles into the Labour Party ever found a lack of burrowing space. If one accepts the idea of a never ending strain between a merchant or ocean going system or a land centred more essentially self sufficient system, socialism fits into the sea trading system.
      The trading system forces all and everything into its ultimately globalist, endlessly expanding, free market faux Dionysian dynamism. The land system finally, becomes enslaved, shackled and exploited. The sense of isolation in some rural communities is annihilating.
      It is, in essence, more conservative and heroic but becomes yet another factory form supplying to the billions of city dwellers. The N.Z. economy, now dependent on the travails of lactating cows, increasingly factory farmed, has not managed to innovate substantial alternatives to resource, land and animal exploitation. The possibilities have been there I’m sure but governments and banks have preferred the sleazy way out. The innovative mind is shunned.
      I had a (now deceased) old friend, a staunch socialist, who absolutely hated ‘ the farmers.’ I pointed out that the farmers supplied food to the masses of city dwellers but this did not modify her opinion.
      The possibility that ‘progressives’ in their city dwelling millions might well end up eating each other when the mad pig’s party came to its inevitable end didn’t seem to register. Neither was there acceptance of overpopulation as any sort of problem. The system must survive, it matters not for whom so declining birth numbers, inevitable when women become free to choose, are overcome with immigrants.
      The system is now relentless, death dealing, a dance macabre and no political party can halt the inevitable horror. Democracy as Spengler so rightly pointed out, can never be anything else but the political tool of money. As a rather slovenly sort of voter I always voted socialist. There always seemed to be more folk in the Labour Party who were more straightforward and decent. Now I wonder if a mad orange bull in the China shop might somehow be more effective in undermining the planetary death dealing machine.

  5. Mike the Lefty says:

    The Natzskis obviously still haven’t got over their self-induced humiliation of Winston choosing Labour over themselves.

  6. Quicksilver says:

    The fossil fuel ‘free lunch’ is coming very very rapidly to a close.

    As far as the potential surviving species of the 6th mass extinction are concerned, economic collapse can’t come soon enough!


    It might just reduce the human population with sufficient scale and speed to ameliorate the worst of the environmental collapse we have precipitated.

    Either way, the lying venal MSM are actually right about something: Western civilisation as we know it is about to collapse.

    Try and sell advertising in that ‘Brighter Future’, you Fairfax/NZME scumbags.

    • Christine says:

      But what about the cusp, Quicksilver ? What about the cusp ?

      • Quicksilver says:

        Yes Christine, we’re on the cusp of something truly special!

        A wonderful IMF-funded MacFuture, where the truly wise and beneficent 1% will gift us teal tee shirts and rowing boats, in which we may all pull together as we plummet to our tax-free deaths over the waterfall of cascading environmental meltdown and enter the global H-bomb bright future we all deserve.

        Sadly for our former PM, who so desperately wanted to be in charge in those heady pre-cusp days, it will be a Keyless entry.

  7. mary_a says:

    Natz still writhing and smarting after losing the election 9 months ago for crying out loud! And lose it did through the MMP system!

    Yet Natz feels the necessity to fire poisoned arrows at this government to prove … what exactly?? It really does need to get a grip and begin to act as a responsible Opposition, working effectively for the country and stop wallowing in self pity and spite!

    Knowing the damage Natz has attempted to inflict on NZ First, in particular Winston over the years, with his political experience, he’ll definitely have HM’s Opposition sussed and on its toes during his six week tenure as acting PM.

    Bring it on.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      well said

    • Christine says:

      After losing the election English stated that they were out to get the new government.

      English didn’t identify any individual issues which the opposition were concerned about, or might reasonably be concerned about, it was just a blanket, out to get the government per se.

      Then he jumped out of his ‘too hard’ basket, and ran off into the sunset leaving behind a rudderless bunch who don’t know and don’t care that they are there for the common good and not just to attack the coalition govt. It’s time they grew up.

  8. WILD KATIPO says:

    He who laughs last , laughs longest.

    And that’s our Uncle Winston.

    Or , put another way ,… ” See you in court ” .

    Oh , and on top of all that ?… Andrew Little is bringing up the rear with Pike River and the Police haven’t ruled out criminal charges in reopening the investigation . This government just gets better and better.

    I marvel at how that corrupt , stinking National govt who after 9 long years caused so much damage and lied and bullied its way through for all that time is now seeing the odious fruits of its labour’s starting to unravel in a very public and legal manner.

    Again , as someone else has said,…

    Bring it on.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    Winston ripped them off ?

  10. Michelle says:

    I heard Winstone on RNZ this morning and he was 100% right when he said Fonterra are saying the government should mind there own business yet they are quick to put their hand out when they need help. They can’t have it both ways if they want our taxes to fix their messes they should shut the fuck up.

  11. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The rigged markets, high frequency trading by computers, artificially low interest rates, subsidies to corporations, and propping up of markets by money-printing, the drilling and fracking and exploitation of the masses etc. have served the scumbags that run the global system very well for far too long. Now the writing is on the wall and it’s only a matter of time before it all implodes.

    Interestingly, occasionally there are elements of truth revealed by mainstream organisations.

    Against the backdrop of the corrupt and unsustainable US dollar system, China is no longer playing America’s game, and the policy of ‘if you disagree you get annihilated’ that America has relied on since the Second World War no longer works.

    Guy McPherson has put his neck on the line (again) and declared the global system will implode soon, very likely September 2018 or September 2019 as a consequence of the inability to grow sufficient grains:

    Of course he has been wrong so many times with his short-term predictions he has lost his credibility, even if the general narrative of the unsustainability of civilisation has been correct.

    Yet, the worsening drought that has been developing across much of America (rather than the jiggery-pokery of the financial markets) could well be the trigger for the collapse. We just don’t know. It’s very much as case of watch this space (US Drought Monitor).

    Bond market failures?
    Energy depletion?
    Severe drought?
    Inability of insurance companies to cover the costs of repair of climate-related catastrophes?
    Major military conflict?

    A combination of all of the above?

    There is one thing we can be certain of: our ‘esteemed leaders’ will continue to make everything that matters worse.

  12. Gary says:

    That article makes absolutely no sense, you need to get more sleep Martyn

  13. Afewknowthetruth says:

    A couple of days later:

    ‘The ‘Relative Strength Index’ of the “most shorted” stocks has never been higher and each time it has reached this level, stocks have fallen hard.

    But as a reminder – amid all of this – The Dow is down for the 7th day in a row, its longest losing streak in 18 months.’

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,