My statement to the NZ Police now they have settled the illegal persecution of Nicky Hager


Finally! Justice for Nicky Hager after the NZ police illegally searched and breached his human rights…

Police pay Nicky Hager ‘substantial damages for unlawful search of his home in hunt for Dirty Politics hacker
Investigative journalist Nicky Hager has accepted a police apology and payment of “substantial damages” following the unlawful search of his home during the investigation into the hacking that led to the Dirty Politics book.

The settlement revealed police had sought information claiming Hager was suspected of criminal behaviour including fraud.

“Police accept that they had no basis for such allegations,” the settlement document read.

“Police apologise unreservedly for these breaches of his rights and have agreed to pay Mr Hager substantial damages and a contribution towards his legal costs.”

…now that has been finally settled, here is my statement to the NZ Police regarding my case against them for dragging me into this pus pit…

“You shredded my credit rating to every major bank in NZ by claiming I was a computer fraudster, caused me huge personal anguish and seized my banking records all for a case against Nicky Hager that you have now admitted you were wrong in proceeding with in the first place. I had nothing to do with hacking Cameron Slater’s computer and yet my case still sits in front of the Human Rights Review Tribunal despite the Privacy Commissioner recommending my rights have been breached.

It’s time to settle my case now.” 

…once the abuses of power have been settled, and the damages paid, THEN we should start asking how many other people have been caught out by this and who set the Police on this politically influenced investigation in the first place.


  1. Well done Martyn, 100% support for you here,

    “…once the abuses of power have been settled, and the damages paid, THEN we should start asking how many other people have been caught out by this and who set the Police on this politically influenced investigation in the first place.”

    Yes, yes, yes, Martyn; – give the fredom back to our “investigative Jouralists again” so they now can now continue their work to (without fear and incriminatiion) to freely investigate the “dark ops National Government operations they carried out” as they attempted to subvert and silence our “freedom of the press journalism in NZ”

  2. how come this hasn’t been reported properly by our mainstream media.
    NZders need to wake up and see what happened under 9 yrs of the gnats I know labs made a mistake too the Tuhoe raids but have really learnt from these mistakes I wonder.

    • How come? Because it’s Bomber. He’s is, apparently, a “loopy, leftie, foaming-at-the-mouth conspiracy theorist” who was banned from RNZ for getting worked up over their refusal to call people who tell lies, “liars”. The MSM will mention Bomber only when they need a convenient left-wing pundit who they can then selectively edit so as to appear slightly unhinged when compared to the right-wing “voice-of-reason” pundit who will projectile vomit a bunch of half-truths and evasive nonsense all over the screen/page. That’s how media works in this country now. Haven’t you noticed?

  3. Firstly, congratulations to Nicky Hager!

    Secondly , does Bomber Bradbury also have a case for compensation for violation of his rights?

    I think so!

    • Yes we all know how the police tried to close down the daily blog as they were actively attempting to take him away and Martyn refused to go to their centre and said he will remain at his position at TDB instead, and give them a response when able.

      He was then placed on surviellence we assume as watched with a chilling affect to suppress his job as Edito of TDB and then he would have lost some bloggers because of the police involvement under false evidence and was damaged by wrongful police accussations.

      He may well claim a case of “defamation” A person who defames another may be called a “defamer”, “libeler”, “slanderer”, or rarely “famacide”.

      Defamation, calumny, vilification, or traducement is the communication of a false statement that, depending on the law of the country, harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.[1]

      Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed.[2] Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.[3]

      False light laws protect against statements which are not technically false, but which are misleading.[4]

      In some civil law jurisdictions, defamation is treated as a crime rather than a civil wrong.[5] The United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled in 2012 that the libel law of one country, the Philippines, was inconsistent with Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as urging that “State parties [to the Covenant] should consider the decriminalization of libel”.[6] In Saudi Arabia, defamation of the state, or a past or present ruler, is punishable under terrorism legislation.[7]

      A person who defames another may be called a “defamer”, “libeler”, “slanderer”, or rarely “famacide”.

      The term “Libel” is derived from Latin “libellus” (literally, “small book’ or “booklet”).

        • jk does his dirty work behind the scenes. He does not work alone and has advise at every step including planning.

          • JK was employing his cronies in Government Departments, to create a Stazi like informant/knowledge network like he did when he worked in the Forex Markets here in NZ ?

            Flushed out Winston’s pension payment details ?

    • Is the Human Rights Tribunal deliberately underfunded ? Will the sun rise tomorrow morning ?

      Martyn could try a nice online Official Info Act Request – done online I’m pretty sure that it copies automatically to the IPCA, and Police Nat HQ, and any resultant subsequent visit is helped by recording it.

      No-one knows why the police reacted the extraordinary way that they did to Nicky Hagar’s book – who were they scared of ?

      No-one knows how to protect the police from the police eg when they are ordered to carry out illegal raids, set up phony road blocks etc, but they are(mainly) human beings like the rest of us with dependents mortgages, jobs-to-keep etc, so hopefully their front-liners will also benefit from Nicky Hager’s settlement, and Martyn too.

  4. Pleased Nicky Hagar has been compensated.

    Martyn’s case is well overdue for settling. I wish him well in getting compensation as well for the appalling abuse he’s received at the hands of the NZ Police.

