Who is the most disingenuous pile of political garbage? Jami-Lee Ross, Mark Mitchell or David Bennett?

By   /   June 15, 2018  /   20 Comments

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Jacinda has left the building and the Nats are in attack mode trying to destabilise the Government under Winston’s term as caretaker.

The attacks though are just such disingenuous bullshit, look at the utter crap being served up this week by Jami-Lee Ross, Mark Mitchell and David Bennett, it’s incredibly difficult to work out who is the biggest pile of political garbage.

Jacinda has left the building and the Nats are in attack mode trying to destabilise the Government under Winston’s term as caretaker.

The attacks though are just such disingenuous bullshit, look at the utter crap being served up this week by Jami-Lee Ross, Mark Mitchell and David Bennett, it’s incredibly difficult to work out who is the biggest pile of political garbage.


Let’s start with David Bennett’s sudden concern as Corrections spokesperson regarding the rehabilitation of prisoners with his criticism of the new mini-Prison at Waikeria

He said although a specific mental health unit was a good idea, it would only skim the surface on the huge number of prisoners who were affected by mental-health issues.

“A vast majority of prisoners have mental-health issues and so just picking out 100 of them that are the more severe cases doesn’t actually provide the rehabilitation we need for a vast majority of prisoners.”

…I’m sorry what?

A National Party MP shedding crocodile tears over the lack of rehabilitation services for prisoners with mental health issues?

This is the Lynch Mob Party who championed get tough on crime rhetoric complaining about the lack of rehabilitation?!?

National have done more than any Party to jam more prisoners into prison, their rehabilitation solutions were lip service, the truly concerning part about this new 100 bed mental health ward is that it is the first one ever built inside a NZ Prison!

When we know so many prisoners suffer mental health issues and the lack of providing any real attempt at rehabilitating these damaged mens mental health means more damaged men coming out, for National to complain about a problem they’ve helped orchestrate is disingenuous political garbage.


Let’s move onto Jami-Lee Ross’s attack on David Clark by trying to conflate a phone message to a disgruntled National Party appointed health technocrat as some type of threat and gagging order

He said he would like to “signal” that Rabindran would be considered for “further appointments” and wanted to know if he would be comfortable with that.

Ross said the voicemail was “appalling” and said Clark was dangling “jobs in front of Rabindran to silence him to avoid embarrassment and his own untruths being exposed”.

“This is not good enough. Public servants, including DHB leaders, should have the right to contradict ministers if those ministers are not telling the truth.

…oh what a load of arse, this is National playing catch up to the repugnant truth that they underfunded health so appallingly that Middlemore was running on battery power.

This is a political smear trying to claim Clark is dangling a job for this National Party appointed disgruntled health technocrat to avoid the far greater issue of how National did everything to underfund public services so they could afford their tax cuts.

Clark was wanting to move the issue on and was reminding the National Party appointed disgruntled health technocrat that he hadn’t burnt his bridges with the new Government. Labour are focused on fixing Middlemoore, not continuing to allow the public servants National put in there to take the blame because Labour clearly sheeted that blame to National.

If anything Clark has bent over backwards to look after the worker in this situation.

To try and claim someone as scrupulous and benign as David bloody Clark is gagging public servants and bribing them is disingenuous political garbage.


Those two examples are pretty nasty political garbage, but I think this week Mark Mitchell takes the prize for truly vile political garbage with this despicable and wilful misinterpretation of Andrew Little’s desire to reform our punishment industry…

National MP Mark Mitchell has accused Justice Minister Andrew Little of “trivialising” an indecent assault in which a prisoner grabbed the bottom of a female prison officer.

The case was raised by Little in Parliament on Thursday when Mitchell, National’s justice spokesman, was questioning him about the numbers in prison who were “low-level criminals.”

…in his drive to build profile so he can stand for the Conservative Party and provide National with their support partner to win 2020, Mark Mitchell has taken a leaf out of millennial micro-aggression policing culture and wilfully misinterpreted a point Little made against the madness of the 3 strikes law so that he can take grave offence.

