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Does Fran O’Sullivan understand what the word ‘Orwellian’ means?

By   /  June 10, 2018  /  11 Comments

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The right don’t know which narrative to run with, Jacinda is either a powderpuff lightweight full of meaningless star dust or she is the lipsticked face of grim totalitarianism.  

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Oh for the love of Christ. Really Fran?


Jacinda Ardern’s use of prime ministerial fiat to ban new offshore oil and gas exploration is disturbingly Orwellian.

Official papers released by her hapless Energy Minister confirm what was already blindingly obvious to anyone who has observed closeup the process of Governmental decision-making — the ban was purely political.

A decision that was kicked upstairs and made by Ardern, NZ First Leader Winston Peters and Greens Leader James Shaw. And rushed through — without being contested through appropriate Cabinet consideration — so it could be announced on April 12 just before the Prime Minister headed to Europe.

What it also confirms — as I wrote in April — is Ardern put her debut as a global climate change warrior ahead of making credible plans to transition New Zealand away from a reliance on fossil fuels towards clean energy.

Oh come on.

1 – Yes it was political.

2 – Climate Change demands a level of adaptation we are already behind on and banning future exploration of a fuel source that is dangerously superheating our biosphere is a simple truth and reality.

3 – Orwellian? Are you fucking kidding!

Let’s cast our eye over the last 9 years shall we?

Was it Orwellian when the National Party rammed through under urgency mass surveillance powers that Edward Snowden warned us would lead to the NSA having access to all our communications?

Was it Orwellian when the National Party signed off on a SAS raid that led to war crime allegation and lied about it?

Was it Orwellian when the National Party signed us up to a possible $7billion damages clause in their fraudulent prosecution of Kim Dotcom?

Was it Orwellian when the SIS colluded with the PMs Office to lie about Phil Goff months before the 2011 election?

Was it Orwellian when the PM was running a black ops counter intel team inside the PMs Office to stifle criticism?

According to Fran, it’s this new Government closing a gate that should gave already been shut that is suddenly Orwellian.

The right don’t know which narrative to run with, Jacinda is either a powderpuff lightweight full of meaningless star dust or she is the lipsticked face of grim totalitarianism.

We should not allow this redefinition of what an abuse of power looks like when those definitions seemed to have been meaningless while Key was in office.

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  1. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    well after reading that I have to wonder what description would fit fran o’suulivan.brobdignanninian, cretinous, dingbat dipstick,trumpian, whatever. The troll chorus from the right seems to be selecting words out of the air or from some dumbshow as meaning something, anything that theycan chuck at the colaition so they will begin quaking in their boots. O’sullivan is a paid huckster and like hooton she spouts off for the highest bidder because her need for money and the gratification if carries with it is what she craves above all else and she will do anything to maintain her supply.

    • bert says:

      I just don’t see any value in Fran O’sullivan in either T.V or printed media, her views remind me of a dried out piece of steak.

      However, they are her views, which she’s entitled too, even if she’s completely wrong.

  2. Afewknowthetruth says:

    The Herald is doing what it always does -misrepresenting and lying in order to promote business-as-usual.

  3. Christine says:

    It’s all good if this is the best Fran can come up with as Orwellian.

    Her mandate is to shaft the Coalition Govt, and she’s having to spin her own nebulous opinion into analysis, and in the absence of substantive facts resorting to emotive terms like hapless, and the jargon which is the haven of the truly desperate, and school fair fortune tellers.

    Climate change deserves better, it’s too important an issue for cheap shots.

  4. North says:

    Give the pricks a break…..life is different now…..they can’t buy themselves entrez to prime ministerial social favour and beams with arselicking…..ratshit snobs. Ms Heather Plastic-Allan of the Herald is showing the harshest edge of this decline in life.

    • Christine says:

      It’s not about them.

      It’s not about the rich or powerful who have been calling the shots.

      It’s about all N Z’ers and our children and our children’s children.

      It’s about this country and it’s future.

      And it’s about the future of Mother Earth.

      So we have to work around the braying fools and focus on the future of the only planet we know to call home.

      And hope that ‘moral obligation’ is not an alien concept.

  5. WILD KATIPO says:

    Yes , how ridiculous Fran.

    When juxtaposed against the creeping smarmy , ingratiating evil of the little man John Key and what he and his party did to so many New Zealanders ,… what she writes is a mockery of good constructive criticism meant to be displayed by a political journalist.

    She is a National party sycophant , nothing more.

  6. countryboy says:

    What surprises me is that people still read the herald. I purged their cookies years ago. You’d get better reportage and sharper accuracy if you just invented your own news.

  7. e-clectic says:

    “The right don’t know which narrative to run with, Jacinda is either a powderpuff lightweight full of meaningless star dust or she is the lipsticked face of grim totalitarianism.”

    Ah, but this is the problem. Ardern is the worst kind of leftist daemon – a powderpuff lightweight AND a grim totalitarian monster all at the same time. A wily, scheming chimera is our prime minister unlike her predecessors who were pure as the driven snow.

    As for HdPA, her piece today is that tired old “the Greens are crazy” trope, you know – it’s axiomatic, no real critique required.

  8. Cemetery Jones says:

    Another context: she needed to be able to head to Europe without having the question of her government’s reasonable stance on Russia front and centre. By heading into a wall of praise over her move on climate politics, she avoided being pilloried for not being on the ‘correct’ side of western geopolitics.

  9. Marc says:

    So was anything the Nats did while in government then not at all ‘Orwellian’, I wonder?

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