    This whole situation stinks of former National government sewer strong arm tactics, breaching human rights!

    With the greatest of respect to Nicky and Martyn, National using police bullying to shut people down who dare to speak out, is going to cost this government big, along with a couple of other cases … Kim Dotcom and Winston Peters’, courtesy of corrupt National activities!

  5. The police lie in court, plant false evidence, as their behaviour over the last few years has proven. They make our gangs look like religious organisations, They are never punished even when court red-handed breaking the laws they are meant to enforce. They are now a dark force operating on behalf of God knows who now that Key had departed the scene. The police need a massive overhaul starting at the top. Now is the time for that overhaul…today, not tomorrow…

  6. Congratulations and best wishes to Nicky Hager, justice for once, I think, it is extremely hard to find true justice in Little NZ Inc., as most will struggle to get it with the great difficulty of getting enough legal aid to pay for expensive legal representation.

    This is a small victory, the battle is a much greater one, as few have the contacts and resources that were available to Nicky in this case.

    There is so much shit happening every day, it is beyond belief, but it does never come out to the public’s attention, because of many reasons, lack of access to justice being just one.

    I do not believe for a moment that the wider MSM will improve their work, as their constraints are not just fears of legal steps taken against them, or even police investigations, their constraints are financial ones, and the influence of the business sector and government agencies even over them.

    But today we have reason to celebrate a little.

    I wish Martyn the best of luck and success with his Human Rights Review Tribunal hearing, which appears to take its too long time. It appears they are another review authority or judicial body that is poorly resourced, underfunded and overloaded, hence unable to deliver justice to those needing it more swiftly and more easily.

    Much work to be done, and that includes the present government, it is time to review funding for legal aid, access to it, and also funding of Tribunals and the likes.

  7. If ever there was a case for repudiating the bullshit of “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” mantra, it is the gross abuse of state/police power in their harassment of NickiHager and martyn Bradbury. This is why we must not allow the power of the state securiyy agencies to grow. In fact, its time to roll those powers back

  8. It weakens our respect for the Police that they suck on the Tits of a devious if popular Prime Minister (John Key) while they the police committed clear cut crimes against non guilty citizens.

    The Police stood by, while Mr Key bullied a Cafe Assistant mercilessly. A small matter you might think.

    But the Police are not meant to be a Sex Gang. Are they ?

    To their Credit they have recently ifted themselves from the gutter, stood tall and apologised to Nick Hager who was grievously abused by rotten Cops and a rotten PM.

  9. Illegitimi non carborundum @ MB.

    And well done Nicky Hager.

    And I must say, it’s comforting to know that the NZ cops still have to front up and admit to, then pay for their mistakes, as do we all. Well, us poor people have to, anyway.

    The question does indeed remain though; who put em up to it?

  10. Will the former prime minister of New Zealand John Key have a response to what happened? Or will he be conspicious by his lack of voice now that there is no longer a National government?
    Key has a proven track record of not wanting to deal with people especially investigative journalists that deeply question him on ALL matters that affect ALL NZers. We have what happened to John Campbell and Nicky Hagar to see the extent Key went to to ‘get rid’ of people who questioned or criticised the National government of the time.
    Key seems to prefer the pathetic excuses for journalists eg Mike Hosking, John Roughan, Katie Hawesby, Audrey Young, etc,etc.etc The very ones who think the sun shines out of the NZ National Party rectum.
    Now as John Key was prime minister of NZ at the time of the illegal search on Hagar’s property then he MUST BE HELD accountable for that illegal search. He cannot say that it happened years ago and is no longer relevant.
    If there was still a National government today would this matter have been swept under the National Party carpet to never see the light of day ever again? Would more NZers see even their basic right to privacy breached because the National MPs just didn’t like criticism?
    All this shows up National in a very poor light. It shows up a bunch of bullying and arrogant men and women(mind you I would rather call the National MPs as being akin to school-yard bullies)who hated any thought that anyone would call them out for the fools that they are. The National MPs depend upon the theory that ‘ignorance, by the public and voters of New Zealand, is bliss(for the MPs).
    Be assured NOT ONE NATIONAL MP will be held accountable for what happened.
    Instead I am sure Mike Hosking will be wheeled out like a ranting maniac and he will write what the NZ National Party tell him to.

  11. Like Nicky, have you considered givealittle to raise funds to launch a proper legal case against the police? Nicky raised over $65,000 for legal costs (which I had no hesitation in donating to) and it hopefully helped him get the justice owed.
    I still think it’s egregious that given the police themselves admit to breaking the law, that none of them have been prosecuted. Even just getting sacked would be a start. Why don’t we get that sort of slap on the wrist treatment for breaking into a house and stealing stuff? I guess some animals are more equal than others.

  12. Bradbury must have a case against the NZ Police shall we start a Give A Little Page here on TDB

    • Count me in for a donation, Tamati.

      Martyn does us a service by attempting to give us truthful news. Now it’s time we gave back to him.

  13. I wouldn’t hesitate to donate Bomber. The police are out of control, our Justice system is falling apart under the Bail Laws and and the 2009 amendments to the evidence act. Innocent until proven guilty is a thing of the past.

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