The 3 strikes legislation was supposed to lock up the worst of the worst for the most appalling crimes. In this situation, a prisoner had grabbed a female corrections officers buttocks. Technically that is indecent assault, but no one on the face of the planet could seriously suggest that equated to the worst example of indecent assault imaginable could they?

To lock someone up for a greater period of time because the crime technically falls within 3 strikes is pure counterproductive madness. That’s not to say that it wasn’t an awful experience for the corrections officer, it’s not to minimise the assault, but locking someone up forever for ‘pinching someone’s bum’ is an act of vengeance, it’s not justice and for Mitchell to seize upon the phrase Little has used to take offence is not only pathetic, it adds unnecessary spite from a public who have been conditioned by the media to hate prisoners.

Mark Mitchell is simply feeding the hate loop. That’s not political leadership, that’s political fear mongering.

This is all National have now, mock offence, grand accusations and empty claims. It’s as if Twitter has became the Opposition.

The worse bit is that the corporate mainstream media with their Troll Farms will be rolling in this mud all week.


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  1. Mike the Lefty says:

    David Bennett is another National Party ideologist who can’t say one sentence without ranting on about the evils of socialism.
    Funny how he doesn’t have a problem about communism, but I suppose when you have a Chinese communist sitting behind you on your party’s back bench it is probably advisable to shut the f… up about that.

    • Aaron says:

      I heard David Bennett on the community radio in Hamilton and I was stunned with how out of touch he is with the real world. Just another National Party MP who knows how to get power and nothing else. It’s why there are always logical holes in their accusations – the truth is incidental to what they are doing.

      • Wensleydale says:

        True. The truth is irrelevant. It’s all about flinging red meat to the baying hounds. If you rark enough people up, the fact that your argument is both hypocritical and constructed entirely on a foundation of warm custard doesn’t really matter. People will howl in outrage over a phantasm. Because they’re either dumb or intellectually lazy.

      • cleangreen says:

        David Bennett is the most agressive arrogant man in Parliament most report.

        As when he was chair of the Transport & Industrial relations committee many said they would rather be absent than being there to be verbally abused by him or to behounded by this very unpleasant man.

        David Bennett thinks he can ‘walk of water’ and never has he appparently needed to even consider anyone else;s opinion they say.

        David Bennett beats the rest as the most political garbage; – hands down.

  2. phillip ure says:

    it’s neck and neck – but going on his track-record as a tie-breaker – ross must get the nod..

  3. JustMe says:

    The thing with most(lets say 99%)of NZ National Party MPs is they are all tainted with the same brush of being identified with being(sorry I am using that word twice in this sentence) disingenuous pile of political garbage”. Birds of a feather flock together and that is so true of those MPs of the NZ National Party.
    Right now they are trying in some feeble attempt at appearing credible and God forbid ‘trustworthy’ of being as pure as the driven snow. Reality and especially the past 9 years there was a National government shows them up for what they truly are and still are i.e opportunistic and self-serving.
    Many of the matters they(National)are claiming are happening that are totally unacceptable went on during the National government years and NOT ONE NATIONAL MP showed an iota of caring for the victims of say sexual harassement in the work place. I mean where was the National MPs voice of ‘this is so unacceptable’ when John Key was pulling a waitress’s ponytail?
    The so-called “Squeaky clean image’ that National today are trying to portray has long been tarnished by the fact history has shown them to be conspicous in their lack of a voice of defending the underprivileged during the years of 2008 through to late 2017.
    May they be held accountable for their actions during their years of not standing up for the common person in the streets of NZ whilst all they pursued was greed, ego, knighthoods and money and ALL FOR THEMSELVES OF COURSE.

  4. Marc says:

    I am so glad not only I noticed the change of tune and ruthless attacks by the hypocritical Nats in Parliament.

    Sadly the ones like Kelvin Davis are inept and an open invitation for attacks, and I am also a bit disappointed with Andrew Little and certainly Willy Jackson, all showing failures, exposing themselves for further attacks.

    Winston is his usual, but the attacks will show his weaker sides.

    Thus we can see how powerful the Jacinda factor was and is, in this government, that gained more votes than the Nats during the election.

    I am still believing this will only be a one term government, which will spell a disaster for the poor, especially those on benefits, once the Nats are back in charge, and the environment will also suffer.

  5. Marc says:

    Has anybody noticed how Tova O’Brien and others on TV3 or aka Newshub have got the dagger out against Jacinda and her government, almost every day?

    While I am critical of the government and Labour, I think this bias stinks, it stinks really bad, and it shows the MSM is at least in part back to the old dirty tricks of creating sentiment for people to adopt.

    • Christine says:

      Audrey Young interviewing John Key today with her big nauseating picture of Key saying that PM was the best job in the world, and telling Winston Peters to be nice to the media, is part of the highly partisan role MSM continue to play selling their souls to the devil to keep National in power.

      Key revealed his true murky colours prioritising Winston keeping the media happy. That, after all,was what Key was all about, one big media opportunity, a little Kiwi Kardashian, and it worked.

      The guy enabled wrecking people’s lives at so many levels, normalised lying, left a zero legacy- Mummy mummy, I didn’t get a new flag and I’m a rich boy – that he is the last person a normal person should turn to for any sort of advice about how to best serve the people.

      Pluck from the ether any one landmark of Key’s dark stewardship – Pike River, for instance – and say – Sod off, Key, in silence.

  6. cleangreen says:

    “Dirty poitics is back again and stronger than before as the Natz Trolls are all over The Standaerd today in force, and this is just a taste of the year ahead.

    I wonder if we should now have an investigation into who is really behind “dirty politics part two”?????

    Slater ade, and co again or someone more sinister like JK or maybe CIA or a rich George Soros or the chinese dragon?

    Nicky Hargar we have anew challenge for you here.

  7. Neil says:

    If they didn’t all have a direct line to unquestioning Aunty Audrey for Herald headlines, it wouldn’t even matter.
    Political journalist of the year or National Party sister of the year?

  8. Jack Ramaka says:

    MSM have been groomed and trained by Simon Joyce & Co over the past 9 years, our State Broadcaster & Radio NZ have also been groomed and lack independent critical thinking ?

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    MSM have been groomed and trained by Simon Joyce & Co over the past 9 years, our State Broadcaster & Radio NZ have also been groomed and lack independent critical thinking ?

    Time for both TV One and Radio NZ to become independent state
    broadcasters again IMHO ?

  10. Observer Tokoroa says:

    The Capitalist Cult

    Firstly I have sympatgy with Christine requesting that the Bullies within the National Caucus be not shown in photographs on this Aotearoa Blog.

    It is ll well and good that Simon Bridges screams and yells in Parliament, but that would have something to do with his up bringing, I should think. Aggravated by an uncertainty about what words mean which in whatever topic.

    He is the number ! intellect in the National collection. His yelling is of course a bullying. John Key was a bully. Paula Bullies anything and every thing that takes her fancy. Often by releasing information that most normal people would consider Private. I can recall one or two Women getting getting the Info released by the non elgracious Bennett.

    So what we have in National is an inhumane callous group of felines – headed by Ms Collins, (they had a go at the young Jacinda and made complete Fops of themselves) and a bunch of Bullying cowboys being driven by Jami Lee somebody. And don’t forget the Brownlees

    But that’s what you get from uneducated Cults, tutored by cruelty, and hatred of the WorkForce.

    The Capitalist Cult is Evil to the bone. It has no ideology. Just Greed and bullying.

    • Christine says:

      Never ever under-estimate the chilling effect of Paula Bennett MP releasing the personal details of beneficiaries to the hungry MSM.

      The seeming shafting of Hurimoana Dennis looked like petty jealousy that he was successfully helping the homeless and doing a better job than her. But what she did to those two women successfully stifled others from coming forward. Intimidation. Bullying. A bit of clobbering. Screw-tightening.

      Please do not degrade felines by equating them with National Party politicians. Many felines, e.g. tigers, are totally splendid, with their own beautiful grandeur, and I don’t see any of these politicos this way at all.
      Cockroaches might be more apt, or some sort of underground creatures.

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